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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 9

Concerning the fall of angels – A need for spirit children – The cherub Bashiel – Broken wings – Stealing away the children of God – Shaemdiel battles Loriel and the Cherubic host – Heaven prepares for war – Shaemdiel gathers his lineage for battle – Heaven lays siege to the city of Mitanni – Michael petitions Shaemdiel – Galendriel rescues the innocent – The sound of a great trump, Ahman comes – “Who is on the Lord’s side?” – Shaemdiel is cast from Heaven


1  Come now and in your soul make ready the steadfast heart; be you fixed and firm within, for I would speak a tale of endless woe; about the fall of angels would I, a dirge, make ready for your hearing.

2  For in the world of Shaemdiel did he a tabernacle make, that there might come into mortal life the spirit children of God; being set on every side by the Law of Immediate Recompense.

3  And when all was completed and the world in readiness stood forth to greet the coming out of many spirits, behold, Shaemdiel did gather about him the Perfected Souls of his own lineage, and with them attended a multitude of ministering angels.

4  And together did they fly swiftly unto the Keep of Azrael, that they might take charge over all the seed of Shaemdiel, to bring them unto mortal life in the world which he had made.

5  Now there stood faithfully at the gates thereof, a cherub whose name was Bashiel and she, being made guardian over many of the innocent, grew troubled at the drawing near of Shaemdiel.

6  And going forth to meet him, she spoke graciously unto Shaemdiel, saying: “Greetings, thou Son of the Morning Light, Lord and Prince of Kolob: May peace and joy make brighter still the way before you. Tell me, great Lord, for what cause have you drawn near?”

7  And Shaemdiel answered in a voice made hard and bitter, saying: “For the sake of my own lineage am I drawn forth, to restore into my keeping that which another has taken.”

8  Now when Bashiel heard these things, she grew deeply troubled, for throughout the passing of endless eternities had none before come forth to defy the will of Elohim regarding this thing, to take by force the seeds of their own lineage.

9  And she, standing firmly upon the way, did rebuke Shaemdiel and withstood him to the face, saying: “Would you make violate the sanctuary of the innocent, to break in pieces Hodos Alea?

10  Go back, thou Son of the Morning Light, and grieve not further the laws of Eloheim, lest you be made to dwell in sorrow in the midst of your presumption.”

11  But Shaemdiel would give no heed unto the words of Bashiel, and with a dreadful countenance he moved ever closer to the Keep; and the cherub, with wings outstretched flew quickly forth to battle.

12  Yet was Shaemdiel ever scornful and with heated breath he did lay hold of Bashiel, and with great violence did break the wings which would give flight, and flung the helpless cherub into the Chasm deep and wide.

13  And there midst darkness and silent turnings, Bashiel cleaved to her bosom the broken wings and reaching out into the mind of Tael, she sang a song of great distress.

14  Now Shaemdiel, when he saw that the gates were thus unguarded, went swiftly into the Keep, both he and the host of angels with him, and they gathered unto themselves a great many spirits.

15  And coming out again, Shaemdiel saw before him a gathering of many Cherubim, even twelve full companies did he espy, and unto each company was there given a captain of great renown.

16  And there came to stand before him a cherub of exquisite beauty, filled with light and fairly made, whose name was Loriel of Avion and seeing that she was chief above many captains, she spoke unto Shaemdiel, saying:

17  “Before the Gods of Eloheim I fairly give command: Cease now the unseemly act and return again unto the Sanctuary these innocents which you have taken. For why will you make forfeit the kingdom of God, seeing that he has honored you above many others?”

18  Yet did Shaemdiel, in silence, refuse all answer but made ready for battle instead, setting according to their several orders the Lords of Perfected Soul, and beside them gathered the host of ministering angels.

19  Again, the second time, did Loriel demand the return of the spirit children of God, and still a second time did Shaemdiel no answer give.

20  Then petitioned Loriel the third time, for Heaven’s sake, that the innocent be given again unto the Sanctuary; and on the third time did Shaemdiel answer with a mighty shout, saying: “Never!”

21  And immediately there descended upon the host of Cherubim the greatness of Shaemdiel’s wrath, and there fell of the Cherubim some twelve thousand souls, being cast down as dross made ready for the fire.

22  Yet, notwithstanding the fall of so great a host, Shaemdiel reached out unto Loriel and her many captains to rescue, and when he had healed them of some great suffering, he spoke unto them, saying:

23  “Behold the power of Shaemdiel, for though the glory and power of all your tribe be great, yet did mine prove greater still; and the greatness and beauty of all your kind have I laid low upon the ground, being wounded and sorely hurt.

24  Why then should I not be gracious unto you, seeing that I am yet the Son of the Morning Light? Come then and swear to me a true allegiance, and I shall show you a glory and dominion greater than you have ever known before.

25  Add now your beauty and strength unto me and I shall restore in full measure the souls of these twelve thousand, that you might know full well the heart and goodness of Shaemdiel.

26  For in the world of my creation shall I make room for the grace and beauty of many Cherubim; that you might prove yourselves worthy of still some greater power; and of your dominion there shall be no end.”

27  Such were the words which Shaemdiel spoke in the hearing of the Cherubim; yet did Loriel fairly speak, saying:

28  “Unto God only shall we give forth of our allegiance, but as for Shaemdiel, hear now the words of my mouth: Return again unto the Sanctuary the innocents which you have taken.”

29  How strongly then did the wrath of Shaemdiel rise up within him; and there fell upon Shaemdiel alone, in a mighty rush, the captains of the Cherubim, being led in battle by Loriel.

30  And with exceeding rage he did crush them, every one, and broke in pieces the power, and glory, and beauty of all their house; and with a shout made all terrible and filled with doom, he flung the twelve thousand into the Chasm deep and wide.

31  And all which saw grew fearful of Shaemdiel from that day forth, daring neither to cross nor contravene against him, lest they also be consumed in like manner.

32  But in Heaven was it heard throughout the sound of some great battle, and the tumultuous noise thereof did fill the heart of Elohim with exceeding sorrow.

33  And calling forth ten thousand of the Seraphim, Ahman commanded that they go swiftly unto the world of Shaemdiel’s creation and set forth a strong and watchful guard; and with a mighty rushing sound did they quickly fly away, being in themselves prepared for some great and furious strife.

34  But there came likewise to stand before the Elohim, Galendriel, the Mother of All, and hearing in her soul the cries of many fallen, she called unto Shadiel who alone commanded the Cherubic hosts;

35  And with her also came ten thousand times ten thousand, and with the Mother did they together go forth unto the Chasm deep and wide, to rescue from the folds of darkness the twelve thousand of the Cherubim which lay hurt and sorely wounded.

36  And finding again the twelve thousand, the Mother stretched forth the hand to heal; and when all things were accomplished to restore unto vigor and strength the hearts of many fallen, they did take counsel altogether concerning those things which should be done on behalf of many innocents.

37  Now Shaemdiel did gather together all his lineage, and with them also a host of ministering angels, and he journeyed straightly unto the world of his own making;

38  For he desired above all else to bring into mortality the spirit children of God, that by such a means as he would devise, he might bring into some greater glory the kingdoms of the greater Light.

39  Yet in the distance did he, with troubled heart, clearly see the guarding watch of ten thousand Seraphim;

40  And with a mighty and fearful oath he retreated from before them and going quickly to some other place, he came again, at last, to Eden World; and in the city of Mitanni did he make fast and sure the legions of his might.

41  And to the host which followed after him did he think to give forth a great solace, saying: “Surely God will withhold his hand from battle, seeing that I have some refuge found in Paradise; lest he set in ruin the designs of his own creation.”

42  Seeing then that Shaemdiel had come to rest in Paradise, and seeing also that in the city of Mitanni he held hostage the spirit children of God, Ahman called forth the House of Archons; and with them also gathered the House of El Shalon and the House of El Shaloah.

43  And assembling together a vast and mighty host from among the very Elohim, he set to rule over them seven Arch-Angels and there was chief and foremost among them, Michael, even he whom God had established in the place of Shaemdiel.

44  What power and glory then swiftly flew from the hallowed halls of Merigoth, and like the lightning and the storm swiftly passing, the hosts of Heaven stood upon the plains of Kuristan;

45  And before the city of Mitanni did they establish themselves in solemn array, each according to their order, and each order according to their house; and of their number could no man count.

46  When, therefore, the legions of Shaemdiel saw for themselves so great a gathering, they grew all the more troubled and filled with uncertainty; but among the many were there but few who would cast on Shaemdiel a doubtful eye.

47  Yet in the blindness of his pride, in the shadow of his greatness did Shaemdiel scorn altogether the heavenly host, thinking himself mighty above all the rest; and with lofty words of great assurance did he make firmer still the legions of his power.

48  Now there called out unto Shaemdiel from the midst of the heavenly host, Michael the Arch-Angel, and with a great voice he spoke before the inhabitants of Mitanni, saying:

49  “Come forth, O Shaemdiel, and return unto God the children of innocence; for why will you grieve all Heaven so?

50  Are you not still that fair and noble son from whose countenance and comely speech, like sun and moon, would make fairer still the kingdoms and dominions of Jeruel?

51  For what just cause would you sully yourself so? Return now the spirit children of God that you may stand as clean and delightsome before us; and join with us in all brotherly affection, that in Heaven we might find peace instead of war.”

52  So spoke Michael before the inhabitants of Mitanni, and there rushed out of the city onto the plains of Kuristan the legions of Shaemdiel and at their head came quickly forth the Son of the Morning Light.

53  And he spoke hotly unto Michael, saying: “Will you speak to me of brotherly affection? Whose place and honor have you not taken for yourself if not mine?

54  Get you hence away from me, for the innocent will I not give again unto God; but have prepared for them a greater way to glory.

55  Go then and get you hence, lest by some furious struggle we make desolate and forlorn this Eden world of Paradise, and the spirits of many innocent be swallowed up in endless war.”

56  But there descended upon Mitanni, in the midst of Shaemdiel’s speaking, Galendriel the Mother of All, and with her came ten thousand times ten thousand.

57  And seeing that there were but few to keep guard over the innocent, she did quickly take them unto her bosom; and rising again into the airs above, she flew straight way unto the Keep, being secured on every side by numberless concourses of the Cherubim.

58  And Shaemdiel, hearing for himself the joyous shout of the heavenly host, turned himself to see; and he beheld the spirit children of God flying swiftly away, and with a great rage he leaped forth into the air that he might give both chase and battle.

59  But there descended immediately from the heavenly abode the House of Shevas, and the House of Valhaladea, and the House of Sabaoth, and the House of Mithron, being led in glorious array.

60  And between the Mother and Shaemdiel did they quickly take up place; and the legions of Shaemdiel shrank at the very sight of them.

61  When, therefore, Shaemdiel saw his legions in fearful abeyance before the gathering of the heavenly hosts, he swore a fearful oath, and with speed and might he flung himself with fierce abandon straight into the face of Michael whereby he might give forth battle.

62  But immediately was there heard the sounding of a great trump, and the world grew still and silent, and the heavens rolled up as a scroll; and, behold, there descended from above one which was like unto the Son of Man, and with him came thirty thousand of the greater Seraphim, fierce and mighty in battle.

63  How fearful then did the legions of the disobedient become, seeing that the whole of Heaven’s greatness had gathered against them on the plains of Kuristan.

64  And the Father of All drew himself near unto the followers of the Fallen, saying: “Who is on the Lord’s side? Let him come and with me abide.”

65  And there came unto Ahman a great many, being filled immediately with deep relief and endless gratitude, for there had been lifted from off their hearts a great and heavy burden.

66  When Shaemdiel heard and saw these things he spoke hotly against the Father, and against the hosts of Heaven did he breathe out many threats; yet would none be troubled because of him, for their peace had God established in the words of The One.

67  But the Father spoke firmly unto Shaemdiel, saying: “For what just cause would you behave so unseemly, to disturb forever the peace of Heaven?

68  Know then, my son, that because you would take from God the children of innocence, to make war against the Elohim, even you and all who follow after shall I cast down unto a world which lies far beyond.

69  And there shall you be greatly proved, for unto another shall you be made to give forth service; that in your soul you might establish again that which is forever good.

70  Yet, my son, though you be cast away and in the darkness bound, how shall I forget a Father’s love, or by what power shall the Mother be made to turn hard her soul against you?

71  Seeing, therefore, that you are most precious unto us, we shall set forth some subtle means by which you may ascend again unto the Father and Mother of All, that you may rest in peace beside the throne of God.”

72  Such were the words which the Father spoke unto the disobedient and the Fallen, and when he was concluded he spoke in a loud voice, saying: “Batah Numenah!”

73  And there immediately leaped out of tabernacles of flesh and bone, the spirit of Shaemdiel and many others beside, and seeing that he was without the power and the glory of his former estate, Shaemdiel set hard his soul against the heavenly abode.

74  And calling forth the Seraphim, Shaemdiel and those who would still follow after, were bound in the darkness and to the world of the First Power were they taken swiftly away.

75  And God wept for Shaemdiel and for those which followed after, and he set forth a covenant, strong and sure, by which all who might be willing should be redeemed from darkness, to establish them again in a heavenly place.