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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 7

Jehovah boasts of his power and greatness – Sophiel to the rescue – Jehovah is perplexed – The dreadful presence and sound of Jehovah-Yahweh – Arrogant demands of the Dark Lord – Calmness and serenity of Sophiel – Conflict between Sophiel and the Demiurge – Jehovah strikes the earth – Healing touch of the Heavenly Mother – Jehovah lashes out at the sons of men – The subjugation of women – Daughters and mothers dream of deliverance


1  By the waters of Oberon, near the seas of Tibereen did the darkness lay brooding; boasting ever of his power and might, and all the earth groaned because of him.

2  And Jehovah-Yahweh cried out in a voice made all terrible and shrill, saying: “Who is there to compare with me? Who, in all the world, will dare to challenge me; for I am god, lord and judge over all the earth?

3  For I, alone, am the greatest of all, and of my wrath and judgment there is no end; my dominions have I established above the heavens, and in the greatest deep am I alone made to rule.

4  See then what groveling minions the seed of God have become, that they should fear me more than any other; for I am death, endless night and darkening shade have I become unto all the living.

5  Who then can wrest from my power the sons of men, who shall take from my grasp the seed of God; for I am death, great and mighty, and all which lives must, of necessity, fall to me.”

6  Now as Jehovah-Yahweh spoke thus in the midst of his pride, there chanced to hear the Holy Spirit of God, even Sophiel; and descending unto the earth she stood before the Demiurge.

7  And he, perceiving darkly the wonder of her beauty and grace, did move forth in a great rush to surround her on every side;

8  Yet for all his might and fury, he was unable; and in his astonishment did he trouble because of her, for at no time had he a woman ever seen, neither could he discern clearly the coming forth of God unto him.

9  Now in the presence of Jehovah-Yahweh was there always found a cold and chilling mist, and a dark and loathsome vapor which did hover above the ground, being girded on every side by a great and rushing wind.

10  And there went out from the midst of him the sound of deep and terrible rumblings, and with a mighty hissing noise did he speak unto her, saying:

11  “I am Jehovah-Yahweh, lord and god over all the earth; for what cause have you come to stand before me? Know you not that I am able to consume you in the heat of my wrath?

12  Who, therefore, called you forth unto me? For in heaven and earth am I feared above all else, and there are none to compare with the terror of my might.

13  Give answer and hold not back, for I command: Why are you come forth unto me, and from what place are you come forth? Speak, therefore, quickly unto me, and if it so be that you should please me, then will I spare you the indignations of my fury.”

14  So spoke the Demiurge unto the Holy Spirit, being in himself haughty and overbearing because of pride; but Sophiel, in calm repose, in silence stood and answered him not a word but gazed steadily upon him.

15  And receiving neither word nor answer, the Demiurge increased in swelling rage to demand report; but only silence did he receive of Sophiel, who, in her firmness did mock him, and by her beauty and grace did confound him every whit.

16  And all that day did the Holy Spirit hold at bay the constant ragings of Jehovah-Yahweh, and when it was evening and the long shadows of eventide had cast themselves upon the ground, she spoke unto him, saying:

17  “Give ear, Jehovah-Yahweh, and to all my words attend, for I am Sophiel of El Shaloah, even the Holy Spirit which is come forth from the presence of God, and by your great boasting and many pretensions am I drawn nearer still.

18  Behold, Spirit of Truth am I, great comfort and hidden wisdom from my bosom flows; and by a power beyond your own am I made to stand before you; for in my right hand have I established truth in place of falsehood, and in my left have I ordained comfort and healing unto the children of men.

19  Hear then the truth, and consider deeply the light which in the darkness shines; for well is it said of you that you are ‘Shecklas’, Father of Ignorance and vain deceit, the Blinded One which fear and hate have filled with strong delusion.

20  Come then, and of your power speak, for even now do I stand unharmed before you; and the might and terror of which you boast is like the gentle wind which does lightly stir about.

21  Where, O Shecklas, is the power of which you are ever boasting; for still do I stand, in calmness, before the fury of your might, neither have vain imaginations caused me to tremble.”

22  Thus did the words of Sophiel strike like arrows into the dreadful presence of Jehovah-Yahweh, and recoiling from the weight of them, he did seethe and boil within, and with savage fury he lashed out in violent anger to destroy her.

23  And the fierce winds blew and lightning, like rain, fell all about, and the heavens roared and shook with thunder; and he cried with a mighty rage, saying: “I am god, and beside me there is no other; neither can there be found any power which can take from my hand the sons of men. Who are you to challenge me?”

24  Such were the rumblings of Jehovah-Yahweh, and the earth trembled and quaked in dreadful fear, and the mountains convulsed in sudden horror and from their bellies spewed a molten fire, and the trees did bow themselves low unto the ground, being as withered grass made ready for destruction.

25  Yet did Sophiel gently smile, and she spoke unto the Demiurge, saying: “I am Woman, Mother of heavenly things am I; for from my breasts does there constantly flow the milk of endless eternity, and from my womb have I established the foundations of endless glory.

26  What are your ragings when compared to me? For I tell you in all solemnity, that God shall not forsake the seed of his beginning, but has set forth his hand to rescue.

27  Know, therefore, that God shall grant unto the children of men the knowledge of good and evil, that by such oppositions as they might see, some greater wisdom might yet be found; unto these then shall the power be given to fashion unto themselves a living soul, being beyond death but immortal and filled with endless hope.

28  Then shall the seed of God prove greater than all your might, and they shall fear you nevermore, but shall turn their souls unto some higher glory and in the bosom of God forever live.”

29  So spoke the Holy Spirit, and Jehovah-Yahweh did rush in madness upon her, seeking by some dark and loathsome means to destroy; yet did Sophiel, with but the wave of her hand, cast him back again.

30  And Jehovah-Yahweh, breathing out many threats, did strike the earth with sore displeasure, and, behold, the waters of Oberon did the molten fires of distant mountains rush forth to consume;

31  And the seas of Tibereen did cast themselves up into a mighty heap, and the lands which lay round about became scorched and wounded by the heat of his great fury.

32  But Sophiel did but softly laugh in the midst of all these woes, and reaching down she touched the earth with the foot of her beauty, and there sped forth from the touch of her a healing balm which caused to come upon the land a great refreshing.

33  And the mountains ceased their torment, and the waters were stilled at once, and there came upon the heavens a gentle calm, and there descended upon the plains a shower of rain which caused to spread upon the whole earth a greening swale;

34  And there sprang up immediately a great many trees whose greening powers never fail, and in the valleys and on the plains did there come forth a host of diverse plants and flowers.

35  And there leaped out from the hands of the Holy Spirit a rainbow of exquisite beauty and light, and finding refuge in the airs above the earth, it gave promise unto all which saw that God had set forth his seal upon the children of men.

36  Now when these things were accomplished, to set at naught the furious wrath of Jehovah-Yahweh, the Holy Spirit ascended unto the heavenly place; and the earth, in gentle approbation, sighed with longing for the touch of her.

37  But Jehovah-Yahweh, being swallowed up by some great envy, went seeking through all the earth; and finding again the children of men, he descended upon them and spoke, saying:

38  “Behold, I am god; for the heavens have I made my dwelling place, and the earth have I made my footstool. Come, therefore, and worship me, that by your devotions you may be delivered from indignation and wrath.

39  For I have chosen you to be above all the earth, that you may subdue it altogether for my sake. For all living things shall I make subject unto you, that you may rule over them and fear no longer.

40  See then for yourselves, how I have brought forth an abundance of goodly things for your sake, that you may have joy in place of sorrow, and increase instead of want.

41  Yet be you guarded round about that you obey me always, and seek not after another; for there is found in my hand both judgment and death, which things you can by no means escape.

42  For I would have you forewarned against delusion, for there is a devil which, as an angel of light, would appear as if from God, to give into your keeping the knowledge of good and evil, that he might lead you unto death and swift destruction.

43  Only give no heed unto him, and you shall surely live; for whosoever shall partake of the knowledge of good and evil, even that one shall I cause to quickly perish.

44  Behold, I am god, and beside me there is no other found, neither will I permit that any should become equal unto me;

45  For this cause have I established the decree that by the sweat of your brow shall you constantly labor, that you may bring forth meat to eat, lest in your leisure you be tempted by some other, that you be led away from me;

46  For I am god, creator of land, sea and sky; all things have I established in heaven and on earth, for from the dust of the ground did I fashion you, that you might give honor and glory unto me.”

47  Such were the words which the Demiurge spoke unto the children of men, and they trembled dreadfully because of him, being ever fearful.

48  And seeing among the seed of God a woman which gave suck unto her child, Jehovah-Yahweh grew greatly troubled; for in her image and comeliness was she made like unto the Holy Spirit of God, which Spirit confounded him every whit.

49  And he spoke against the woman, saying: “You sons of men give ready heed, and in my words some warning find: For it is not good that the woman should rule over you, neither should she be made equal unto you.

50  For the woman is greatly to be feared, being unlike the man in every part; ever devising some intrigue by which she may ensnare you, that you might be made weak and tame before her.

51  For in the woman shall the devil find some ready means by which to tempt you unto destruction; for she, being ever weak and foolish, is easily led astray by cunning words of soft deceit.

52  Let then the woman be made subject unto the man in all things, that by her constant afflictions and many labors, you might break her unto servitude, lest she, by some subtle means, make you subject unto her.

53  Go now and be you ever diligent to obey me, lest I visit you with sore displeasure, to make you as meat for the belly and as food for the fire.”

54  And when the Demiurge had said these things, he gathered himself up in every part and with a mighty leap did cast himself again into his father’s presence, being well pleased and ever confident.

55  But they, which were the seed of God, wept and cried aloud, and did beat themselves upon the bosom, for unto them was there given no place to hide or some refuge find.

56  And the sons of men labored daily with all their might to bring forth meat to eat, and to subdue the land every whit; and the daughters of men groaned in constant subjugation, being treated with all manner of harshness under the rule of man.

57  Yet from Heaven did the Mother breathe gently upon the winds, and on the earth did the daughters and mothers of men dream a dream full of wonder; for in the mind could they clearly see the coming forth of Adam and Eve.

58  And wherever the daughters of men would gather together, they did comfort one another, for unto them had been given a promise of hope, and the joy of great deliverance.