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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 15

Story of Shaemdiel and the war in Heaven – Shaemdiel is bound and still unrepentant – Free agency and Shaemdiel’s opposition to it – Being cast down unto the earth – Shaemdiel threatens to bring havoc to mortal men – The purpose of the Only Begotten explained – The desolation of Shaemdiel foretold – The earth groans at the fall of Shaemdiel – Emmanuel confirmed as the Anointed One – Administering the oath and covenant of dispensations


1  Now in the beginning was Shaemdiel bound and brought before the Most High God to give account, for there arose in Heaven a great contention, for the Fallen One had deceived many.

2  And Shaemdiel was made to kneel before God and his mighty ones, and he would not cease his many threats, nor would he repent of his great evil.

3  And God spoke unto him, saying: “How is it that you are fallen, Shaemdiel? How is it that you would war against the councils of Elohim, to deceive many?

4  Did I not give into your keeping the fires of Kolob, that light should be unto you as a covering? How is it that you are bound in the darkness and these many with you?

5  Why has your countenance fallen and your glory faded away? Behold the heavens, how they grieve because of you; for by your cunning have many fallen pierced with deep wounds.”

6  And Shaemdiel was filled with threatenings and in much anger spoke before God, saying: “Behold, now do you glory in your victory, yet in a day that you think not of, I shall take from you the kingdom, and your glory shall cleave unto me and no other.”

7  And the Most High God, even the Father of All, answered, saying: “Will you not even now repent of this evil? For what cause have you rebelled against the councils of Elohim? Wherein did the Lord your God cause you to fall?”

8  And Shaemdiel arose and stood before the great God of Heaven and with much boldness spoke, saying: “Because you would give unto the children of men your agency, I did rebel. Behold, it is not good that men should be free to choose between good and evil.

9  Wherefore, I would that only I should choose, that I might redeem even all the spirits which I have made. For by your agency would only a few attain unto the glory; yet by my word alone would I have exalted all, that none should be lost and my glory would increase and have no end.

10  But this Michael, even he whom you love above all others, even he has turned aside my counsel from before you and my glory has he diminished.

11  Therefore I did wax hot in my anger and took before the heavenly hosts my cause; and a third of the hosts did hearken unto my words, to take again my glory and my honor, that through me they might possess for themselves the kingdom forever.

12  Behold even now my faithful ones, who by oath and covenant did cleave unto me. In their faithfulness do I delight. You, God, are the victor, yet we are not defeated.

13  Hear, O heavens, can any unclean thing dwell before the Most High? No, it cannot. Therefore, you shall cast us far from you.

14  By your righteousness shall we be cast out from your holy habitation, and my glory shall you give to another; and the Son of the Morning shall you leave desolate, and these many with me.”

15  And when Shaemdiel had finished speaking, behold God, even the Father of All, stood forth in all his glory and the hosts of Heaven also, and by his side stood Emmanuel, and beside him stood the Mighty One.

16  And the God of Heaven spoke saying: “Behold, Shaemdiel, how the heavens did shake sore because of you, that even I should sorrow because of you.

17  You have called upon Heaven to bear witness that no unclean thing may dwell before me; therefore, because of your great wickedness, you are cast out from before me.

18  Behold even now my mighty ones who did war against many fallen; behold, they come for you,  Shaemdiel, to cast from Heaven the disobedient.

19  For by my word shall I cast you down to that world beyond all beginnings, and there shall you be removed far from me, and Heaven shall rest from your great hunger, for in the kingdom of my glory shall no room be found for you.”

20  And Shaemdiel answered, saying: “If you cast me down to the earth, then I will take these faithful spirits with me and I will whisper into the hearts of men, and with many promises I shall entice the souls of men far from you.

21  And over the spirits which you have prepared to come into the children of men shall I have both power and dominion, and in that day shall I take again my glory.

22  For by the power of my word shall I cause many nations to shake; by the fierceness of my wrath shall the earth be made to tremble, for in my right hand shall I bring war, and in my left pestilence. The habitations of man shall I make desolate.

23  For I shall cause violence to rage in the hearts of men, and they shall become drunk with blood, even as with much wine; by the lusts of the flesh shall I consume many.

24  Thus shall I bring havoc upon the earth, and the spirits which you have organized shall grow weary of you by reason of many sorrows, and in that day shall the children of men rise up and curse the God of Heaven.

25  So shall I gather unto myself the souls of men and therein shall my power increase, and I shall ascend into the highest Heaven to stand above you.

26  These your mighty ones shall I cast down into that great Abyss, and before the heavenly hosts shall I exalt my throne above the stars of God.”

27  Now when God heard these things he called unto the Only Begotten, that he might stand before the congregations of the noble and the mighty.

28  And the Father of All spoke, saying: “Behold, Shaemdiel, the Only Begotten. Him shall I send to redeem the children of men from your dominion. For through him shall many be reconciled and over them you shall have no power.

29  For whosoever shall believe in him, to do those things which he shall command them to do, shall have forgiveness of sins, and I shall not remember their transgressions evermore; and I shall give unto them eternal life, that where the Father is, there might they be also.

30  And they shall become unto me as sons and daughters of the Most High God, and I shall set them before me, and in Heaven shall there be great rejoicing, for they shall ever continue in worlds without end.

31  My glory shall be unto them as a covering, for the fullness of my glory shall be given unto them.

32  Consider now my mighty ones, even these seven; these shall I send to the earth to teach the children of men the ways of holiness, that the children of men might walk uprightly before the Father of their soul and not grow weary, for unto the righteous shall I give an everlasting testimony.

33  What can you do, Shaemdiel, to bring to naught the designs of God? What power have you that can stay my hand, that I should not do good unto the children of men?

34  For because of your evil you shall be cast from Heaven, and you shall have no power, neither glory over the children of men except as they shall give consent.

35  Consider even now how you are fallen, Shaemdiel! Consider how you are cast down even unto the earth, and your glory faded away as a shadow.

36  For you have boasted: ‘I will ascend above the highest Heaven, and I shall be worshipped even as the Most High God.

37  For I will ascend high into the heavens; I will exalt my throne above the stars of God to sit above the heavenly hosts.’

38  You shall be brought down to nothingness; by the word of my power shall you be brought low unto the dust even as a worm.

39  And all they who were made to tremble because of you shall look upon you to scorn, and they shall greatly ridicule you and with derision shall they exclaim:

40  ‘Is this the man that made the nations to shake, who devoured the children of men in his anger, who made the world as a wilderness and destroyed the cities thereof by war and pestilence?’

41  In that day, Shaemdiel, the children of men shall lose their fear of you. For I will give unto them knowledge, and in the knowledge a hidden wisdom, deep and everlasting.

42  And they shall mount the wind as eagles and ascend high into the heavens, and I shall stretch forth my hand to establish peace among the nations, and they shall not learn war any more.

43  For I will turn aside the terror of the mighty, and the child shall dwell in safety, the mother shall cease her lament; the waste places shall I restore and there shall be no more desolation, for I shall make the habitations of the children of men pleasant to the eye, to fill the heart with gladness.

44  And the nations of the earth shall dwell together peaceably, for I will establish my tabernacle with the children of men. And God, even the Lord of Hosts, shall go among them to bless and curse not.

45  In that day shall I exalt the righteous high above the clouds in great glory, and the children of men shall I judge even as a loving Father, for I delight in mercy.

46  And when these things shall come to pass among the children of men, I shall take away your great fierceness from among many nations, and they shall remember you no more.”

47  And when God had finished saying these things, Shaemdiel was taken bound, and many fallen also, and was cast down to the earth, even as great lightning.

48  And the hearts of men grew faint in that day, for there was great thunder in the heavens, and darkness covered the face of the land, and the winds did gather mightily, and the lightning fell as rain all about.

49  And the earth did groan with sorrow, and the mountains were rent even as a garment, and desolation walked upon the earth, and terror followed hard after the hearts of men to do evil.

50  And after Shaemdiel had been cast down to the earth, the councils of Elohim did gather to confirm and establish all the words which had been spoken by the Most High God, even the Father of All.

51  And God called unto Emmanuel, and ordained that he should become the very Anointed One that he might give to the children of men the promise of life everlasting in the kingdom of God, that he might prepare for the righteous a way of holiness whereby they might be exalted unto God, the Father of All.

52  And unto the seven mighty ones God did minister the oath and covenant of the Law of Dispensation, that they might bring to the children of men every good thing, both in Heaven and on the earth;

53  That they might teach unto the faithful great words of wisdom, even unto the obtaining of eternal life, that they might minister unto the children of men the words of their Heavenly Father, even unto exaltation in the kingdom of God.

54  And when these things were finished, the heavens did rejoice for Shaemdiel had been cast down, and a way was prepared whereby all those who were faithful to obey the Lord their God might receive both exaltation and glory beside the throne of God.