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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 26

The Great Spirit Mother appears to the Teacher – Glory and beauty of the Heavenly Mother – Greetings from Heaven – Sophiel, the wisdom of God – The love of Heavenly Mother for her children – The source of all scriptures revealed – God will save his children from priestcraft – The wisdom which comes from God – Offering up gifts with a pure heart – The seven pillars of holiness – Above all else, wisdom is the greatest – Benefits of wisdom extolled – The purpose of trial and hardships – “Let the words of this book dwell richly in you”


1  Now these are the words of the Comforter, even the Holy Spirit of God which is as a Mother unto all the children of men;

2  For she would grant unto the willing the fulfillment of every good thing; for all that which is good is but the gift of God which he would grant unto the children of his soul.

3  Therefore, as the Teacher was resting in a quiet place, the Holy Spirit descended from Heaven to stand before him.

4  And her beauty and grace shone round about her, being clothed in exceeding whiteness; and there was upon her head a telefim, white and trimmed in the silver of Evandel.

5  And there was beneath her feet a pavement of blue, even as of sapphire, and in the midst thereof moved a multitude of worlds without end. For such perfected soul as the Mother is become dwells continually in the bosom of eternity.

6  For the Mother would not have you ignorant concerning the whisperings of the Holy Spirit; for even as a child shall call upon her mother in the moment of her need, even so would the Heavenly Mother give answer unto the children of men, even as if from afar; that they might learn great wisdom, that they might take unto their soul an abundance of hope.

7  Now on that day when the Spirit of God came unto the earth, the Teacher, being unsuspecting, was greatly astonished and he arose and stood before her. And she spoke to him, saying:

8  “Greetings, O great and mighty. From my Mother and your Mother: peace and blessing descend upon you forever. Behold, O son of God, how great shall be your glory in the kingdom of the Father, even Ahman.

9  For you have set forth the hand of redemption whereby even all the children of men might be restored unto the glory of God, even according to their several abilities; that not even one should be lost or vanished away.

10  Surely you shall repair the breach between God and man, for by your hand shall dark despair flee before the presence of godly wisdom.

11  Consider how the Father loves you, for into your keeping has he committed the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven. Wherefore, seeing that the Father of All has removed himself from you for a season, whereby you might prepare yourself against the day of battle, I am come forth unto you that you might give unto all who are willing the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

12  Come now and attend unto me that you might hear and forget not. For behold, I am Sophiel, even the Wisdom of God who is made to abide continually in the bosom of Emmanuel, even my most Beloved.

13  For I would draw even all the children of men unto me so that they might know of a surety the Lord their God; that they might commune with the Father and Mother of their spirit, and in our joy find great understanding.

14  For even as a mother gives suck unto the child whom she loves, even so would I nourish unto life eternal the children of men if it so be that they should seek to take to themselves the sacred and the holy.

15  Surely I will not turn away the righteous, neither shall I reject the fallen if it so be that they would turn themselves from doing evil.

16  For even unto the least of the children of men would I grant the whispering of my Spirit that they might know the way in which they should go, that they might ascend again unto God, having become even as he is.

17  Consider how I have called continually unto the people of many nations throughout all the dispensations of time.

18  Yet were they made blind by the teachings of foolish men, that having eyes they could not see the darkness of the way before them; for unto them was given no vision and all their dreams were filled with terror and confusion. And the children of men came to fear the God of Heaven.

19  Surely if a child should lose the sight of her eyes, even she shall see again, though it be by some other way. But if one should lose the vision of her soul, what power shall deliver her from the darkness except God?

20  Seeing that the people in times past were made blind for lack of vision, I did call unto certain wise and holy men that they might give unto the people the wisdom of God, even according to their several abilities to understand.

21  For what mother would forsake the children of her soul in the moment of their need?

22  Therefore, I did call unto the teachers and prophets of God to write unto the children of men words of wisdom and learning, that by such counsel they might take unto their soul the presence of God.

23  Consider how there are given many great and holy books. Why, therefore, has the house of Christ behaved presumptuously?

24  For they have proclaimed to the world that the Bible is the greater, being the only word of God unto the children of men; while all others are false and filled with evil.

25  Why have the preachers of religion proclaimed aloud that except a man be of the house of Christ, they shall perish forever in great torment?

26  Truly I speak unto you the will of the Father, that there shall not be so much as one child to perish by reason of such priestcrafts as these men proclaim. For the love of the Father is sufficient even unto the weakest of the children of men.

27  Therefore, whosoever shall come unto God, even unto that one shall I teach the beginning of wisdom.

28  For the wisdom which descends from above is pure and filled with mercy, seeking always to fulfill itself unto the children of men by goodly works.

29  Thus shall my Spirit reveal unto the willing the deep and hidden things of God, that they might walk uprightly before the people of many nations, teaching them always concerning the peaceable things of the kingdom.

30  And I shall draw unto me all who are willing, that they might come to a sure knowledge of God, being filled continually with an abundance of joy.

31  For whatsoever thing the children of men shall offer unto God with a pure heart, even that thing shall be unto me as a love offering; and that gift shall I receive with gladness.

32  And even I shall lead the giver of the gift unto the house of her own understanding that she might attain unto the deep and hidden things therein; that in such wisdom she might come to a knowledge of godliness.

33  For consider even this great mystery: Consider and marvel greatly, for in Heaven is there greater glory than even the minds of men can bear.

34  For in Heaven are there Lords many and Gods many who, in the midst of exaltation exceeding, dwell together peaceably in all holiness.

35  For upon the principles of holiness are the foundations of Heaven made secure against all unrighteousness, and by great virtue are the portals of Heaven made wide to receive all who are worthy of exaltation beside the throne of their Heavenly Father and Mother.

36  Consider, therefore, the virtue by which the children of men are made holy before God; for upon the foundation of holiness are there made to dwell seven pillars of exceeding richness, and upon these pillars is exaltation granted unto the righteous.

37  Consider, therefore, these seven: wisdom, benevolence, faith, justice, fortitude, beauty, and harmony. Upon these things are there made to dwell all the glories of eternity.

38  But of all these things, wisdom is the greatest, for in such wisdom as God would grant is there found the shadow of sacred things.

39  Above all things, therefore, guard safely the wisdom of your soul, for from its treasury shall flow the issues of life and death, and life again.

40  Blessed, therefore, is the child who finds godly wisdom, for unto the wise shall understanding make its abode, and peace and joy shall rejoice together in the temple of the soul; and the song of all your hopes shall be fulfilled by an abundance of plenty, and glory shall descend upon you forever and ever.

41  Surely the paths of wisdom are made pleasant by the waters of understanding; as a tree of life ever fruitful shall wisdom become unto those who shall embrace all her ways.

42  Consider, therefore, O children of men, the words of the Heavenly Mother, even the Comforter and Holy Spirit: Gird yourself round about with wisdom, and make sure the foundations of your soul with deep understanding.

43  For by such wisdom as you shall take unto yourselves, even so shall your soul be preserved from darkness and despair.

44  You shall go safely upon the way and not stumble; with sureness you shall run the course before you and not faint, neither shall you grow weary of heart.

45  In peace shall you lay yourself down upon the pillow and no fear shall haunt the slumbering of your soul, for all your dreams shall be filled with sweetness and in the dreams and visions of the night, even I shall reveal to you the wisdom of heavenly things.

46  If you would be wise, therefore, forsake not the teachings of righteousness, neither forsake your Mother’s instructions.

47  For unto those who should seek after the God of Heaven shall there be given in abundance, and I shall set them as a seal upon my heart and I shall attend unto them continually, that they might be nurtured and comforted unto all godliness.

48  For from the foundation of Heaven, which foundation is holiness, rise forth seven pillars of great virtue. And except one attain unto wisdom, even the greatest of all, how shall they know the justice of God, or the beauty of heavenly things?

49  By what power shall they make manifest unto the children of men the benevolence of the Father, seeing that wisdom is fled far away, and understanding is left wanting?

50  Come forth unto me, O children of men, and give answer; by the power of your speech make plain to me the wisdom of your ways. Surely I will hear. I will consider deeply all your words.

51  By what means shall you take to your soul a godly faith, or be filled to overflowing with the peaceable things of God except you first attain unto wisdom?

52  Truly I speak unto you this counsel that you might be wise before God and man, for there shall be no disaster to overtake the righteous except wisdom make sure a way of escape.

53  For in wisdom will God become unto the righteous even as a great confidence; by the pouring forth of my Spirit shall he preserve the upright in the moment of their need.

54  For such trials as shall come upon the wise are granted by the Father above, that by such struggles as you are made to endure in this life, you might be made strong in heavenly things; for all those who would take to themselves the heavenly glory are in need of much strength.

55  Therefore, even as gold is purified by much fire, even so then are the children of God; that by such labors as you are called to perform, you might be made most precious in the eyes of your Heavenly Father and Mother.

56  Let your hope find refuge in the wisdom of God and not in the ways of men, lest despair follow hard upon you in that day when trial and tribulation shall rush upon you to prove the strength of your soul.

57  Therefore, if you would preserve your soul in righteousness, let the words of this book dwell richly in you, that you might be wise before God, possessing unto your greater joy a knowledge of heavenly things.”

58  So spoke the Heavenly Mother, for she would that even all might take hope in the word of God, whereby they might attain for themselves exaltation and increase in the kingdom of God.