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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 8

Galendriel is pleased with Sophiel – Seraphim at the gates – Shaemdiel causes a great division – Shaemdiel desires to fashion a world – The closing of the Tael and the beginnings of war – Ahman returns from the realms of The One – The Father shuns the Son of the Morning Light – Shaemdiel, in the lesser light, makes a world – Rutheniel shuns her Beloved – Shaemdiel weeps for his Beloved – Ahman gathers the Elohim – Michael replaces Shaemdiel as Chief Archon – Ahman reveals the workings of The One


1  Now Sophiel returned unto the heavenly hosts, and to Galendriel gave full account of all that she saw and did in the world of the First Power;

2  For unto the Holy Spirit was there given authority to swiftly go seeking, that perchance a pathway to the First World might be determined and established all about.

3  And Galendriel, being pleased in every particular, commended Sophiel and by a goodly grace did honor her, and midst a chorus of heavenly praise did set her again among the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

4  And calling unto Abdiel and Japhaniel, the Mother commanded that Seraphim be placed at the very gates of eternity, that the pathway through endless time might be secured against the coming forth again of Yaldabaoth.

5  Thus did it come to be that at the veils of countless ages did there watch, with constant vigilance, a great many Seraphim which, two by two, did guard the pathway to the First World, being of themselves steadfast and mighty.

6  But on the Eden world of Paradise did Shaemdiel cause a great division, for among the ministering angels did many grow discontent with God; and there sided with the Son of the Morning Light the cities of Mitanni and Ramnios, Elseli and Gimmel.

7  Now Shaemdiel caused to gather unto him all those who would take to themselves some greater glory, and in a council which he alone elected did all give forth of their allegiance unto him;

8  And with a mighty oath made strong and binding was it decreed that they should change forever Hodos Alea and establish over all who would, the Law of Immediate Recompense.

9  Thus did many of themselves propose that Shaemdiel create and establish around the distant suns of Ashengaard, a new and more perfect world;

10  That into such a mortal life as he alone might decree, would the spirit children of his own lineage go forth; that by the lesser law might even all find the way to exaltation easy and unhindered.

11  Now when these things were decided, Shaemdiel reached out, in the midst of his pride, to take unto himself the mind of Tael; that by the increase of his great powers he might fashion unto himself a world of some more perfect order.

12  But on Jeruel, in Salem of Merigoth, did the Mother of All wisely perceive and calling out unto the Lords and Gods of Elohim, she commanded that the mind of Tael be shut up against Shaemdiel until that time when the Father must return from the councils of The One.

13  Yet did Shaemdiel anger greatly against the Mother, and in his fury spoke hotly against the powers of the Elohim; and the resonating power of his voice reached out to encompass the world of Paradise, to shake it fiercely on every side.

14  Thus in the regions of the Keep did the spirit children of God grow all the more distressed, being buffeted and cast about by the thunderous words of Shaemdiel.

15  And hearing the troubled cries of many children, the Mother called again unto Abdiel and Japhaniel and commanded that over all the other worlds of Paradise should the Seraphim set forth guards to watch, lest Shaemdiel go forth to afflict them also.

16  And the morning to twilight fell, and the seasons to seasons did pass with a watchful sigh, and in the days of Tahaas did the Father of All return from the Councils of El Jor El, being guarded by a hidden wisdom and a cautious word; keeping with firm diligence the shrouded mysteries of The One.

17  Feeling then that the presence of the Father was come again unto Jeruel, Shaemdiel did cry out unto him from Paradise, but unto him would the Father not give heed but set hard his soul against the Son of the Morning Light.

18  Now when Shaemdiel perceived that the Father would give no heed unto him, to open up the mind of Tael, he swelled with exceeding rage; and gathering within the folds of his power those who had made covenant with him, he flew far from the Eden world of Paradise.

19  And drawing near unto the great Abyss, he called out with a mighty shout and, behold, there moved out of eternal Depth the matter unformed; being of itself but the broken shards and shattered pieces of worlds long forgotten.

20  And going near unto the worlds and kingdoms of the lesser light, Shaemdiel fashioned according to his will a world made beautiful and rare; and when it was completed the Son of the Morning Light did smile, for it was good and pleasing to the eye.

21  Yet was there not found upon the world of his creation any spirit which was born of God, neither could there be found within the world which he had made, any soul of beingness; and the promise of some greater glory grew dim before the eyes of Shaemdiel.

22  Now being distressed because of these things, Shaemdiel called into the heart of him, that he might draw unto himself the powers of his Beloved, even Rutheniel, unto whom the gift of endless soul was given.

23  For she alone was given authority to draw from the worlds of Kolob the spirit seed to still some greater power, whereby the world which Shaemdiel had made might fulfill in itself the hope of eternal increase, even worlds without end.

24  But only some great silence did Shaemdiel perceive, and in his troubled soul did he deeply grieve the loss of fair Rutheniel;

25  And in the midst of his aloneness did Shaemdiel the Mighty, Lord of Kolob, and Son of the Morning Light weep for his Beloved; and there was none which could console him, or any comfort give; for in Shaemdiel did there instantly rise up a consuming rage which caused all about him to tremble.

26  Now in the kingdom of God, on Jeruel did the Father of All assemble the hosts of Heaven, each according to their house, and each according to their order and tribe.

27  And on his right did Galendriel in power and beauty quietly sit, being attended herself by seven Mothers, most beautiful and fair, which were of the House of Valhaladea.

28  But at the left of Ahman did there also gather seven Arch-Angels of the heavenly hosts, being themselves made rulers of the House of Archons; and there was foremost among them, Michael, Fairest Son of Ashengaard, being made Chief Magistrate after the Order of Melchizedek.

29  Now seeing before the throne the assembled hosts of Elohim, the Father spoke unto them some fair surcease from all their labors;

30  And of the words and counsel of The One did he hold not back, but gave forth a strong assurance that the glories, and powers and dominions of the greater Light would not fail, but grow only brighter still.

31  And there came out of Elohim many who would covenant to go down unto the world of the First Power, that by some subtle means there might come forth a great many souls.

32  Thus were all who made covenant with God made partakers also, that through the Law of Dispensation might they also restore Shaemdiel, to set him beside the throne of glory; that in a day when all things should prove themselves completed, they might restore again the heavenly abode.