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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 21

In springtime, the Teacher goes walking – God speaks of priestcraft – A division between God and man – Why the children of men and women suffer – God needs man, man needs God – Beware of bestiality – Not good that men and women be divided – God reveals himself in every age and nation – Priestcraft and false shepherds – God’s reason for calling the Teacher – Calling false shepherds to account – Grow not weary in heart and mind – God shall turn sorrow into joy


1  Now in the spring of the year, when the grass was green upon the hillsides and the snows were vanished away, the Teacher went walking in the wood and there appeared unto him the Lord of Hosts and with him the angels in heavenly array.

2  And the glory of the Lord came upon the Teacher that he might be filled with the wisdom of God, that he might receive unto his soul a renewing of grace. And the Lord spoke unto him, saying:

3  “Consider, Azrael, how the children of men are divided one against the other by reason of priestcraft. Behold, how the people of many nations are made to war continually against their neighbor, insomuch that the innocent are made to perish because of the conspirings of foolish men who seek only to become great in the eyes of men, that they might rule over them continually in unrighteousness.

4  Behold this great mystery, for in man does the God of Heaven seek the fulfillment of his glory. And in the knowledge of God shall man be exalted above the stars, that he might become even as the Father and Mother of his soul.

5  Seeing now that there should be Oneness between God and man, how has there come this division between the Father and the children of men?

6  For this cause have I called you out from among all the children of promise, that you might put forth the hand of healing; that you might restore the paths of righteousness wherein all the children of men might be able to come to a knowledge of God, and in the light of his holiness be made even as one family before all the creations of my hand.

7  Wherefore, in the joy of man is the glory of God made manifest by a godly walk and a holy conversation.

8  For in the beginning did I decree that man should have dominion over all the works of my hand. In the dawn of his awakening, when there was first breathed into man the breath of God’s life, I established that all things great and small should be made subject unto him; that by their righteous dominion the children of men might be exalted before the throne of God, who is both Father and Mother unto the people of every nation.

9  Seeing that this is the desire of the Lord your God, why are the children of men made to suffer so? Who has conspired to do evil to the children of my soul, wherein they should devour themselves according to the lusts of the flesh? Wherein have my children been made to behave unseemly before the works of my hand, as though they were no more than beasts of the field?

10  Did not I, even the Lord of Hosts, establish from the beginning that man should be above the beasts of the earth and the fowls of the air? For without a knowledge of God and his righteousness would man cease to be man, but would become only as the beasts who think to fulfill the lusts of the body only.

11  Now seeing that man has need of God, and that God has need of man, why will they not come unto me that I might heal them of great affliction.

12  For when a man shall think himself as no more than a beast, in that day shall he cease to be man and bestiality shall haunt him as a specter, and the strangeness of his way will consume him in the moment of great despair.

13  Behold, it is not good that the sons of men should be divided before the Lord their God. For unto all the children of men have I made known the way wherein they should go, even according to their several understandings.

14  For my word have I revealed unto all my children by the hand of the righteous, that they might know the way in which they should go.

15  In every age and in every nation did the Spirit of my wisdom call unto the righteous, that they might establish before the children of men the heart and mind of God the Father. For I desired that none should be left without hope in the days of their sojourn upon the earth.

16  Yet by reason of priestcraft have foolish shepherds divided my children one against the other by way of doctrine. By doctrines and vain imaginations have wicked men thought to gather unto themselves a multitude of followers, and by such doctrines as they have supposed have they proclaimed judgment against all those who should cleave unto God by some other way, even according to their ability to understand.

17  Shall I, the Lord of Hosts, take delight in the religions of man when false shepherds have thought to corrupt the ways of the righteous, to inflame the hearts of many children to war continually against one another in my name?

18  For this cause have I called you forth from the midst of great affliction, that you might establish the way of the Lord before the people of many nations;

19  That by such holiness as I shall grant unto you, might all who are good and noble, wise and merciful be made as one according to the holiness which is found in the Father of all men.

20  Therefore, shall you go forth among the children of men that you might teach them concerning the Father and Mother of their spirit; that they might receive unto their greater joy, the promise of life everlasting in the kingdom of God.

21  And unto all who are righteous shall you confirm the Patriarchal Order of the Father. For it matters not that they be of some other way, for insomuch that they seek diligently to find me, I will stretch forth my hand unto them, that they might know of my love towards all the children of men.

22  Wherefore, by the covenant of my righteousness shall all the children of men be made as one before me. Therefore contend with no man concerning the manner of his faith, but look inwardly upon the heart and see if there be any good thing therein.

23  Yet unto the false shepherds who set at variance the children of men shall you withstand boldly by the power and the wisdom of God.

24  For such as these have taught the children of men to fear the God who made them, which thing is an abomination before me.

25  Now hear and understand great wisdom, that you might not grow weary in mind or heart because of the task which I have set before you. For I have determined that you should set forth the way of the Lord.

26  Therefore take no thought concerning the end result of those labors which I have called you to perform. For I have sent you to be as a teacher unto the children of men.

27  Wherefore, teach unto all who are willing, the wisdom and holiness of God and my Spirit, even the Holy Spirit of Promise shall fulfill all my words unto the convincing of men.

28  Therefore fret not your soul to sorrow, neither trouble yourself because of the hardness of the way. For all things have I taken into my hand, and what power shall there be that can by any means pluck from my hand, the children of my soul if it so be that they desire to walk uprightly before me?

29  For against the Lord of Hosts shall there prevail no power or dominion, neither principality nor evil which can steal away the righteous in the moment of distress.

30  Give ear, all who would be righteous before the Lord their God, for as the Lord God surely lives, I will stretch forth my hand in the day of trouble.

31  In that day when evil shall arise to perplex the godly, I shall turn their sorrow into joy. When dark shadows arise to encompass the obedient, I will make for them a way of escape. I will turn them from the darkness and bring them again into the light.

32  For where the children of men are made to war, I shall send you forth to declare the peace of the Lord. Where the children of promise are made to suffer for lack of wisdom, even in that day shall you teach unto them the knowledge of God.

33  In the moment of trouble and despair I shall arise from my holy habitations to bring unto all who suffer, great peace. For I shall heal them of their great wounds, in the hollow of my hand shall I keep safe the righteous.

34  For where the presence of the Lord is, there shall the children of promise find abundant joy, and none shall come to make afraid.

35  Now hear and understand that you might have hope in the promise of the Lord, for whatsoever person shall seek the Lord his God, unto that one shall I reveal the mysteries of Heaven. For I delight to make myself known unto all the children of men and not just a few.”