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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 12

One Mighty and Strong

The One speaks to Azrael – Discussing the ways of the Demiurge – Azrael appointed to bind the dispensations of God – Children are yearning for the truth – Setting at naught the deceits of the Demiurge – Azrael replies: “I shall go before the Demiurge” – Redeeming the Fallen and establishing a new expectation upon the earth – Azrael enters the realms of endless night and stands before the Demiurge


1  Thus did The One make known unto me the secret turnings of his hand, revealing by most gracious words the wonder beyond all wonder, and the power beyond all power. And The One spoke again from the midst of the Light, saying:

2  “Consider, my son, how blind and foolish the Demiurge has become. For in his power does he continually boast, proclaiming throughout the dispensations that he shall make corrupt and of no effect the things which come from God;

3  Supposing with unholy glee that he shall make as nothing the whole of all my efforts; shouting in most dreadful tones that he alone shall prove worthy of worship in the world far beyond;

4  Calling forth and sending out among the children of men all manner of false prophets and imposters who, for a pretense, make merchandise the souls of men, declaring themselves the very servants of God; being in their hearts most prideful and jealous of such powers and authority as the children of men would feign grant unto them;

5  Seeking for themselves the favor of multitudes, being dressed in all manner of costly apparel, seeking for themselves the earthly riches of all who hear;

6  Speaking such smooth and subtle words as will deceive the very elect; adding by most measured words corruption to corruption, even until the pure word of God is lost in the midst of confusion and despair;

7  Making God to seem mischievous and filled with malice towards the children of men; adding to their master’s pay the fawning adoration of men who would grovel and beg mercy at the feet of the Demiurge;

8  Seeking by some arduous means to escape the hell of their own making; perverting through all manner of doctrine the image and likeness of the Demiurge; hoping by such means to make worthy of worship and adoration, that which is unworthy altogether.

9  Thus my son, would the Demiurge make corrupt the pure knowledge which comes from God; placing in the heart of man a great and lasting burden, filling the minds of men with guilts and fears of every kind.

10  Yet did I appoint that there should go down unto the earth the one made mighty and strong in the knowledge of God; that you might sow throughout the nations of the earth, the pure and incorruptible seed; binding through most subtle means the very dispensations of God.

11  For you did I cause to sow throughout the religions of man a small but timely seed, here a little, there a little; knowing that in the appointed season you would go forth unto the earth even as a mortal man, to gather together the seeds of truth, to make them as one in the hand, revealing unto all men the fullness of Heaven’s glory.

12  Thus my son, have you set forth to fashion by careful means, the only true tabernacle of God; being of itself not fashioned by the hands of man, but drawn from the heart instead; making at last for every man and every woman a place of refuge and peace filled with joy.

13  Come now my son and consider greatly the things which I would make known unto you. For behold, even now does the Demiurge seek against the children of men a harsh indictment filled with punishments and retribution.

14  For in the modern days of yonder world has the light leaped forth causing that even he should see clearly the desires of a good many people; for the children of men have grown weary of the wrathful Demiurge, and would even now seek for some deliverance;

15  Desiring for themselves some deeper understanding of that God which first called them forth into the mortal life; being most anxious to know for themselves the true God of Heaven;

16  Seeking most earnestly the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Mother of their souls, praying night and day for that Teacher who would make known to them the true mysteries of that godly wisdom which would lift them beyond the pale shadows of yonder world whereby they might dwell in glory forever and ever.

17  For this cause has the Demiurge sought to turn aside the hearts of many, breathing out such threats as would cause the very stones to tremble; sending out among the nations of the earth a great many new doctrines filled with strangeness and perversion; causing that many should be swallowed up in confusion and despair.

18  But the cornerstone of his deceit shall you cause to stumble, to turn aside forever; making as nothing that very Bible which the Demiurge would use to make fearful the souls of men; setting at naught the fierceness of his wrath whereby he might take captive the souls of all who would yield before him.

19  For by your hand alone has the Demiurge been made to tremble, discerning for himself most clearly, that certain doom which even now would leap forth from out of the light, to consume the whole of all his power over the children of men; making to appear as nothing the whole of his design against the children of God.

20  Thus my son is it made expedient, that there should go forth unto the Demiurge one who will make known to him the true nature and destiny of all mankind; that by some subtle word there might be set at liberty the very angels of God, even all those which fell from the midst of Heaven’s glory.

21  For the whole of my design would I fulfill in you, knowing of a certainty that you will not relent or give surcease to turn aside; but will continue most faithfully to establish that dispensation which I have appointed unto you.

22  Speak therefore my son, and tell me truly if you will give consent; to go forth unto that darker world where the Demiurge is made to rule throughout the halls of endless night; for even all the hosts of Heaven are made to wait most patiently upon that word which you would now speak.

23  Tell us therefore if you are willing to go forth unto the Demiurge, to speak unto him concerning the whole of man; to lay before him a ready defense made most subtle and deep with all manner of good reason regarding the true destiny of that race which first gave rise to me.”

24  Such were the words which The One did speak unto me before the gathering of many lights, and being made most calm within and without, I spoke unto The One, saying:

25  “Most Holy Father, gracious and unending, this one word only would I speak: I shall go before the Demiurge and there defend the whole of all mankind; and though I possess but mortal frame, yet shall I not fear the dread presence but shall withstand with boldness the awful wrath of Jehovah-Yahweh.

26  For I am determined to set at liberty the children of men, that they might dwell no longer in fear, but shall move about unhindered, passing always onward from the lesser to the greater portion; even until there should spring up within the countless multitudes the very beginnings of an endless soul.

27  Thus shall I go most eagerly forth and by a goodly argument made both vigorous and sound, withstand the Demiurge to the face. For I have seen the glory of God: Of what then shall I be made afraid? For in my soul am I girded round about in the knowledge of God. How then shall I fear or be caused to tremble?

28  Send me forth, Most Holy Father, and I shall speak well your cause without relent. And though I be as this mortal man only, yet shall the Demiurge find in me some implacable foe, being neither fearful nor dismayed. For in you alone have I placed all my trust.

29  And I shall lay down the beginning of redemption whereby the Fallen One might return again unto God, being healed of many wounds, to stand again as worthy and acceptable before the congregations of the holy.

30  Thus would I set right again, the foundations of both Heaven and earth; and there shall dawn suddenly upon the earth a new expectation filled with promise; and in the Heavens above shall there be continually added glory upon glory, and greater light unto greater light.”

31  Such were the words which I spoke unto the greatest God of all, and The One answered me, saying: “It is agreed, my son. Go then and know of a surety that I shall ever stand beside you.” And with a great suddenness was I carried away to the realms of endless night.

32  And finding my feet placed firmly in some darkened world made pale and gray by distant stars, I felt the coming forth of the very Demiurge.

33  For the earth beneath my feet did tremble and quake continually as though it would flee itself away, and the skies were filled with great and dreadful flashes; and there moved before me a dark and sullen mist, sweeping swiftly low over the grounds, filling the airs above with a fearful hiss and a vile and odious vapor.

34  And there billowed up from out of the mist to stand before me, a dark and loathsome form, and there were in his eyes a red and piercing flame; and I beheld full force, the awful presence of Jehovah-Yahweh.