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Book of Pearls
1st Endowment
2nd Endowment
3rd Endowment
4th Endowment
5th Endowment
6th Endowment
7th Endowment





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The 1st Endowment traces the golden thread of Gnosis throughout history, providing an overview of dispensationalism on this world – the world of the First Power. Follow the author as he is taken on a journey through time and space to the celestial realms of Elohim, where questions are answered and mysteries revealed.


Chapter 1

The mysteries of God revealed – That faith which is born in you already – God and Man to become as one – The Teacher goes walking on a summer night – Heavenly visitors appear – Invited to abide with the heavenly hosts – A journey to the Celestial Kingdom – The suns of Kolob and Ashengaard – The court of the Elohim – The Teacher is washed and given white robes – A stillness falls upon the congregation – Ahman speaks – Preparing to establish the dominions of greater light – One Mighty and Strong – A new power; a new Heaven and earth – An ephod of gold is placed upon the Teacher – A white and shimmering light


Chapter 2

The One, from which all Heaven comes – The Teacher beholds the glory of The One – The Councils of the Seven Lights – The voice of The One – Ahman speaks to The One, gives an account on behalf of First Man: Dispensations of God established – First Man was without spirit – Demiurge conspire to corrupt the birthseed of God – Michael is sent to establish the first dispensation – Shaemdiel prevents the destruction of Man – The works of Jehovah-Yahweh and Shaemdiel – The dark days of Ariel – Evil multiplies: dispensations go from greater to lesser –Elohim gathers to consider the sixth dispensation – Calling upon the Mighty One – The Mighty One is released from the Councils of Elohim – Let the Mighty One come forth


Chapter 3

The Mighty One in mortal form – The One and Azrael – The One speaks concerning Azrael – Azrael speaks to The One: Jeruel establishes terms of adoption – Faithful will receive a full increase of glory – Azrael enters the war between good and evil – Seth is born – Adam and Eve leave the Earth, people become divided – The Sethian Empire is established – The Twelve cities of Seth – The ascension of Seth – The kingdom of Seth begins to perish – Enoch and Zion the Beautiful – Evil of yonder world far greater than other worlds – Gabriel descends as Noah; nurtured by Methuselah – Raphael comes as Moses; taught by Jethro – Children of Israel prove unworthy of higher laws – Uriel comes as Isaiah the prophet and is killed – Words of Isaiah corrupted – The days of Yeshua – The true teachings of Yeshua are restored – Opposition and the days of Ariel


Chapter 4

The One speaks: Fear not the evil of yonder world – Goodness is made manifest by the presence of darkness – Celestial beings and the capacity to do both good and evil – Consequences of perfection – Slight but happy imperfections found in all celestial beings – The effects of Shaemdiel’s fall: Gods were made to cleave unto the good – A hidden designs revealed behind the fall of Shaemdiel and rise of the Demiurge – Shaemdiel, Jehovah-Yahweh, and the world of the First Power – Yaldabaoth believes in Shaemdiel, but errs concerning his nature – An undefeatable design


Chapter 5

The One’s capacity to do both good and evil – The One speaks: free choice and the progression of First God – Yet did I always choose the greater portion – The joining of Areta and The One and the separation of the darker shade – A perfect opposite is made; a foundation for greater glory is established – Danger found not in opposition of evil, but mediocrity – The One empowers the darker shade – Yaldabaoth, the enemy of God, is born – The One still must choose – Mediocrity is the only danger – Fear not defeat – Yaldabaoth and the world of First Man – The greatest of angels are sent – The battlefield found in the heart and mind of Man – Hidden wonders are revealed through Azrael – The endowments of life and exaltation – Protecting the knowledge of God from mockery and scorn – Book of Endowments written for God’s children


Chapter 6

The Abyss, the Eidos and the Antipode – The Eidos fashions the Lord of Darkness –Yaldabaoth attacks the Eidos – Jehovah-Yahweh, the son of darkness, is brought forth – Jehovah-Yahweh trembles before Yaldabaoth – Yaldabaoth ponders the mysteries: perceives the power of The One, seeks God’s beginning – I go yonder, to the birthplace of time


Chapter 7

Yaldabaoth travels to the cosmos of the First Creation – Yaldabaoth attempts to wake the Eidos by destruction – Two galaxies are destroyed – Yaldabaoth declares himself ruler of all – The Eidos yields before Yaldabaoth – Areta takes notice within the Eidos – The nature and hopes of Areta – Finding the world of the First Power – Yaldabaoth causes three comets to strike the earth – The Eidos and Areta heal the land – The beginnings of Man – Jehovah-Yahweh is brought forth to rule over the earth – Jehovah-Yahweh: How shall I discern the children of men? – Jehovah-Yahweh declares himself god unto the earth


Chapter 8

The councils of Heaven gather – Ahman speaks on the Law of Dispensation and world of the First Power – frustrating the designs of Yaldabaoth – Adam and Eve go forth unto the world of First Man – Lucifer walks upon the earth – Lucifer reports to Yaldabaoth – Jehovah-Yahweh accuses Lucifer of treason – Yaldabaoth and Lucifer discuss purpose of dispensations – A plan to disturb the designs of God – Jehovah-Yahweh wishes to destroy Lucifer – The birth of Cain and Abel – Heaven’s reaction to Abel’s death – Heaven’s plan to set things right – Calling forth Azraella Ahgendai


Chapter 9

An account of the first likeness of Yonder World: corruption, death and decay – The birthplace of God – Complete destruction of the world of the First Power – What was the cause of such madness? – The absence of any knowledge concerning good or evil – The nature of First Man – The goodness achieved through dispensations


Chapter 10

The One speaks: Being drawn from darkness, I might become as a light – The law of opposition – The role and purpose of Yaldabaoth – Adam and Eve teach and uplift the children of men – Children of men begin to embrace heavenly principles – Adam teaches farming – Eve teaches the ways of love and joining – The children of men witness true love – The gardens of Shem Torath – Adam counsels men regarding the ways of love – Eve teaches the women the law and covenant of marriage – The brutality of men against women is removed – Establishing a tabernacle of God’s peace – Sanctuary in the home, established by the woman – A glory built upon love


Chapter 11

An angry Jehovah-Yahweh threatens Adam and Eve – Nakedness condemned by Jehovah-Yahweh – Adam speaks: Will you destroy, forever the thing you most desire? – True worship – God’s perception of Man – Walking naked and unafraid – Love or hate, joy or fear – Jehovah-Yahweh responds – The battle is waged – False prophets, persecution of the holy, guilt and shame – Let us see then which is greater


Chapter 12

The One speaks to Azrael – Discussing the ways of the Demiurge – Azrael appointed to bind the dispensations of God – Children are yearning for the truth – Setting at naught the deceits of the Demiurge – Azrael replies: I shall go before the Demiurge – Redeeming the Fallen and establishing a new expectation upon the earth – Azrael enters the realms of endless night and stands before the Demiurge




For the epiphenomenon of good and evil

have I established for the children of men,

whereby they might make for themselves a living soul...

1st Endowment 5:37