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Book of Pearls
1st Endowment
2nd Endowment
3rd Endowment
4th Endowment
5th Endowment
6th Endowment
7th Endowment


Chapter 1

Words of the Teacher – Emmanuel, the son of Michael – Whom shall I call, whom shall I send? – Deceived by strange gods – Woe unto the shepherds of Zion – A new shepherd to be called – A teacher of righteousness from the womb of adversity – The new shepherd shall confront false shepherds – Going forth to harvest – The false shepherds speak out – God to establish a holy people – Daughters of Promise to receive the covenant


Chapter 2

God calls out the Teacher of Righteousness – The coming of God and the heavenly hosts – The Teacher fears because of sin – Michael speaks: your prayers are heard – The book and the balance – Speaking to the house of Christ – You have imagined a vain thing Upon my house shall it begin – Teacher sent to call people to repentance – The Teacher proclaims himself unworthy – Let not your heart be heavy, neither let it be afraid – Mysteries of dispensations and Arch-Angels revealed – Lucifer and the war in Heaven – Walking with God upon a sea of glass


Chapter 3

God speaks on the seasons of the earth – God’s indictment against the house of Christ – Children out of season – Becoming as the scribes and Pharisees of old – Consider now, O Zion, your ways – Heavenly Mother descends to comfort the Teacher


Chapter 4

God’s indictment continues: Woe unto my people – How to establish sound doctrine – Churchgoers will not endure sound doctrine – As a loving father, God shall chasten his people – Shall my spirit dwell in the house of disobedience? – Church priesthood of no effect – Sending a teacher of heavenly things – Ears filled with the clinking of gold and silver – A harvest of dust, moth and rust – The mission of the Teacher revealed


Chapter 5

God rejects the temple – People have corrupted themselves – The sanctuary in the home – Fathers and mothers to be patriarchs and matriarchs – Priesthood to go from generation to generation – Emmanuel to dwell in the homes of the righteous – Exaltation and glory await the faithful


Chapter 6

The Teacher prays for the fallen – God shall speak from Heaven – A new covenant to be made – The children of God to be saviors of the world – A light which cannot be hid – Evil will arise against the righteous – God will defend the faithful


Chapter 7

The Teacher to gird himself for battle – Speak to the prideful and bring to remembrance – But speak tenderly to the children of God – Let the covenants be remembered – False shepherds will conspire against the faithful – Woe unto the Pharisees and hypocrites – Go forward as in the day of battle – God’s promise of assurance


Chapter 8

The Teacher is rejected by the house of Christ – Ascending a high mountain to speak to God – The Teacher’s indictment against churchgoers – In the evening tide, God answers – Journey yet a little while – The voice of God upon the winds


Chapter 9

Churchgoers go seeking the Teacher – The Teacher speaks – Why are you heavyhearted? – Blessed are the merciful – You are the salt of the earth – Do not desire earthly treasures – No man can serve two masters – Why will you feed the body only? – Nakedness – Looking at the good things in life – Parable: Building on rock or sand – Cost of discipleship – Beware of false shepherds – Pray not as churchgoers do – The performing of charity – Judge not harshly the fallen – Being holy as God is holy – All people are the children of God – Women and marriage – Love one another


Chapter 10

Invitation to come and follow – Asking in faith – A preacher accuses the Teacher – Parable: The Wicked Tutor and the Frightened Children – Parable: The Obedient Son – Parable: The Saint and the Sinner – Parable: The Outlaw Who Saved a King’s Son – Beware the righteousness of churchgoers – Woe unto hypocrites and churchgoers – Had you lived in Yeshua’s day


Chapter 11

Churches conspire against the Teacher – A husband and wife brought to judgment – The chief high priest speaks – The husband rejects authority of the church – The Teacher defends the innocent – Are the laws of the church greater than God? – Parable: The Great Tree – They honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me – Take care how you judge – Authority from God, not men – The Teacher questions the innocent – The keys of Heaven and hell – The husband and wife reject authority of the church


Chapter 12

What think you of Christ? – Hiding Christ for the sake of church authority – Falsehood of the Virgin Birth – Yeshua born by natural means – The true forgiveness of a father and mother – How men would fashion God – Parable: Frightened Children – How the church would separate you from God’s love – Parable: Yeshua of Nazareth meets Jesus Christ – The Heavenly Father, Emmanuel – Beware of churchgoers – Behold, the kingdom of Heaven is within you – Invitation to follow the Teacher – Elders of the church grow angry – The will of God and the death of Christ – The Elders denounce the Teacher – Behold, vengeance cometh speedily – God shall purge his house


Chapter 13

Why the Teacher speaks in parables – Parable: The Naked Truth and the Techni-colored Robes – The virtue of patience – Parable: The Child and the Butterfly – Patience is the seed of wisdom – Being worthy to receive the greater portion – Parable: Three Men for Hire – Magnifying the things of God


Chapter 14

The Teacher carried away into eternity – Heavens declare the glory of God – Man was in the beginning with God – The law of kind cleaving to kind – Behold the citizens of eternity – Becoming as the Only Begotten – Souls of the Just Made Perfect – Emmanuel and Sophiel progress – The role of Adam and Eve – Yeshua and the Great Mother Spirit – The false principle of Blood Atonement


Chapter 15

Story of Shaemdiel and the war in Heaven – Shaemdiel is bound and still unrepentant – Free agency and Shaemdiel’s opposition to it – Being cast down unto the earth – Shaemdiel threatens to bring havoc to mortal men – The purpose of the Only Begotten explained – The desolation of Shaemdiel foretold – The earth groans at the fall of Shaemdiel – Emmanuel confirmed as the Anointed One – Administering the oath and covenant of dispensations


Chapter 16

Michael instructs the Teacher – The song of God revealed – How great the mysteries of godliness are – Mystery of the resurrected Yeshua – How the Law of Kind works – A brilliant globe of light – Arch-Angels and Hodos Alea – The good promises of God – Becoming as the Souls of the Just Made Perfect – Arch-Angels and dispensations – Mystery of Azrael revealed – Azrael, the friend of God


Chapter 17

Teach diligently: theory, principle and doctrine – Walking in wisdom – Encouragement to ask, seek and knock – Take to your soul great wisdom, get understanding – Wisdom gained at great cost – Admonition against judging Azrael – In a day that you think not of


Chapter 18

The great Eternal Round – The mercy of God – The furnace of affliction – Multiple lives and the mercy of God – Streams of intelligence – Beginnings of the cosmos – Wisdom shall receive greater wisdom


Chapter 19

God shall speak tenderly to the daughters of men – An oath and covenant to be established – Why priesthood of Mother Eve was taken from earth – Matriarchal Order to be restored – Sanctuaries in the home – Tabernacle of God found in priesthood – The Teacher to restore the keys of knowledge


Chapter 20

The Teacher prays and God answers – Lord and Prince of the Seven Steps – Stand firm in the knowledge of God – Take no title or position – God’s promise to take the Teacher home – God’s indignation against the Fallen One – For you war not against flesh and blood – Words of Isaiah to be fulfilled – Despair not, for I shall be with you


Chapter 21

In springtime, the Teacher goes walking – God speaks of priestcraft – A division between God and man – Why the children of men and women suffer – God needs man, man needs God – Beware of bestiality – Not good that men and women be divided – God reveals himself in every age and nation – Priestcraft and false shepherds – God’s reason for calling the Teacher – Calling false shepherds to account – Grow not weary in heart and mind – God shall turn sorrow into joy


Chapter 22

The Teacher speaks to God – The spirit is willing but the flesh is strong – No free will: environment and heredity – Priestcraft corrupts the will of God – Where is the beginning of wisdom? – Man divided between the spiritual and physical – Even God was once a man – Man was in the beginning with God – To kill another in God’s name: abomination – Teaching the beginnings of wisdom – As a man thinketh – Meditation – In patience you possess your soul – God delights to make himself known


Chapter 23

How shall the righteous be made known? – God’s indictment against the house of Christ – Must God command in every instant? – In the beginning, man was innocent – Furnace of mortality – How the righteous should act – What doctrine can make a man righteous? – Being in the service of your fellow man – The great commandment – Gandhi and God – The sealing power of righteousness – I am the way, the truth and the life – How the house of Christ was lead astray – Becoming as Only Begotten of the Father


Chapter 24

What happens after death of the righteous – Standing again before the Heavenly Mother – Reviewing the covenants – Reasons for mortal life – Righteous brought before the Elohim – The assemblies and glories of the Elohim – Before the House of Shevas – Michael, the Chief Archon, speaks to the righteous – Names written in the Book of Life – Becoming Souls of the Just Made Perfect – White robes, signet ring, crown, blue pavement – Receiving a company of the Cherubic hosts – Rejoice, for the righteous are come home again


Chapter 25

Becoming a God or Goddess – Creation of spirit children – Preparing the spirit children – Taken to the Keep – Unto the earth is no evil given – Spirit children go down to the earth – Everything first created spiritually – Mother Earth and evolutionary man – The way of righteousness – The Teacher commanded to write and teach – Persecutions arise against the Teacher


Chapter 26

The Great Spirit Mother appears to the Teacher – Glory and beauty of the Heavenly Mother – Greetings from Heaven – Sophiel, the wisdom of God – The love of Heavenly Mother for her children – The source of all scriptures revealed – God will save his children from priestcraft – The wisdom which comes from God – Offering up gifts with a pure heart – The seven pillars of holiness – Above all else, wisdom is the greatest – Benefits of wisdom extolled – The purpose of trial and hardships – Let the words of this book dwell richly in you


Chapter 27

Words of wisdom for those who would believe – Be wise and stand on guard – Beware the house of Christ and the house of Joseph – Bow not before Jehovah – The house of Joseph: illusions and lies – An empty house cannot be robbedParable: The Pink Marble – Knowledge grants possession – Fear not, be free, and dance within the light


Chapter 28

What shall be the end of Man, in the fullness of their time? – Man will reach beyond this world – Do not fear the future – The sacred garden and temple of Ondi-Ahman – Elohim to convene at the end of the age – Establishing the Tabernacle of God’s Peace – One temple, many tabernacles – Do not grieve when I must leave you, neither think yourself abandoned – The Song of God and the Sanctuary of the home – God is first made manifest in the Sanctuary – I am always with you in the living of your life


Chapter 29

Sodis Sophia speaks: history of the gnosis revealed – The glory of God is not cheaply gained – Adam and Eve bring forth the seeds of gnosis – John the Baptizer, Teacher of Righteousness binds the truths of God – John teaches Yeshua the gnosis of God – Darkness of the house of Christ – Signs signifying the Teacher’s return and the restoration of the gnosis – The house of Joseph: a reflection of the imposter – Decide for yourself the true restoration – The Song of God: a book of light and wisdom – The Teacher of Righteousness returns to instruct – The Song of God is like a house, filled with many mansions – Possessing the pearl beyond price or measure




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 - The Indictment  (chapters 1-13)

- The hidden knowledge of God and Heaven revealed  (chapters 14-26)

- The house of Christ, the future of human kind, and the gnosis of God  (chapters 27-29)




“The only authority you have over us is what we give you,

and we give you none.”


Wisdom 11:62