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Dictated to the author on December 24, 2005, the 7th Endowment is Heavenly Mother’s personal address to all humankind.


Chapter 1

The birth of endless mind – I am Areta, eternal Mother, Supreme and Sovereign – An invitation to enlightenment – Mystery leads to mystery – Three great mysteries – Wisdom is found in the doing and living of godly things – Where stand you then, my noble child, in light or frightful shadows? – Examine yourself – Once so very long ago, I lived a life like yours – God is greater than all your sins and fears – Being healed, reborn, and holy – For hope is needed in the world – Many Mothers quietly wait the coming of their children – Book of the Heavenly Mother


Chapter 2

A life and faith that’s undivided – A life without meaning leads to no great purpose – Many benefit from one bright life – The four great festivals of God – The Festival of Joy: summer solstice – Beware the somberness of others – What would God like most to see from those who are their children? – Proving yourself a happy vessel which God would seek to fill – Festival of Joy: the first and greatest festival – Celebrating the Song of God – A gift deserves a gift – Gaining strength through joy – Three great powers: Joy, Fellowship, Song of God – Revealing the mind of God – Three reasons for jubilation


Chapter 3

Faith revealed through hope and trust – Letting go of old traditions – A new dispensation demands a new beginning – New traditions rich with meaning – The Winter Festival of Lights: winter solstice – In the expression of joy is strength created – Celebrating the Winter Festival – Rejecting old traditions and images of the past – Celebrating Sophiel and Mahaleenah – Giving to the poor – Come my child and tell me true: Will you my angel be? – The burden of shame or the freedom of joy – The joy of God is the greatest treasure – Making the world bright through the Festival of Lights


Chapter 4

Festival of Lovers: vernal equinox – The power of love and the grace of oneness – Be not deceived by false love – Celebrate the forming of true love – How is true love revealed? – Grace: the calm acceptance of all things – Scriptural examples of love and grace – Commemorating the love of your Heavenly Parents – Festival of Harvest and Thanksgiving: autumnal equinox – Celebrating the blessings God has given – The value of your life is what you give it – Unlocking the power within – The burden of complaints – Learn to want the things you have – Are you grateful or are you blind? – Gratitude: the gift you give yourself


Chapter 5

What value have you given through the living of your days? – Covenants consecrate life, and honor gives value – The power of covenants – Areta’s covenants of love and duty – Who is worthy to make a covenant with God? – Determining the nearness of God – Beware of those who have no honor – Letting actions proclaim your honor – Shaping your life through speech and actions – Let covenants prove the surest path which leads you back to God


Chapter 6

What one gift would you give the world? – Seize the light of God within your soul – The gift of peace – What is the peace of God? – Peace is revealed through faith and harmony – Peace begins within – Heaven is your truer home and the angels are your brethren – The Song of God reveals the path – Letting shine the honor of your peace – Reclaiming the holiness which once was set aside – Hold most firm the peace of God, be kind to those who war – Warriors of light and peace – Can you set aside your fears and prove the strength of God? – Heavenly Mother waits with eager heart


Chapter 7

The sacred power that lies within – The priesthood of God – Creating sacred moments for those you love – That which has its birth in God is yours by right of birth – Let the Song of God light the way – The things of God are subtle and born of spirit – I am Areta, eternal Mother, Supreme and Sovereign




Let us then prove most resolved both you and I together,

and weave with care your life and faith to make them be as one...


7th Endowment 2:3