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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 1

A Bright and Piercing Light

The mysteries of God revealed – “That faith which is born in you already” – God and Man to become as one – The Teacher goes walking on a summer night – Heavenly visitors appear – Invited to abide with the heavenly hosts – A journey to the Celestial Kingdom – The suns of Kolob and Ashengaard – The court of the Elohim – The Teacher is washed and given white robes – A stillness falls upon the congregation – Ahman speaks – Preparing to establish the dominions of greater light – One Mighty and Strong – A new power; a new Heaven and earth – An ephod of gold is placed upon the Teacher – A white and shimmering light


1  To all those who would take to their souls the mind of God, I set forth my hand to reveal the hidden wonders of all his mysteries, that you might find herein the shadow of your greater selves.

2  Give forth, therefore, of a ready mind and an eager heart; be you determined with a great resolve, and I shall make known in you what no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no hand has touched, or has ever entered the mind of any man from the beginning of the world till now.

3  That you may stand before the congregations of the faithful being girded on every side with deep wisdom and holiness, that you may become even as the Heavenly Father or the Heavenly Mother before all the children of men, that they may find in you the beginning of many blessings.

4  Attend therefore with all diligence and patience the reading of this book; cling you dearly to that faith which is born in you already, and give not your voice to doubt lest the way upon which you tread be made perilous and dark, troubling the soul with an endless debate.

5  For that which leads to exaltation cannot be cheaply had; for the things which come from God are become as the greatest of all costly pearls, for which, when a man finds, he will sell all that he has that he might possess it for himself.

6  Let therefore the words of this book dwell richly in you; for the words which I would place in the heart of man have I drawn from the soul, and they are life.

7  Rejoice and keep not silent, therefore, the joy within; lift up the voice and sing aloud, dance you round about in the light which even now would dwell among you; for behold, even in this life shall I make God and man to become as one in the hand.

8  Now it came about that on a certain night in the summer season, I took some thought to be alone; and taking my staff, I set forth to journey.

9  And seeing in the night sky the stars in all their glory, I was filled with wonder and joy, for the moon was but a thin silver crescent above the hills, and there did breathe upon me a gentle wind sweet and refreshing.

10  And gazing there in the star-lit night I was filled with unspeakable joy, for in my life had I always known the presence of God, having both seen and spoken with him on many occasions.

11  Now as I was gazing upon the wonders of the night there came suddenly before me a bright piercing light, and it did part and there stood before me the great Father of All, even Ahman.

12  And there was with him Galendriel the Beautiful, and also the Arch-Angels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Ariel, and Suriel; and beside each stood their own Beloveds, dressed round about in exceeding glory.

13  And there was gathered around the Heavenly Father and the Mother a great many of the heavenly hosts, even Cherubim, Seraphim, and Teraphim, singing forth in rapturous melody the glories of both God and Heaven.

14  Seeing, therefore, so wondrous a sight, I did bow before the God of Heaven, and the Father spoke, saying: “Greetings, my son, from me to thee. Come now and with us abide, for we would have with you some fair communion.

15  Walk with us upon the way, for even we have come forth to gather from the earth the birthseed of our beginnings; that we, with all affection, might prepare you for the presence of The One, which even now, as a song from yonder stars would draw you closer still.

16  Come now faithfully this little while, for in you have we found the heart of our desiring; and our joy is fulfilled in you, for even now has the moment of fullness come upon you wherein you shall place before the children of promise the hope of some greater glory.”

17  These are the words which the Father spoke, and when he was completed, the Father and the Mother did together reach forth their hands to set my feet upon a pavement of blue; and in an instant the world upon which I stood, and even the very stars, did vanish all away and in the kingdoms of the greater Light did I cast forth a delightful gaze.

18  For the suns of Kolob and the suns of Ashengaard did together embrace and the splendor of their many lights did reach out to touch, with all holy affections, a great many new worlds of celestial glory, filled with endless joy and life.

19  And coming to the city of Salem of Merigoth, which hung as a sun in the clouds of glory, I beheld the beauty of the celestial worlds; and there was gathered a myriad of congregations standing in the center court of Elohim, which as a great shining sea of glass, did touch upon the Temple of the Archons and the Temple of Valhaladea.

20  For there stood at the east of the court the great house of many Fathers, being made of pure white stone trimmed in gold, being dressed round about with many gardens, green and flushed with flowers and trees of every kind.

21  And on the west of the great court stood the house of many Heavenly Mothers, made in like manner of pure white stone, being trimmed round about with the silver of Evandel, being also dressed on every side with all manner of gardens filled with wonder and beauty exceeding.

22  And there came out from the House of the Archons and the House of Valhaladea many great and shimmering lights, even lights of amethyst and lights of blue mingled together with lights of golden hue; and together did the lights reach out into the heavens to touch with perfect grace, the suns of Kolob and the suns of Ashengaard to bind them forever as one.

23  Now in the center of the great court was there established a fountain of the purest water, sweet to the taste and fragrant to the senses, even the waters of eternal life, that all who came into the court could drink freely unto themselves.

24  And there was heard throughout the kingdom songs of joy and praise, filling the hearts of all which heard with goodly cheer and happy countenance.

25  Now when I was arrived at the court of the Elohim, I was brought to the steps of the King; and there came to stand before me the Mother of Heaven, even Galendriel the Beautiful, and with her came seven others also.

26  And taking a silver basin, they went to the fountain to fill with water, and taking the clothes from off my body they did wash and anoint me; and when they were completed, they placed upon me robes of purest white, and taking me by the hand they ascended the steps of the King and brought me nigh to the doors of the temple.

27  Now in that moment there descended upon the congregations gathered there a great stillness, and a hush fell upon all who watched; and there came from the temple the very King of Heaven, dressed in robes of white with an ephod of spun gold, bearing in his hand a scepter of deepest blue; and there shone forth from the scepter a great and penetrating power which reached out to surround me.

28  And Ahman spoke, saying: “Consider, my son, the gathering of Elohim, for even we would assemble before you the greatness of our glory, that you may make known unto the children of men the hope and the promise of all that is greater still.

29  For you were chosen and elected from the beginning to set before the eyes of all people, the revelation of hidden things, whereby the mysteries of God might be established, giving in the heart of man a vision far greater than any other.

30  For it came about that when the cunning deceits of the Demiurge had pressed hard upon the dispensations of God to corrupt them, even I did make known my will that you should step forth to set right again this Hodos Alea.

31  But consider deeply, my son; ponder well the meaning of so great a gathering as you see now before you, for you know not fully the secret turnings of that One from which we are all brought forth.

32  For there is a mystery greater than any other, a glory which only few have seen; and for this cause have we gathered you from afar, that you may see with your eyes, and hear with your ears, and touch with your hands the greatest mystery of all.

33  And though you be in your present state but a mortal man, even we have gathered here to bear you up before that power which first gave rise to thee; that you may be strengthened against that day when you, alone, must go before the Darkness to establish with perfect reason the dominions of the greater Light.

34  For we know rightly the faith and hope which you have placed in us during all the years of your sojourn upon the earth; yet my son must we make known in you of that faith and hope which the Lords and Gods of Elohim have deeply placed in you.

35  For in the things of God have you never faltered or turned aside, proving in all your deeds that above every hardship would you cleave only unto God, being filled continually with that wisdom which comes from above.

36  This, my son, is the strength wherein you are made mighty and strong above every other; and all our confidence have we rightly placed in you.

37  Now shall you soon see the wonder beyond all wonder, and the glory beyond all glory; and even we who are gathered here shall stand beside you with all joyful anticipation.

38  For when we consider the sacrifices of your life and the faith by which you are strongly bound unto the words of God, even we are made all hopeful within; for in you have we found a ready confidence, that even we should be filled with endless gratitude.

39  Be you, therefore, strongly resolved and all determined within; for you shall we cause to stand before the Councils of the Light wherein the glory of The One will make clearly manifest the greatest mystery of all.

40  For in the revealing of the mystery is there a power given which is greater than any other, even a power which would make as new again both Heaven and earth.”

41  So spoke the Father of All, and taking an ephod of gold, he did place it upon me and there arose from the heart of Elohim a mighty shout of joy, and all Heaven was filled with singing.

42  Then did the Father and Mother stand each to the side of me, and in an instant there descended upon the whole congregation a white and shimmering light, and suddenly were we all gone away unto the greatest glory of all.




Pearl 29
Pearl 29