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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 5

God rejects the temple – People have corrupted themselves – The sanctuary in the home – Fathers and mothers to be patriarchs and matriarchs – Priesthood to go from generation to generation – Emmanuel to dwell in the homes of the righteous – Exaltation and glory await the faithful


1  Behold, the house that was sanctified is rejected. The house set apart is cast away as a thing defiled. For the unclean have trespassed the sanctuary; the covenants have they made of no effect.

2  They who call themselves by my name, whose hearts are filled with corruption, whose mouths speak deceit, even these shall I cause to tremble, and I shall cast them out. Judgment will I pass upon them who obey not my voice, who have corrupted the congregations of the faithful.

3  Because they have made unclean the temple which they would build unto me, even so shall I, the Lord, take away my presence from before them, that my glory should not rest upon it.

4  For I am holy and will not dwell in a house of filthiness, nor come into a house made red with blood.

5  Woe unto my people, for they have corrupted themselves; therefore I will take from them that portion which was given unto their fathers, and they shall be left desolate.

6  But for the righteous, who shall plead their cause? For the house of corruption have I rejected. To what sanctuary will the remnant of my children go that they might receive unto themselves the instructions of the Lord?

7  Shall the Lord cast away the righteous for the wicked’s sake? Therefore I will establish in the homes of the faithful a sanctuary which shall not be forsaken. For I will place therein both altar and mercy seat, that as many as will might receive both blessing and instruction from my hand.

8  For the fathers shall be unto me as patriarchs, that they may inquire of the Lord for their children’s sake. And unto the mothers and daughters of Zion shall the Father of All, even the Most High, pledge the oath and covenant of matriarchy, even of the Heavenly Mother, that they may be unto the children of men as a high priestess, to anoint and bless and to keep holy the sanctuary of my house.

9  For by these two priesthoods, both Patriarchal and Matriarchal, shall the foundation of many generations be established. For I shall turn the hearts of the Fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their Fathers.

10  Behold, thus saith the Lord, even Emmanuel, that in that day shall I dwell in the temple of my house, which I shall cause to be established in the homes of all those who covenant to obey my voice.

11  And they shall be my people, even Zion, and I shall be their God. And in the day appointed I shall lift them up on high, even unto exaltation in the kingdom of God, and I shall seal upon them their inheritance.

12  And I will bless them with many generations; in the bosom of eternity shall they have a multitude of increase, in both power and glory, even worlds without end.

13  And I will cause them to be seated upon thrones of glory; holiness shall be unto them as a covering, and under their feet shall be placed a sea of glass, where all things shall continually come before them: all things that are present, all things that are past, and all things that shall shortly come to pass.