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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 10

Yaldabaoth rejoices at the fall of heavenly hosts – Followers of Shaemdiel cringe before Yaldabaoth – Secret designs of Yaldabaoth – Jehovah objects to the angels of light – Yaldabaoth scorns the fear of Jehovah – Jehovah speaks to Shaemdiel – A bargain is struck – “Guard well great Prince!”


1  And the angels fell from Heaven like the stars to earth do fall, and passing through the veils of time, they came at last to the world of the First Power.

2  But in the darkness of the Void did Yaldabaoth greatly rejoice at the falling down of Shaemdiel and all his host, and in the regions of his power did he boast throughout, saying:

3  “The kingdom of God have I caused to tremble, the heavenly place have I shaken hard on every side, evensomuch that there should fall from glory the Son of the Morning Light.

4  What power now shall stay my hand or bring to naught my dark designs? For the Lord of Kolob have I caused to stumble; the greatness of God have I made less by cunning deceit.”

5  And with deep and awful rumblings did Yaldabaoth loudly cry out, saying: “Surely evil is greater than goodness, darkness more preferred than light, and the power of base emotions stronger still than the weighty call of reason.

6  Thus, by the darkness of my designs shall I cause that ignorance shall swallow up wisdom, and peace shall hate consume, and death shall devour the living, while fear, the mind take hold.

7  Behold, how the strong shall rule the mighty and the weak, in servitude, bow low; and I shall rule unhindered in the realms of endless night.

8  For I am Chief Demiurgos who, with subtle and sly deceit, did cause the very heavens to shake with violent fury, whereby I might seize captive these angels of the greater Light.

9  But look and marvel, behold, and see what beauty, what ceaseless wonder the angels do possess; for though they be fallen and in the darkness strongly bound, still do they shine forth through the dimness;

10  And in the blackness of my power, through the halls of endless night do they glimmer like yonder stars, bespeaking still that other glory which only I do but faintly see.

11  How these fallen treasures in the depths do shine, that I might hold them in my power, to bring still to some greater doom the kingdoms of the greater Light.”

12  So spoke the Father of Chaos, and Yaldabaoth reached out unto the host of Shaemdiel and suddenly, in an instant, there came upon them a darkening gloom which like a vapor, vile and loathsome surrounded them fast on every side; and when it was vanished away, behold, in the presence of Yaldabaoth did they stand.

13  Thus were the angels made to shudder and with fearful dread give way, for the likeness of Yaldabaoth had none before ever seen;

14  Yet though the many, in fear, did tremble, still did Shaemdiel boldly stand, making subject to some outward calm the fierceness of his wrath and the greatness of his power.

15  And before the Lord of Darkness he would not give way, but firmly held his place; and in the rumbling voice of Chaos, deep and sore foreboding, Yaldabaoth spoke unto Shaemdiel, saying:

16  “Father of Light, fair and glorious, greetings from me to thee. Come now and some accounting give: Why came you forth into this fair night where only the Demiurge are made to rule?”

17  And Shaemdiel, being guarded in mind and speech, weighed with careful measure the words which he should speak; and when he was decided he revealed unto the Chief Demiurgos a portion of those things which had transpired in Heaven;

18  And when he was concluded, he spoke boldly unto Yaldabaoth, saying: “Know then Most Dreaded Lord, that I and all my host have come forth to give you service, even as you will.

19  But if I serve you well, then must you give unto me some equal service; for on a day which I shall choose, even therein would I add your power to mine, whereby I shall ascend unto God to take by force the kingdoms of the greater Light.”

20  When Yaldabaoth heard these words, he leaped within for joy; and in the darkened chambers of his soul did he speak thus to himself, saying:

21  “Though Shaemdiel know it not, I shall become the strength behind his power; and when he has brought me across the Chasm deep and wide, to stand within the kingdom of God, then shall I destroy it every whit;

22  And that thing which Shaemdiel does love the most shall I break in pieces beneath my foot, and the light shall be swallowed up in darkness, and I alone shall rule.”

23  And giving forth a fearsome laugh, piercing to the soul, Yaldabaoth spoke unto Shaemdiel, saying: “Agreed! Come then and give me service, and on the day which you appoint, I shall serve you well.”

24  Now there came up immediately from the world of the First Power, Jehovah-Yahweh, for he heard himself the rejoicing of his father; and entering into his presence, he beheld the beauty and brightness of Shaemdiel and all his host.

25  And like a mist of vapor, cold and filled with dread he moved closer to the angels which were fallen, and seeing among them certain women of heavenly visage, he recoiled with a mighty hiss;

26  And he spoke unto Yaldabaoth, saying: “For what just cause would you rejoice at the coming forth of all these demons before whose brightness the very darkness scatters?

27  Take heed, great father, and remove quickly these creatures of the greater Light, for behold, they are an offense to me; for I perceive darkly that they shall bring upon my lord a frightful doom.”

28  But Yaldabaoth with scorn did rebuke the Blasphemer, and with a voice filled with contempt he spoke in the language of the Demiurge, saying:

29  “Let those who are weak grow fearful, for the strong, alone, are worthy to rule. Come now and see with what cunning I have shaken all Heaven so, as though it were but some slender tree made ready to harvest.

30  For as ripened fruit to the ground must fall, even so have I caused these to fall here before me.

31  Why then should you be fearful, seeing that I will give you charge over all this host, that they might serve you well in the world of the First Power.”

32  So spoke the Chief Demiurgos, and Jehovah-Yahweh, moving closer unto Shaemdiel spoke, saying: “Are you Prince above all these others?” He answered: “I am.”

33  The second time Jehovah-Yahweh spoke, saying: “By what name are you called?” He answered: “I am called Shaemdiel, Lord of Kolob, Prince of Salem, Chief Archon of Merigoth.”

34  When the Demiurge heard these things he gave a dreadful hiss, and he spoke, saying: “I am god and beside me there is no other. From this day forth I shall call you Lucifer.

35  Keep, therefore, these minions to yourself alone and see that they trouble me not; for it is decreed that you shall serve me faithfully, even as these vile creatures must give service unto you.”

36  And Shaemdiel heaved a mighty sigh, and turning to Yaldabaoth he said: “Before God I charge you straightly, service for service: Will you agree?”

37  Yaldabaoth answered, saying: “It is agreed.” And Shaemdiel and all the Fallen which were with him turned themselves to leave, that they might go down unto the world of the First Power.

38  And passing near the Lord of Darkness, Yaldabaoth whispered hotly into the ear of Shaemdiel, saying: “Guard well great Prince! Serve him to your purpose, but watch him always;

39  For this Jehovah-Yahweh has a mean and hungry look, and if it so be that you show forth any weakness, even he will rush upon you to devour.”

40  Such was the fall of angels, this dirge which I would sing; that by this tale of endless woe you might some pity take, and for the sake of many fallen make constant prayer to God whereby he might bear them up again.