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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 6

Jehovah-Yahweh in the world of the First Creation – Being without seed or help – Jehovah sees the sons of men for the first time – A troubled Jehovah speaks to Yaldabaoth – The birth of God-thought and religion – Jehovah subdues mankind – Great and dreadful boasting – A jealous god filled with wrath – The sons of men grow fearful


1  But in the world of the First Creation did Jehovah-Yahweh rule harshly, boasting always in the midst of his pride, and in the exercise of his power did he establish dominion over all the earth.

2  Evensomuch that the fish in the sea, and the birds of the air, and the animals which moved upon the land did seek to devour one another.

3  For in strength only, and in war, and in death did Jehovah-Yahweh take great delight; for against all living things did he constantly revile, being filled with loathing and reproach;

4  Ever moving upon the land in the midst of his power, lashing with unalterable fury the earth, and sea, and sky; and all which lived, in madness turned, and with great ferocity did consume one another in the midst of their torment.

5  And seeing all these things Jehovah-Yahweh, in sottish glee, exclaimed aloud, saying: “Now is the day of my power come alive, for I, alone, am made lord over all the earth.

6  Yet only in this one thing am I found lacking: For I am given neither help nor seed, and I am left alone to rule the earth, to subdue it altogether.”

7  Now on a certain day, as Jehovah-Yahweh moved about in restless spirit, he saw among the animals of the earth a small gathering of the sons of men, being filled with dreadful fright and ignorance;

8  Having in their form the image of God, but having not his likeness; possessing neither light nor knowledge, nor power; dwelling ever in caves and hidden places lest some ferocious beast devour them; being naked and sore afflicted.

9  Yet was Jehovah-Yahweh troubled because of them and in his many consternations took thought to destroy them altogether, lest they, by some hidden means become great and mighty and establish dominion over all the earth.

10  Thus did he, in haste, go forth unto his father, the Chief Demiurgos, and Yaldabaoth spoke soothingly unto him, saying:

11  “Why will you be troubled for the sake of man, seeing that they are ignorant and filled with fear? Are you not greater than all their seed? Do they not tremble and weep because of you?

12  Seeing then that I have given you neither seed nor issue, why will you hesitate in taking power over the children of men, to establish over them the rule of your power?

13  For I tell you with all certainty that dominion is better than destruction, and servitude more preferred than dark oblivion; for the worship of fools is better than the silence of dead men’s bones.

14  Go, therefore, and make subject unto yourself the children of men, that by your power over them you might take dominion over the very seed of God.”

15  So spoke Yaldabaoth, Father of Chaos, Lord of Darkness, and Jehovah-Yahweh went quickly down unto the earth, filled with vigor and might; and seeing from a distance the sons of men gathered upon the plain, he did surround them on every side, and there were none which could escape.

16  And they, seeing about them the dark and brooding presence of something dreadful, were filled with fear, and they began to wail and cry aloud.

17  And Jehovah-Yahweh reached deep into the mind of man, saying: “Behold, I am god, creator of heaven and earth; Great and Mighty is my name; and over every living thing in earth, and sea, and sky am I alone both lord and judge.”

18  Now when he had said these things, there came upon the land a terrible shaking; and being cast to the ground with great violence the sons of men cried for deliverance; and seeing that they were fearful of him, the rumbling voice of darkness spoke again, saying:

19  “By what power will you flee away from me, by what clever design will you think to hide yourself away? For, behold, all things am I made to constantly see, both in heaven and on earth.

20  For I am the power which gives rise to sun, and moon, and stars; I am the light which rules the day; I am the shadow which fills the night; all things do I perceive darkly, and you can by no means hide anything away from me.

21  The boundaries of the world have I determined, to make separate the land and the sea, and the heavens from the earth; for the mountains and the valleys have I established, to rise up and to cast down.

22  Have you not seen, have you not considered the power by which all things are made to move upon the land, or to swim within the seas, or in the airs above take sudden flight?

23  Behold, I am the power in all these things; for the swiftness of the gazelle have I established, the fierceness of the lion have I set forth.

24  All these things have I determined, for, behold, I am god and beside me there is no other.

25  What power, therefore, can stay my hand? For I am the life which gives breath to all; I am the hand by which all things perish.

26  A jealous god am I, filled with wrath and swift destruction, envious and terrible beside; against the weak do I ever contend, to visit upon them the fullness of my anger, to consume them as meat made ready for the fire.

27  What is man, therefore, that I should consider him, or the son of man that I should honor him? A speck of dust, a trifling thing which does but shake and tremble; a puny worm with arms made weak and legs which move, in fear, about.

28  By what means therefore, shall you appease my wrath, that I should withhold from you the penalty of death? For there has risen against you the indignations of my fury; for you have not known me, neither have you worshipped me.

29  If you would live and not perish, then must you fear me, obey me, worship me; for by these things shall I make weak things to become strong in me, and the strength of your hand shall I secure with great cunning.

30  For the sake of my glory would I establish you above the earth, that you may subdue it altogether; and the lion and the leopard shall grow fearful of you, and over the land and sea shall you go unhindered, for there shall be none to withstand you.

31  But if you will not submit unto me, but shall turn again to your own way, then shall the beasts of the fields, and the fish of the seas rise up to devour you; and the birds of the air shall feast upon the flesh of your bones.”

32  So spoke the Demiurge unto the sons of men, and when he was finished the darkness went swiftly away.

33  Yet in every tree and in every bush, from mountains high to valleys low, in tempest and in storm, in every creature which slew for meat did the sons of men grow ever fearful and filled with dread;

34  For in all living things, whether on land or sea, or in the airs above did they foresee the shadow of their own destruction.

35  And from that day did the sons of men seek earnestly to appease the wrath of Jehovah-Yahweh, for they were exceedingly fearful of him.