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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 13

Why the Teacher speaks in parables – Parable: The Naked Truth and the Techni-colored Robes – The virtue of patience – Parable: The Child and the Butterfly – Patience is the seed of wisdom – Being worthy to receive the greater portion – Parable: Three Men for Hire – Magnifying the things of God


1  Now there came out from the churches, certain ones desiring to inquire of the Teacher. And one said to him: “Sir, why do you speak both truth and parable as one?

2  For when it was asked of Christ concerning this thing, he spoke, saying: ‘The knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven has been given to you, but not to others.

3  Whosoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. This is why I speak in parables.’

4  Come now and speak plainly concerning this thing; for the written word have we struggled with night and day, being unable to understand.”

5  And the Teacher, taking thought, spoke unto them saying: “How shall you understand this thing seeing that the words of Yeshua are made corrupt through priestcraft and cunning devices?

6  For I tell you truly, that the teachings of Yeshua have conspiring men obscured for the sake of their traditions; that by such uncertainties as might arise, they might draw you unto themselves whereby they would exercise power and authority over you.

7  But seeing that you would take to your soul some understanding, hear and ponder deeply; for I would that even all people should be granted some knowledge of heavenly things, and not just a few.

8  Thus by truth and parable would I speak unto the children of men, that according to their several abilities they might possess great wisdom; that by such greatness of soul, the mysteries of godliness might be revealed.

9  Hear now this parable: For in days of old, God sent forth the messenger of truth to walk among the affairs of men. But all men grew offended and would not give heed; for the messenger of truth walked about naked and many rejected him because of it.

10  And the messenger of truth withdrew from the ways of men, and turning again unto God he complained because among the children of men would none give heed, for all were offended because of his nakedness.

11  But God, being filled with compassion, smiled upon the messenger of truth and said: ‘Perhaps the truth alone is too great for the heart of man.’ So God fashioned robes made rich by color, shade, and hue.

12  And God clothed the truth in beauty, and the messenger of truth seeing such splendid robes placed upon him, exclaimed aloud, saying: ‘Surely this robe is beautiful above all the rest. Tell me Lord, wherewith were such robes fashioned?’

13  And God answered, saying: ‘These are the robes of parable, allegory and metaphor which are made to cover your nakedness. Return now and walk again among the affairs of men; and whatsoever truth you should speak, wrap it round about in a parable, or an allegory, or again in a metaphor; that by the beauty of your speech they might take to their soul some understanding.

14  For the ways of God are far above the ways of men. Therefore, I have prepared a way whereby all who are willing might take to themselves great treasures of wisdom.

15  Speak now the truth in parable, that by such earthly things as you would speak, the children of men might perceive deeply the shadow of heavenly things.’

16  So truth journeyed again among the ways of men clothed in the robes of parable, allegory, and metaphor and many marveled at his beauty and taking heed became wise indeed.”

17  Now when the Teacher said these things, another spoke to him, saying: “Sir, the harder I try to take to my soul the things of God, the harder it is to lay hold: Tell me why this is so.”

18  And the Teacher answered, saying: “Among the wise it is said that the race is not always won by the swiftest, nor is the victory of battle given always to the strong.

19  Why will you not learn, therefore, that in patience are the things of God acquired? For by such patience as you would exercise before God, shall you possess anew that soul which God has given into your keeping; that there might flow from the midst of you great wisdom and deep understanding.

20  But if you would make haste to secure the things of God, then shall sorrow make ready its bed for you, and despair shall follow hard upon the way.

21  Hear now and consider deeply: Are all the wise made prosperous in this life? Are riches given to men of understanding always? Shall men of skill be favored above all the rest? Behold, I tell you truly: time and circumstance are apportioned unto all of these.

22  Therefore, in patience shall you secure to your soul the things of God; for the wise are made so for patience sake, and unto these would God grant the hidden mysteries of his kingdom.

23  For the kingdom of Heaven is like unto a child who went chasing after a butterfly made beautiful and rare. But for all his efforts, the child could not take the butterfly unto himself.

24  For wheresoever the butterfly would land, the child would rush upon it to seize, but whenever the child drew near, the butterfly would fly away.

25  Now it so happened that the child was made weary from all his efforts, and he sat himself down and in the stillness waited.

26  And the butterfly seeing the child at rest, came and landed gently upon his hand; and the child marveled greatly at its beauty, and in the stillness of his soul did wisdom grow.

27  Why will you not be wise? For patience is the seed of wisdom, and in calmness shall the Spirit of God seal instruction upon the heart.

28  Make manifest your trust in God by doing good always unto the children of men, and he shall bring to pass the desires of your heart.

29  Commit your ways unto God and in his bosom rest; fret not your soul to sorrow for patience sake, and the joy of God shall descend upon the soul in great wisdom, enlarging always the borders of your mind until there shall be nothing hidden from you.

30  Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear: For many have received to themselves a portion of heavenly things, having revealed in them the whisperings of the Great Mother Spirit; but notwithstanding these things, they became as foolish children, saying to themselves:

31  ‘Surely God has revealed to me some great thing, but except he reveal greater things, why should I labor so? For how can I continue except that God should first consent to give unto me some greater knowledge?’

32  Foolish children, disobedient and unwise! How shall God reveal unto you the greater portion except that you first labor according to that which he has granted already?

33  Unto what person shall God teach the hidden ways of his glory? Who will understand the mysteries of his power? Only those who are weaned from the milk and drawn from the breast.

34  For precept is laid upon precept and line upon line, here a little and there a little, even according to your diligence. Thus shall wisdom lead to greater wisdom, and this according to your righteousness before God.

35  Open now the doors of your understanding and be wise: For the kingdom of Heaven is like unto a rich man who would hire certain laborers, and there came to him three men seeking employment.

36  And seeing them put up their petitions, the rich man determined to test and see which of these he would hire. So he gave unto each certain instructions and leaving them there, he promised to return and hire that one who should prove most profitable.

37  Thus it was that in the evening time when the rich man returned, he saw that two of the men were sitting upon the ground, but yet was the third laboring still.

38  And the rich man drawing nigh unto the first two, asked them for what cause they did not labor. And the first answered, saying:

39  ‘Am I at fault? Had you but given greater instructions, I would have done some great thing. For this cause alone did I withhold my hand from laboring. Therefore, give me some further instructions and I will prove my worth to you.’

40  And inquiring further, the second replied, saying: ‘Did I not do even as you commanded? For I did not withhold my hand altogether as this other fellow. Come now and see: Did I not complete that which you determined that I should do? Seeing that this is so, why should I not rest awhile till you returned?’

41  But the rich man calling unto himself the one who labored still, required of him an accounting also, and he replied, saying:

42  ‘Good sir, in all that you instructed me to do did I find an abundance of wisdom. Therefore, seeing that I had completed the task which you gave me to perform, and seeing yet that you had not returned, I set myself to labor again; believing before God that such instructions as you gave aforetime would prove sufficient unto this other also.’

43  And the rich man turning to the first two, said: ‘Did I not give unto each of you equal instruction, sufficient and wise? Seeing, therefore, that this fellow has completed all that I required of him, and has magnified that portion which was given into his keeping: Why should I not choose him above all the rest?’

44  Thus speaking, the rich man took to himself the one who labored most diligently; and the first two, being filled with bitterness, turned themselves away and spoke evil continually against the rich man and the laborer.

45  Therefore, whatsoever thing God would grant for your instruction, be wise and magnify again that portion unto goodly works, that you may prove yourself worthy to receive.

46  For whosoever receives of God a portion of heavenly things, of them shall God require also; that having received great things from above, you might become as God before all the people, being filled with wisdom and holiness.

47  If you would draw nigh unto God, become even as he is. For by such knowledge as God would give into your keeping are you sanctified unto holiness, and by such goodly deeds as you shall perform unto the children of men are you justified to receive still the greater portion.

48  Why, therefore, will you fall short of such glory as God would grant unto you? Why will you trouble your soul to sorrow concerning the hidden things of God?

49  Why will you not learn? Why will you not take to your soul the beginning of wisdom? For whosoever would desire for themselves the greater portion of heavenly things, let them labor first according to that which God has given already.”

50  So spoke the Teacher unto those who would seek after wisdom. And turning away, he went unto his own place.