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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 3

God speaks on the seasons of the earth – God’s indictment against the house of Christ – Children out of season – Becoming as the scribes and Pharisees of old – “Consider now, O Zion, your ways” – Heavenly Mother descends to comfort the Teacher



1  Now in the wintertime the voice of the Lord came unto the Teacher, saying: “In the beginning did I ordain and establish the seasons wherein the earth might fulfill the measure of its creation.

2  I set forth the springtime that all creation upon the earth might bring forth new life, a time of planting and of hope for the children of men.

3  Did I not make ready the days of summer wherein all things might grow in the season thereof to bring forth an abundance of fruit?

4  Did I not ordain a time of harvest and gathering, that there might be plenty in the land whereupon my children are made to dwell, a season of thanksgiving and rejoicing?

5  Behold now the winter of the year. Is it not a time wherein the earth might rest from all her labors to replenish her strength? Have I not clothed the fields and mountains in robes of white that purity might be as a covering?

6  Behold, I am God, even the Father of all men. Therefore, hear the words which I would have you speak unto the children of my covenant.

7  For yet have I, even now, brought forth and nourished many children, but they have all rebelled against me, except a few.

8  The children of promise have strayed afar, they have forsaken the covenants which they made before me; they have broken the commandments of the Lord their God.

9  For they take delight in the appearance of godliness, as if they desired righteousness, and for a pretense they would honor me to be seen of others. Yet, when I call, they hear not; when I command, they obey not.

10  They have filled their Sabbaths with the singing of hymns and the preaching of foolish men, yet their hands are filled with mischief and their ears are dull of hearing.

11  They have become as children out of season. I commanded that they should plant the seed of my word and they did not, but took disciples unto themselves instead.

12  I desired that they should magnify the priesthood unto which they were called that they might bring forth much fruit in the season thereof, and they would not.

13  Now is the summer over, the harvest is past, and the souls of my children are made heavy because of transgression and pride.

14  As the earth in wintertime is made to rest, so then have the children of the kingdom lulled themselves to sleep. In the midst of their temples would they clothe themselves in white, as though they were filled with all purity. Yet they know not the Lord their God, neither will I come in unto them.

15  They have become as the scribes and Pharisees of old, who observed with strictness the traditions of their fathers; yet did their fathers kill the prophets, and they themselves did crucify the Holy One.

16  Now, therefore, thus saith the Lord your God: Consider now, O Zion, your ways.

17  You have sought after the honors of men and have forsaken righteousness altogether. The wealth of the world have you desired to take unto yourselves. You have rejected eternal life and in the kingdom of God you have no portion.

18  You keep with strictness the Word of Wisdom as if to obey, yet you know me not.

19  Upon the roof tops you proclaim yourselves as my elect, yet you have separated yourselves far from me. You have built a wall of possessions that it should separate you from me, evensomuch that you can no longer hear my voice calling after you all the day long.

20  Hear, O Zion, the Lord your God: Consider now your ways, and turn again unto me.

21  For behold how the heavens gather darkness round about you, and the billowing tempest rage against you, for there shall surely descend from Heaven a great wind, and upon it shall God send forth the strong and the mighty to execute judgment.

22  For my Spirit shall not always plead with the children of disobedience. An indictment have I brought against my people, for they have blasphemed against me.

23  Therefore because you have rejected the covenant which I made with your fathers, even so shall I reject you except you turn again unto me.

24  For in the hour of your need I shall answer; in the moment of great distress will I deliver you from evil.

25  Behold, I send forth my servant, he who was chosen from the beginning; for by the very hand of God was he foreordained that he might establish again the covenants, for he shall repair the breach between me and you.

26  He shall teach even all my children the greater law, that the children of promise might be restored again unto me.

27  Surely he shall sanctify the pledge, that my people might receive again the promise of election, that they may sit with me in the kingdom of my Father.”

28  Thus did the voice of the Lord speak unto the Teacher, and after these words there came a great stillness.

29  And the Spirit of the Lord, even as a loving Mother, descended from Heaven and stood before the man upon the mountain, that she might instruct him more perfectly in the ways of the Lord to fulfill the measure of his election.

30  That he might with sureness of mind reveal the word of the Lord unto the children of men, that he might restore the covenants which the Lord Emmanuel did make with those whom he had chosen, that he might establish the foundation of many generations, to repair the breach between the children of promise and their God.