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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 13

Lucifer and Jehovah locked in battle – Yaldabaoth intercedes – Lucifer sees children of men bowed in reverence – Adam and Eve enter the world of the First Power – Lucifer observes Adam and Eve – The beginning of civilization – Adam builds a garden – What Adam taught to the sons of men – What Eve taught to the daughters/mothers of men – Lucifer grows jealous of Adam and Eve – Lucifer speaks to his followers – Sowing seeds of conflict, a cunning deceit


1  But in the darkness of the Deep did Jehovah-Yahweh rage against all mankind for the woman’s sake; and in furious battle did he war constantly against the Son of the Morning Light.

2  For unto each was there given a dreadful hold upon the other, and being anxious, each against the other, they would not relent or give surcease;

3  For Lucifer feared lest all men perish while yet the Demiurge feared lest all men become greater than all his might.

4  Yet on the earth did the generations of man pass peacefully by, for Lucifer held at bay the fearful wrath of Jehovah-Yahweh, and in the realm of endless night did darkness and light war furiously against each other.

5  But in the passing of millennia did Yaldabaoth grow weary of the battle, and with great suddenness, swift and terrible, he leaped from out of the Depth;

6  And in the fury of his might did he separate the Demiurge from the Fallen, and unto each did he establish a separate dominion in the world of the First Power, whereby they might cease, to some degree, their many contentions.

7  And unto Jehovah-Yahweh was there given dominion over land and sea, and all living things therein save man; and unto Lucifer was there given the skies above the earth, and upon the land was there given the children of Enosh whereby he might do unto them as he pleased.

8  Yet did the Demiurge swear secretly against the seed of God, to destroy them altogether; and Lucifer, in his subtlety, did likewise conspire against Jehovah-Yahweh.

9  Now on a certain day Lucifer took thought concerning his designs, and he spoke to himself, saying:

10  “Behold, how the generations are multiplied and the ages rolled continually by, for this cause shall I go again unto the children of Enosh that I might set before them the law of my hand.”

11  And going forth he saw from afar the tribes of man bowed in reverence upon the plain, and in their midst stood a man and a woman together, being unlike all others for they possessed exquisite beauty and comeliness;

12  And the children of Enosh did worship them, for they were fair and delightsome, being clothed in fabrics of softest weave, being in their persons clean and fragrant; and in their speech and in their gestures did the children of Enosh find a ready approbation.

13  And when it was asked of them from what tribe of man they were come, the man spoke, saying: “I am Adam and this my Beloved is called Eve, for she shall become the mother of all living.

14  Know then that from the bosom of God beyond, have we journeyed unto you, that we might give birth in each of you the seed of immortality and the hope of eternal life.”

15  Now when the children of Enosh heard the manner of their speech they were astonished, for they spoke not as they did, but in words of richest melody which did reach deep into the minds of all who heard.

16  And though they could not discern by the hearing of the ear the meaning thereof, yet in the mind did they perceive, most readily, the intent and substance of all which Adam spoke, for in the mind had God quickened their understanding.

17  But Lucifer, watching from afar, withheld himself from the children of Enosh; for he would see for himself for what intent Adam and Eve should come down unto the world of the First Power.

18  For he perceived readily the presence of some divine spirit which did shine forth from the man and the woman, and though he was fallen, yet could Lucifer well perceive the coming forth of God.

19  Now Adam and Eve stood head and shoulders above the children of Enosh, yet by their good graces did they take to their bosom the seed of God whereby they might instruct them in the laying down and building up of civilization.

20  And moving across the land Adam came to the concourse of two great rivers, being the Tigris and Euphrates, and in a land which lay eastward he did build a garden place of great beauty and ever increasing richness.

21  And there came to dwell round about the garden the children of Enosh, for they had great regard for Adam and Eve, believing according to their superstitions that they had fallen from the very stars above the earth.

22  Now Adam began to teach the sons of men the meaning and purpose of plants and herbs; and, little by little, men began to plant according to their several kinds, both grains and fruits, and did tend them according to their seasons;

23  For the sons of men saw the hope of some great advantage in tilling the earth; and by and by men ceased to wander the face of the land, and they began to dwell in gardens of plenty.

24  But Eve took to herself the mothers and daughters of men, and she did instruct them in the ways of marriage and of childbirth.

25  For at no time was it given that one man should cleave alone to one woman, nor was it seen that one woman should cleave alone to one man;

26  For in the days before Adam and Eve were the children of Enosh made little better than the beasts of the field; for that man which proved strongest above all others, even he would take to himself a great many women whereby he might raise up a multitude of seed; for women were made lesser than men, and this because of Jehovah-Yahweh.

27  But when men ceased to wander the face of the earth and turned themselves to tilling instead, they did build for themselves houses of wood and stone.

28  Thus was it established that unto each dwelling there should come together both a man and a woman whereby they might raise up children after their own likeness, and not another.

29  Now when Lucifer saw the things which Adam and Eve did for the benefit of man, he became most jealous and filled with envy;

30  For the children of Enosh had he claimed for himself whereby he might prove the better way; yet when he saw that Adam and Eve would take to their bosom the seed of God to instruct them, he was swallowed up in bitterness against them.

31  Now, in time, Adam and Eve likewise produced after their likeness, children of light and beauty and these, also, began to mingle among the children of Enosh to instruct them.

32  And gathering about him the angels of his following, Lucifer spoke unto them, saying: “Hear, my children, and be not fearful, neither be you doubtful of my designs because of this coming forth of Adam and Eve.

33  For in this world beyond beginnings is Heaven made to dwell far beyond, and the glory of all Elohim has the endless Deep made separate and apart through the closing of countless veils of dark obscurity.

34  Upon what power, therefore, shall Adam and Eve make supplication if it so be that I should go forth to trouble and vex them sorely?

35  For I shall set hard my hand against the whole of their design, to sow enmity between the house of Adam and the children of Enosh.

36  For against the seed of Adam shall I set forth a cunning deceit whereby I might tempt them unto misery and sin;

37  And seeing that evil shall be multiplied against them, then shall they surely relent and flee again unto the heavenly place; and the children of Enosh shall I take again unto myself whereby I might prove the rightness of my way.”

38  So spoke Lucifer who knew not the powers of The One; neither could he rightly perceive the designs of God.

39  And going forth he did tempt the seed of Adam to sin and death, and there was multiplied a great many sorrows upon the earth.

40  Yet would the seed of Adam not relent nor flee away, but pressed ever onward in the world of the First Power; seeking by some subtle means to establish in the heart of First Man the seeds of endless life.