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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 6

The Teacher prays for the fallen – God shall speak from Heaven – A new covenant to be made – The children of God to be saviors of the world – A light which cannot be hid – Evil will arise against the righteous – God will defend the faithful


1  And the Teacher, when he considered the ways of men, drew himself near unto God and spoke, saying: “Hear, O Lord, the cry of the fallen. Plead now the cause of the hopeless.

2  Behold how the people weep, how the children lament, for famine does haunt as a specter the disinherited; the children of promise has war devoured; the innocent has sickness claimed.

3  Incline your ear, O God, and hear, for the earth groans with great sorrow, for the greed of the disobedient has polluted the land; the inheritance of children have they corrupted.

4  Is there none to answer? Shall the promise given perish? Cannot one, even one, be found who will plead the cause of righteousness, unto whom the arm of the Lord has been revealed?”

5  Yet in that day shall the God of Heaven speak; in a moment of dark distress shall comfort be given.

6  For God shall call forth his holy ones in solemn assembly; upon the mountains shall he gather the elect who have made with him a covenant by sacrifice.

7  And he shall establish with them a new covenant and by his own hand shall he cause it to be written; in the hearts of the godly shall the word take root.

8  In that day shall he send forth the righteous to be as saviors unto the world, to bind the wounds of the disinherited, to lift up the fallen, to plead the cause of the poor and afflicted, to proclaim peace and establish tranquility unto all the people of the earth.

9  Unto the children of men shall they declare the good news, saying: “Behold, your God reigns. He who made Heaven and earth cares for you.”

10  And they shall be unto the world as a light which cannot be hid, and all that see and hear shall surely marvel and seek the counsel of the Lord from their hands.

11  Yet in that day shall evil rise against the righteous and against the Lord’s chosen will the children of disobedience make war.

12  For unto them has the Fallen One given strong delusion, for with their lips they speak my name as if to obey, yet their souls have strayed far from me.

13  For they shall cast from their midst my holy ones as a thing defiled; in the name of God shall they speak evil against them continually.

14  Unto these shall the Lord declare: “Woe unto you who persecute my chosen, who call evil the word of the Lord, who smite with wickedness the Lord’s anointed, for I shall rise from my habitation; from the midst of my pavilion will I go forth in the day of tribulation to purge even all my house.

15  But in that day will the faithful not be troubled, for my hand shall overshadow them; the righteous will my Spirit attend.

16  The children of light will I anoint, to send them forth into the world to teach and speak all my words, and if there be any that should stumble upon the way, even then shall I bear them up, for my grace is sufficient unto the weakest of all my children.”