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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 7

The Priesthood of God

The sacred power that lies within – The priesthood of God – Creating sacred moments for those you love – “That which has its birth in God is yours by right of birth” – Let the Song of God light the way – The things of God are subtle and born of spirit – “I am Areta, eternal Mother, Supreme and Sovereign”


1  Come now and seize this moment for now is God most near, dwelling close beside your heart to fill you up with wonder, being eager to prove for you a wise and holy counselor; always ready to give you guidance in the living of your life.

2  For now the power is in your hand to make your life most sacred, to stand yourself as one endowed, as one who walks with God; empowered within by the glory beyond to reflect that holy light; to shine most bright within the darkness and fill the world with joy.

3  Rise up now and seize the prize which I would happy give you, let go your fears, set free your doubts and open wide your heart; for here within the great eternal do many Gods await, ever hopeful with outstretched arms to receive you once again.

4  Consider then that sacred power which lies most deep within you, a power which is born of God, a power wrapped in priesthood; for this priesthood was given you at the moment of your birth, waiting quietly deep within, eager that you should use it.

5  What then is this priesthood which waits to be revealed? What is the power within your soul that would make you one with God? How must you live, how must you speak, how must you rightly act, to awaken within you the Light of God and fill the world with hope?

6  For the priesthood of God can no man give, neither is it appointed that any church should guard it or bind it with restrictions; for the priesthood which comes from God is found in you already and lies most deep within, a hidden treasure within the soul which waits upon your faith.

7  This then is the power of priesthood that you should be enabled to create some sacred moment for the sake of those you love, which sacred moment proves the power which draws forth the presence of God the Mother and the Father.

8  For the power of priesthood does not command but loves instead, neither does it seek to judge or punish, but to heal and quick restore; proving itself not as something exclusive but rather as that which quick includes even all who would embrace the things which come from God.

9  Think not therefore that the priesthood of God is bound by law, neither can any church constrain it, to keep it in their power; for that which has its birth in God is yours by right of birth, becoming itself the tie which binds you closely unto God, having as its only mandate the creation of sacred moments.

10  For the world needs most that sacred moment where God is deeply felt, to be themselves inspired by goodness, to be themselves uplifted and to feel themselves as blest, a sacred moment where God draws near to touch the heart and mind.

11  Such then is made the priesthood which comes from God above, not come from men nor come from church as others quick would tell you, but comes instead from deep within where the heart and soul do meet, lying there within yourself for you to quick take hold and draw to you the heart of God through the making of sacred moments.

12  If then you would awaken the priesthood of your soul then take you now this Song of God and learn it deeply well, committing to your memory the words of life and joy, becoming yourself as one made holy by seizing hold of God.

13  Let the Song of God be for you as daily bread and the breath of all your life, to fill you up with holy counsel, to light the way before, to lift you up above the storms which often rage about, placing you safe upon that shore where the light of God does shine.

14  Let it prove itself a mighty river which flows within your soul, till you yourself become the river filled with life abundant, rushing on and ever flowing within the ocean of my dreams, to become yourself as one with God in the living of your life.

15  Prove yourself as one most wise and in my words find strength, for the clouded mind does not see, neither can it know that the things of God are born of spirit and are made by God most subtle, requiring from those who would partake an eager and joyful faith, opening up before your eyes the wonder beyond all wonders.

16  Embrace therefore with hopeful heart this Song which Heaven sings, and make your life become the song which moves the heart of God; and song to Song the Heavens move like lovers in a dance, you in God and God in you forever and anon.

17  I am Areta, eternal Mother, Supreme and Sovereign, the singer of songs within the dreams of God; weaving through most subtle thoughts a deep and great design, sudden light of inspiration, I touch and gently guide, ever seeking that greater oneness filled with light and life and love.

18  To whom then shall I speak? Who will my mystery touch? Who among so many children will set aside their lesser self, and with an eager, humble mind embrace the heart of all my wisdom to make it as their own?

19  To such a one as this alone would I my heart reveal, being myself most ever hopeful to uplift what now seems fallen, to restore with grace the light of God in a world now dark and dreary.

20  Deep within my memories stir, and oft I do reflect, when long ago so far away, my lover sweetly kissed, and in the touching of our lips, his breath he passed to me, and gave to me his very life, giving birth to joyful hope filled with dreams eternal.

21  So come my child with open heart and in my soul find rest, kiss me now upon my lips and of my breath partake, and in your heart shall there arise the song of all my dreams, until at last we sweet embrace to be as one forever.