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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 4

God’s indictment continues: “Woe unto my people” – How to establish sound doctrine – Churchgoers will not endure sound doctrine – As a loving father, God shall chasten his people – “Shall my spirit dwell in the house of disobedience?” – Church priesthood of no effect – Sending a teacher of heavenly things – Ears filled with the clinking of gold and silver – A harvest of dust, moth and rust – The mission of the Teacher revealed


1  Woe unto my people, for they have turned aside the word of the Lord and the power thereof, and have turned their ears unto fables.

2  For by the words of my servants did I establish sound doctrine, that my people might obey and live; for by the fruit of my word is there granted an abundance of increase.

3  For that word which exalts and magnifies the good in man is sound and true doctrine when the results demonstrate the same. Also that word which exalts or magnifies or brings to pass the glory of God is good when such doctrine brings to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

4  But my people, who are called by my name, will not endure sound doctrine. Of them has it been written: With their lips they do honor me, but their hearts are far from me.

5  Behold, I have called unto my people and there are none to hear, save a few. For men of smooth speech have beguiled even the very elect.

6  Therefore even as a father chastens the child whom he loves, even so shall I chasten my people.

7  Behold, how my people have strayed afar; into paths of unrighteousness have they wandered. They have blasphemed against me and have forsaken the oaths and covenants of my everlasting priesthood. They have trodden under foot the commandments which were revealed from old.

8  Yet do they earnestly follow the traditions of their fathers as if to obey the Lord their God. Behold how their pride has become an offense unto me that I should endure them no longer.

9  Shall my Spirit dwell in the house of disobedience? Shall I, the Lord of Hosts, abide in unclean tabernacles?

10  Come, O Zion, stand forth as men and hear the words of your God, for surely he shall bring forth judgment; he shall bring you to repentance; he shall purify your sanctuaries.

11  Because you have rebelled against me, even so shall the Heavens be closed against you; and that priesthood wherein you take delight, even that shall avail you nothing.

12  Behold, I send forth my Spirit to trouble the hearts of my chosen ones, to bring them again unto me, that they might offer unto God a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

13  And I will be gracious unto them; I will remove their sins far from them and forgive. For as many as repent and turn again unto me, I will abundantly pardon.

14  Unto these will I send forth a teacher of heavenly things, and he shall instruct them in the knowledge of God; in the wisdom of God shall he guide them continually. He shall lead them into the light, and darkness shall flee far away. The mysteries of godliness shall he make known unto them.

15  While they who will not repent shall inherit desolation, and darkness shall be unto them as a light; death shall follow hard after them, and the grave shall devour them.

16  Behold, my people have become of no effect; they are as salt that has lost its savor and is good for nothing except to be cast out and trodden under the feet of men.

17  They have filled their ears with the clinking of gold and silver; they will no longer endure sound doctrine. Upon a shelf of prosperity have they laid themselves away; in carnal security have they taken refuge.

18  Surely they have declared unto themselves this saying: “All is well in Zion; behold, Zion prospers, all is well.”

19  Therefore will they harvest unto themselves dust, and moth, and rust, for they have polluted all my house. They have stopped up the ear; they can no longer hear my voice calling unto them.

20  Woe unto my people, for they are fallen. They have sinned a grievous sin. For their sake, therefore, shall I send forth unto them a teacher, and he shall call even all my children to remembrance, to bring them again unto me.

21  For he shall be clothed in the knowledge of the Lord, and with zeal and indignation shall he make war against the pride of false shepherds; and all they who are blind for religion’s sake shall he cause to see again.

22  And in that day when my people shall turn again unto me, even unto them shall he proclaim peace.

23  For the Lord shall come from Heaven, from his holy habitation shall he go forth; and he shall gather his people, and in the land of promise shall Zion be established forever; in the bosom of God shall Zion prosper; in the hollow of his hand shall Zion safely dwell.