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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 4

By the waters of Yoshibeth the mothers gathered – Sophiel speaks to Galendriel: the troubling of Heaven; Eden world shaken by Shaemdiel;  the Lord of Kolob turned aside – The tear and the flower – Rutheniel speaks for her Beloved Shaemdiel – Galendriel speaks: all things must grow, or die; a shadow beyond the shadow; Ahman has gone seeking; do not grieve for Shaemdiel – Galendriel sings a song


1  In the Season of the Song, by the waters of Yoshibeth did the Lords and Gods of Elohim gather, and there assembled before Galendriel certain mothers of the heavenly hosts:

2  From the House of El Shaloah stood forth Sophiel, Bythiel, and Myriel; from the House of Sabaoth drew near Sabriel, Ramniel, and Saerel; and with these came also Rutheniel being Beloved of Shaemdiel.

3  And there spoke with all tender affection Sophiel, being called of God the Spirit of Truth, saying: “Most Holy Mother, joy of our desiring, what good thing shall we do to restore again this heavenly abode?

4  For peace and joy has sorrow pressed hard on every side, to fill the heart with deep foreboding; upon the glory of all our worlds has there leaped forth the shadow of dimness, making dull the hopes of many.

5  Hear, O Blessed Mother, the pleadings of our soul; for who is Shaemdiel that he should change forever the ways of Hodos Alea, to make commonplace the glory of all our children?

6  For on Eden World are the children of my bosom made ready to fall; like leaves on the tree do shake and flutter all around, even so in Paradise have the words of Shaemdiel raced about as the whirlwind, causing all which hear to tremble.

7  By what means shall we make sure again the paths of glory, that by our hand we might make secure the hopes and longings of all our seed?

8  And though we calm the hearts of all who trouble, by what measured word of reason shall we make peaceful still the dark musings of Shaemdiel?

9  For, behold, the Lord of Kolob has Yaldabaoth turned aside through cunning speech, that even so great a one as he is made blind in the midst of all our glory; to the words of Eloheim he will not give heed, but has stepped aside into darkness.”

10  So spoke the Spirit of Truth unto Galendriel and all which heard, together sighed; and there was caused to fall to the ground, before the Most Heavenly Mother of All, a single tear of sorrow.

11  And when it was fallen, there sprang up immediately in the place thereof, a single flower made all crimson without and white within, being in itself the first of its kind.

12  And all which were gathered there did turn themselves to see, and they beheld Rutheniel weeping for her Beloved.

13  And Galendriel, stepping softly forth, placed her arms about her to comfort; and Rutheniel, weeping upon her bosom, spoke unto the Mother, saying:

14  “Blessed Mother hear my plea, for in your wisdom do all the Gods rejoice. What shall I do for the sake of my Beloved who has turned his heart to that darker vision which he alone can see?

15  By what soft and gentle persuasion shall I restore again my own Beloved who, by the power of his own brightness, caused the morning light to shine upon the kingdoms and wonders of Jeruel?

16  Who, formerly, made brighter still the celestial worlds when yonder suns of Ashengaard gave forth from their own brightness a constant ray, and to the Kokobeam lent forth the luminous realms of their own dominions?

17  Have you not beheld in wondrous awe the comely form of my Beloved; before whose beauty the very moons of Jeruel grow weak and pale and, who, of their own power, would weave for fairest Shaemdiel a covering of silvery light?

18  Who has not rejoiced at the drawing nigh of my Beloved who, before the coming of Yaldabaoth, caused that all good things should sing together, and before whose presence the very creations would leap together for the joy of him?

19  But now is my Beloved, by some twilight dimness, made to seem a stranger here; and in his presence does there descend upon the fairest of our worlds a darkening gloom and a fearful dread.

20  And I, alone, am left to care for him, to plead for him, to weep for him; for still in my bosom, made all tender and ready, would I ever find place for my Beloved, that there midst some fire and gentle breath I might cleave only unto him.

21  Now great Mother give reply and to my plea attend, for of your wisdom there is no end: By what persuasion might I restore the place and honor of my Beloved, lest he be lost forever?”

22  And Galendriel, speaking softly unto the hosts assembled there, said: “Do not weep and fear no longer; for I perceive in all our troubles, some design made deep and subtle.

23  For it is in the nature of all living things to grow, and that thing which does refuse, even it shall perish, to be no more; thus by our constant efforts in reaching forth, we might yet achieve some greater glory of which we are but faintly made aware.

24  Thus in our need for eternal progression, Shaemdiel wisely acted, yet only in his means of attaining did he gravely err, to change forever Hodos Alea.

25  But still do I with deepness perceive, a shadow beyond the shadow, and in the turning another turning; for I see revealed some wiser hand which only few can see.

26  For well is it known already among us that over the worlds of Olaha Shinehah was Yaldabaoth given neither power nor place;

27  And moving out beyond forever, he pierced the veil of darkness, and in the world of the First Power has he a refuge found.

28  Be not troubled, therefore, because of Shaemdiel, but in my words find sweet repose; for in the Father has the light leaped forth, revealing in him a wonder beyond all wonders.

29  For I tell you truly, that beyond the councils of Eloheim is still some greater council found; and beyond the greatest council is there made to rule the councils of El Jor El.

30  And there unto has Ahman gone seeking, that we might attain for ourselves some greater wisdom, that in such glories as we shall gain make all peaceful still the worlds and kingdoms of Jeruel.

31  So shall the Father establish the way wherein some greater progression might be found, for in his hands shall he make secure the ways of Hodos Alea.

32  But for Shaemdiel do not grieve, for there is a goodness which none can lose, neither can any darkness make small the greater Light.

33  For you know yourselves that into our keeping is the kingdom of Heaven given, and into the hands of many Fathers is there given the ways of Hodos Alea.

34  Let us make secure, therefore, the heavenly place, that by a goodly grace we might restore again the Son of the Morning Light and cause to stand beside him his own Beloved Rutheniel.”

35  And when Galendriel had said these things, she sang a song of hope and yearning, and in the forest and in the fields the flowers leaped forth out of the ground, to signal to all a new beginning.