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Book of Pearls
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The book of Enlightenment introduces the dark power known as the Demiurge, as represented by Yaldabaoth and Jehovah-Yahweh, and reveals details concerning the rebellion of Shaemdiel (Lucifer), the Chief Arch-Angel of the Elohim. Other significant themes include the First War in Heaven, the mystery of The One, and the world of the First Power.



Chapter 1

The birth of Yaldabaoth – Birth of Jehovah-Yahweh – The Elohim gather, Ahman speaks – The Mother of All responds – Yaldabaoth envies the light – I will destroy what I have not created – The great Chasm – Shaemdiel meets Yaldabaoth – Yaldabaoth troubles the kingdom of Heaven – Finding the world of the First Creation – Yaldabaoth destroys a sun – Destruction of two galaxies – The World of the First Power – Jehovah-Yahweh: I alone am god


Chapter 2

Shaemdiel is troubled – Beauty of Heaven described – The anguish of Shaemdiel – Gathering of the Teraphim in the city of Mitanni – Teraphim of Adorea also gather – The words of Doriel of Ramnios – The words of Zerrah of Adorea – The words of Lorriel – Taking sides


Chapter 3

Seven houses of Heaven – Seraphim and Cherubim – Ahman speaks to the Elohim – Darkness of Yaldabaoth infects Shaemdiel – Shaemdiel pleads his cause: celestial glory made less than Olaha Shinehah; finding fault with Hodos Alea; obedience preferable to faith; Law of Immediate Recompense; keeping the children of God innocent forever – Ahman takes counsel with the very elect – The season of darkness grows


Chapter 4

By the waters of Yoshibeth the mothers gathered – Sophiel speaks to Galendriel: the troubling of Heaven; Eden world shaken by Shaemdiel;  the Lord of Kolob turned aside – The tear and the flower – Rutheniel speaks for her Beloved Shaemdiel – Galendriel speaks: all things must grow, or die; a shadow beyond the shadow; Ahman has gone seeking; do not grieve for Shaemdiel – Galendriel sings a song


Chapter 5

The long journey of Father Ahman – Ahman addresses The One: trouble in Paradise; seeking counsel and wisdom; a plea for Shaemdiel – The One responds – Glory of The One presented – Birth of God revealed – The death of First Man – A plan of redemption – Ahman replies to The One – The One takes responsibility for Shaemdiel’s fall – Shaemdiel made an unknown agent for God


Chapter 6

Jehovah-Yahweh in the world of the First Creation – Being without seed or help – Jehovah sees the sons of men for the first time – A troubled Jehovah speaks to Yaldabaoth – The birth of God-thought and religion – Jehovah subdues mankind – Great and dreadful boasting – A jealous god filled with wrath – The sons of men grow fearful


Chapter 7

Jehovah boasts of his power and greatness – Sophiel to the rescue – Jehovah is perplexed – The dreadful presence and sound of Jehovah-Yahweh – Arrogant demands of the Dark Lord – Calmness and serenity of Sophiel – Conflict between Sophiel and the Demiurge – Jehovah strikes the earth – Healing touch of the Heavenly Mother – Jehovah lashes out at the sons of men – The subjugation of women – Daughters and mothers dream of deliverance


Chapter 8

Galendriel is pleased with Sophiel – Seraphim at the gates – Shaemdiel causes a great division – Shaemdiel desires to fashion a world – The closing of the Tael and the beginnings of war – Ahman returns from the realms of The One – The Father shuns the Son of the Morning Light – Shaemdiel, in the lesser light, makes a world – Rutheniel shuns her Beloved – Shaemdiel weeps for his Beloved – Ahman gathers the Elohim – Michael replaces Shaemdiel as Chief Archon – Ahman reveals the workings of The One


Chapter 9

Concerning the fall of angels – A need for spirit children – The cherub Bashiel – Broken wings – Stealing away the children of God – Shaemdiel battles Loriel and the Cherubic host – Heaven prepares for war – Shaemdiel gathers his lineage for battle – Heaven lays siege to the city of Mitanni – Michael petitions Shaemdiel – Galendriel rescues the innocent – The sound of a great trump, Ahman comes – Who is on the Lord’s side? – Shaemdiel is cast from Heaven


Chapter 10

Yaldabaoth rejoices at the fall of heavenly hosts – Followers of Shaemdiel cringe before Yaldabaoth – Secret designs of Yaldabaoth – Jehovah objects to the angels of light – Yaldabaoth scorns the fear of Jehovah – Jehovah speaks to Shaemdiel – A bargain is struck – Guard well great Prince!


Chapter 11

Lucifer goes down to the earth, sees mankind – A hidden opportunity is revealed – Lucifer plans to establish the Law of Immediate Recompense – The symbol and power of knowledge – Jehovah threatens man, commands not to partake of knowledge – Contentions between Jehovah and Lucifer – The seed of curiosity – Jehovah accepts the challenge of Lucifer


Chapter 12

Lucifer meets a young man by the Nile River – The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil – The young man is fearful and runs away – A young woman meets Lucifer – Knowledge is greater than all other things – The Fallen One revealed – Knowledge versus ignorance, light in place of darkness – The woman ignores the warnings of Jehovah – Lucifer filled with tenderness – Woman receives gifts and given the name: Enosh


Chapter 13

Lucifer and Jehovah locked in battle – Yaldabaoth intercedes – Lucifer sees children of men bowed in reverence – Adam and Eve enter the world of the First Power – Lucifer observes Adam and Eve – The beginning of civilization – Adam builds a garden – What Adam taught to the sons of men – What Eve taught to the daughters/mothers of men – Lucifer grows jealous of Adam and Eve – Lucifer speaks to his followers – Sowing seeds of conflict, a cunning deceit


Chapter 14

Soliloquy of The One – The birth of immortality – The power of divine knowledge – A new Heaven and earth – The ascension of many souls – In tabernacles of everlasting spirit – The borders of Heaven increased – Shall a father forget the child he loves? – Eternal Mind have I become My thoughts like sparks from the furnace do fly – The birth of endless soul – An inward peace and an outward hope

Who then shall I send unto the world of the First Power

to set forth the whole of my design,

to make way for the coming of the soul of man,

and to increase forever the glory of Heaven?

Enlightenment 5:46