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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 6

The Peace of God

What one gift would you give the world? – Seize the light of God within your soul – The gift of peace – What is the peace of God? – Peace is revealed through faith and harmony – Peace begins within – “Heaven is your truer home and the angels are your brethren” – The Song of God reveals the path – Letting shine the honor of your peace – Reclaiming the holiness which once was set aside – Hold most firm the peace of God, be kind to those who war – Warriors of light and peace – “Can you set aside your fears and prove the strength of God?” – Heavenly Mother waits with eager heart


1  What one gift would you give the world to lift it from despair? What good act of godly grace would you plant within the heart, to brighten well the darkest day and to fill the world with hope? What one vision would you bravely dream to make it come alive, to change forever the world around and fill it up with joy?

2  Would you now commit yourself to be a good example? Could you, yourself, become the light which reveals the heart of God, chasing away the darkest shadows which cloud the minds of men? Can you set aside your fears and prove the strength of God, holding up before the world a faith which never fails?

3  If you, yourself, should so elect to stand as one with God, then stand you now with humble heart and feel the power of my words, let go the shadows in your mind and dwell within my light.

4  Seize hold your faith with all your might, let faith like rivers flow, and safely there upon the waters you’ll rise above the tide; reach within your greater self where treasures sweet abide, for there within your very soul the light of God still shines.

5  Look beyond your lesser self and see the star of God, shining brightly through the dark which seeks to overwhelm, guiding gently from afar with songs like anthems ringing; and you, yourself, will be the song which fills the world with singing.

6  How then shall we begin, both you and I together? Hear then and I will tell you, great wisdom I will give, to strengthen well both heart and mind to bind us both together; you in me and I in you, two hearts to beat as one, joined together by godly grace in the living of your life.

7  For peace, a gift I now would give; a peace with great assurance, drawn from love and filled with visions greater than your fears, a peace beyond the ways of men, beyond both war and strife, a peace that’s born within a dream which I myself would dream.

8  Let this then be the gift which you would give the world, to live in peace amidst the strife, to be a calm influence, greeting every man and woman with a gentle approbation; soothing away the hurtful words, lifting up the fallen, holding up for all to see the light which comes from God.

9  Proving yourself with every deed as one who walks with God, becoming yourself a friend desired which others would seek to have, proving themselves as those most eager to stand most close beside you, seeing in you a hopeful refuge in the midst of frightful storms.

10  What then is the peace of God that you should seek to have it? What is the power which makes it shine and prove a useful treasure? Do you know the first foundation which you must seek to build?

11  For the peace of God is never found in the absence of your faith, neither is it felt within when fear and doubt intrude, or when the mind in anger fumes and seeks for some revenge; but is instead that quiet assurance that God is always near.

12  Know then that the peace of God is revealed in the harmony of your life, which harmony is born of balance between the spirit and the body, causing that you should accept with calm demeanor the events and circumstances of every day.

13  Possessing within your heart that certain knowledge that in all the affairs of men and women a place for God is made, and in the knowing of God and Heaven are you become as one most balanced in the midst of great opinions, causing that you should judge little but love much.

14  Becoming yourself immune to strife and inward turmoil, being yourself in God empowered to see beyond each present moment where darkness lies in wait, holding fast to God instead to dwell in Heaven’s peace.

15  Stand you now as one with God and prove yourself most wise; for if you would give to the world the peace of God, then must you first possess it; becoming yourself that good example worthy of emulation, showing forth in word and deed a far more better way, becoming yourself that very gift which God would seek to give.

16  Guard therefore the peace of God which you would seek to live, speaking gently with all good humor in dealing with your life; enduring through an eager faith this world of opposition, holding firm to God above while yet you dwell on earth.

17  Avoid therefore as if on tiptoe the snare of strong opinions, for angry words becloud the mind to fill you with frustration; but become instead that quiet observer which sees and hears yet does not deep imbibe, choosing instead to calmly tread while still you seek to guide.

18  For Heaven is your truer home and the angels are your brethren, and in a place beyond your dreams you walked beside your God; thus are you first and foremost a citizen of Heaven, being in your present state a sojourner from afar, walking through a native land in which you are a stranger.

19  How then shall you comport yourself in this land you call your home? How prove yourself as someone worthy while striving to live in peace; becoming yourself as someone kind whom others would seek to know?

20  Be therefore of peaceful mind when faced by strong debate, becoming yourself as one most pliant before a raging wind; bending slightly as one most courteous while rooted firm in place, holding on to all your faith while trusting in the Song.

21  For in this Song of God is found the way you ought to go, proving for you a path of light which guides you through the darkness, showing forth within its pages a life of greater worth, holding up before your eyes the likeness of God and Heaven.

22  Peace then be in your mind and in the words you speak, peace then be in all your deeds in dealing with mortal men, peace then be in the air you breathe to touch the very ethers, to be yourself the peace of God which God would seek to give.

23  Consider then the wars of men, this strife between the nations; for there are many who speak of peace while yet they seek to war, being themselves as those confused and filled with empty words; be not yourself as one entangled in the snares of violent men.

24  But be to them a light which shines and seeks to be a friend, lifting up before their eyes the honor of your peace; speaking not with condemnation, neither filled with bitter judgment, but gently standing forth as one who chooses peace instead.

25  For it is here appointed that you should reclaim such holiness as once was set aside, having chosen yourself, for honor’s sake, to defend the realms of glory; to preserve by sacrifice the holiness of God and Heaven, when there upon the battlefield you faced a fearsome darkness.

26  Look around and deeply see this world in which you live, a world of war and bitter strife, a world of hate and envy, a world where fear and endless greed do seek to seize the mind; a world where shadows deeply prowl to take you by surprise.

27  Here again the battle rages between the darkness and the light, each seeking some advantage, each side eager to take the prize and claim the final glory, to take as captive the world of man or to set it free of war.

28  Thus do those of lesser vision make war because of pride, forcing upon the world of man a burden filled with fear; casting deep within the mind the hurt of great despair, always seeking through vain deceit to justify their cause.

29  Be not yourself as one deceived nor as one who is lured or baited, but hold most firm the peace of God and remember who you are; standing firm within that faith which fills you up with joy, holding on to things eternal to become again most holy.

30  Yet in such peace as you would live prove kind to those who war, for once before most long ago you fought because of honor; hoping that by such a means you might preserve the very realms, having yourself secured through force the holiness of Heaven.

31  Be you then as one who knows and proves most understanding, to speak with gentleness and kind regard towards those who go to war; refraining yourself from words of judgment or subtle condemnation, but being instead that child of God who proves a friend to all.

32  For you, yourself, are still a warrior who fights against the darkness, having as your only standard the peace which comes from God, being yourself most firmly guarded by faith and hope and trust, having as your only weapons the expression of your joy and the fellowship of many others, holding up before the world this Song which Heaven sings.

33  Be you then as one who shines, as one who walks with God, speaking gently with joyful humor to lift the hearts of all; walking calmly through the storms which fiercely rage about, seeing beyond the things which are to reveal the face of God.

34  Let go within such little fears as do most weigh you down, but choose instead the peace of God and strength will inward rise; let flow the river of joy and hope, let faith within you grow, and prove yourself that child of God which others would seek to know.

35  What then makes the greatest gift which you can give the world? What shapes the grace which you would live to fill the world with light? What is the vision which you would live to make your dreams come true, to change forever your heart and mind and make you sing with joy?

36  Will you now commit yourself to live the peace of God, setting aside your lesser self to prove a good example? Can you shine and brightly glow within the darkest night, holding up for all to see the joy you find in God?

37  Can you set aside your fears and prove the strength of God, revealing through some good endeavor this faith which never fails; having as your only compass this Song which Heaven sings and prove yourself that very gift which God would seek to give?

38  Come my child and do not linger, let go your inward doubts, but yield yourself into my hands and I will make you strong. For strength is needed to live in peace and courage is oft required, but of these things I freely give, if you will but receive.

39  So do not fear the ways of men but choose the ways of God, lifting up your heart and mind to embrace the whole of men, seeing in each some noble person struggling to be born, proving yourself a goodly midwife who delivers into life, the greater soul of every man to fill the world with peace.

40  Let us now, both you and I, become as one together, and by our calm and joyful efforts cast light upon the world; here a little, there a little, day by happy day; adding always through good deeds the ways of faith and peace; quietly building year by year the temple of the soul, where every man and every woman might find their hope in God.

41  So here I wait, most noble child, for you to take my hand and walk with me upon the way and prove a good companion, yielding up your lesser self to be as someone greater; a bringer of peace and joyful light which heals and quickly brightens, chasing away the fears of men to cast away the shadows, bringing them closer day by day to dwell within the light.

42  Here I stand before your door and knock with eager heart, and if you answer to let me in, then with you I will abide; to guide you gently through each day and give to you good counsel.

43  And in my heart I’ll safely keep you, though men should outward rage, and seal to you that greater portion which will lift you higher still, until at last you see my face and dwell with me forever.