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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 7

The Teacher to gird himself for battle – Speak to the prideful and bring to remembrance – But speak tenderly to the children of God – Let the covenants be remembered – False shepherds will conspire against the faithful – Woe unto the Pharisees and hypocrites – Go forward as in the day of battle – God’s promise of assurance


1  And there came unto the Teacher the voice of Emmanuel, even God, saying: “Take now the testimonies which I have given you, and gird yourself as for battle.

2  For I shall send you forth to speak to the prideful, they who walk in the paths of arrogance, who have desired to possess unto themselves the seats of prophets and apostles, even unto these shall you speak all my words.

3  For against my chosen ones have they taken counsel to do evil in the midst of my house; against my children have they set the hand of wickedness.

4  Therefore, I shall send you to speak unto them, to bring them back again to remembrance that they might be brought out of the darkness into the light.

5  And if they will hear and turn again unto me, I will be merciful and pardon, and shall open unto them the windows of Heaven and reveal myself unto them that they may know of a surety that I am God.

6  Speak tenderly, therefore, to the sheep of my fold, that my Spirit might bear witness to their souls. My words shall you speak even as a loving father that they might be brought to remembrance of the everlasting covenants which I did seek to establish through all the dispensations beforetime.

7  Go and speak the thoughts which I shall put into your mind; pledge the words which I have put into your heart, for by your many testimonies shall the Holy Spirit abide.

8  Go therefore unto the children of my soul, and take no thought for what you shall say, for in the moment of your need shall my word be given unto you.

9  Stand forth as in the day of battle and declare all my words in the solemnity of your heart, in all meekness before me, and I shall bring it to pass.

10  Let the covenants made aforetime be remembered, that the promise of blessing might be established whereby the children of men might be delivered from fear, for by the pure in heart shall the earth be blessed.

11  But this word I speak unto you by prophecy; in the day that you speak my words unto them, the false shepherds will harden their hearts against the word of the Lord and not repent, but shall conspire to do evil against my elect.

12  Before their courts shall they bring the righteous for judgment; the faithful will they threaten and command to forget the words of the Lord their God.

13  But fear them not, for with what judgment they shall measure unto you, it shall be measured unto them again, for, behold, I am Emmanuel, even God. I delight not in works of unrighteousness. To do evil in my name is abomination.

14  Behold, the shepherds which were appointed aforetime have become as Pharisees of old, for they love the uppermost seats of the congregation, to be seen of men.

15  Woe unto you Pharisees, false shepherds have you become, for with great cunning you shut up the kingdom of Heaven against the children of men; for you yourselves go not in; neither will you suffer them who are entering to go in also.

16  Woe unto you, hypocrites, for you encompass the world with missionaries to gather to yourselves a multitude of converts, and when you have made them, you make them twice more the children of hell than you yourselves.

17  Woe unto you Pharisees, hypocrites, for you gather to yourselves the tithe of my people that you may gather power and authority over the children of men, and the weightier matters of the law you have omitted: justice, mercy, and faith. These ought you to have done and not left undone.

18  Arise, my son, go forward as in the day of battle, and speak plainly unto the false shepherds, that they might repent of all their sins and of all their covetous desires before me, for what is property unto me?

19  Is it wise to covet that which is but a small portion and neglect the more weighty matters?

20  But unto the righteous and the afflicted of the earth shall you speak words of comfort and blessing; unto the meek and lowly shall you give peace and solace.

21  For after much tribulation, in the season of great distress, shall I gather together the sons and daughters of God, and with a new and everlasting covenant send them forth to teach the ways of godliness, and to establish many blessings.

22  By them shall the promise given be fulfilled: How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those that bring glad tidings of good things, and that say unto the pure in heart: ‘Behold, your God reigns!’

23  For as the dew descends from Heaven, even so shall the knowledge of God descend upon the children of men that I may with them abide.”