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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 29

Sodis Sophia speaks: history of the gnosis revealed – The glory of God is not cheaply gained – Adam and Eve bring forth the seeds of gnosis – John the Baptizer, Teacher of Righteousness binds the truths of God – John teaches Yeshua the gnosis of God – Darkness of the house of Christ – Signs signifying the Teacher’s return and the restoration of the gnosis – The house of Joseph: a reflection of the imposter – “Decide for yourself the true restoration” – The ‘Song of God’: a book of light and wisdom – The Teacher of Righteousness returns to instruct – “The Song of God is like a house, filled with many mansions” – Possessing the pearl beyond price or measure

(November 14, 2007)

1  Now on a certain day, as I was sitting in the midst of all my studies, there came and stood before me a brightly burning light; and there stepped out from the light a silvery and shimmering form, even a woman of great and tranquil beauty, and she spoke, saying:

2  “Behold, I am Sodis Sophia, being myself the first of seven emanations which did rise up from living streams of light and glory, reflecting out of eternal depths the mystery and the wonder; revealing in fullness the richest of many pearls, even Eroel, the pearl beyond price or measure.

3  For even I have been commissioned to speak to all God’s children, to reveal in them the Light of lights which leads to transformation; for in this light a pathway glows which would lead to great transcendence, that in the gnosis born of God they might ascend into the Fullness, and in the doing leave behind this world of many shadows.

4  Rise up now as those most eager to receive the greater portion, for where much is given is much required, for the glory of God is not cheaply gained; for those which are indolent are filled with emptiness, becoming themselves through trifling efforts unworthy to receive.

5  Be not like unto those who believe little but demand much, expecting for themselves the fullness of God and heavenly things, while yet they prove no more than shadows which have no substance.

6  Come then and this mystery receive, for in the beginning did Adam and Eve bring forth from the very Heavens, the first of the gnosis to seed among the tribes of man; and when they were planted, then came the minions of the Demiurge to uproot and to scatter what God had foreordained.

7  Yet did Seth, as faithful son, gather into one the teachings of his parents, to make from scattered shards of glowing light a brightly burning flame; which flame did hold at bay the darkness of the Demiurge; to become itself the star of Zion which to the Heavens fled, in the days of Yasher-Baal.

8  Thus throughout each succeeding dispensation did God continue in faith to give even more of the gnosis, here a little there a little; yet did the minions of the Demiurge strive by every means to hide the things of God in darkness, being hopeful to drown in obscurity the light of greater things.

9  Yet regardless of all these things, still did God continue faithful to reveal, and in the time appointed there came into the world of men the Teacher of Righteousness, being known among men as John the Baptizer, being in himself alone, the very father of the Essenes and the Gnosis.

10  For in the days of his youth did John turn himself to great and ponderous study regarding the things of God, tracing back with utmost care even all the truths of God which were dispersed throughout the ages; and when he was concluded, John did bind even all the scattered shards of twinkling flame, to make as one a brightly glowing light which, like a star which fell from Heaven, drew forth the very Anointed One of God, even Yeshua.

11  And when he had come to stand before John, to put forth his petition, even John did set Yeshua above all the other Essenes which were gathered in Khirbet Qumran, to appoint him a serving priest within the community of believers.

12  And there in the desert of Judea, did John teach to Yeshua the gnosis which came from God, beginning from the days of Adam and Eve when first they strode upon the world of man, even till the days of John; and to Yeshua alone did John reveal the gnosis which leads to transformation, even while in the mortal flesh.

13  Which gnosis even Yeshua did reveal to those apostles which he did gather secretly around him after the day of his resurrection, both of men and women. And over the gnosis did he place his brothers Thomas and James, and Mary the Beloved also, being herself proclaimed and anointed to be the first Sophia of many mothers.

14  But in the passing of the generations was the gnosis of God made to seem as lost again and deep forgotten; for the house of Christ did strive by every means to extinguish the light of God, to bury it in the ashes of ages past; finding in this very gnosis the undoing of themselves.

15  For when the gnosis of God is revealed, even then may those which believe transcend beyond the world of mortal men, and in the very presence of the angels, become themselves the anthem which God would sing, becoming themselves the very light of God which in the darkness shines.

16  Seeing then that the house of Christ in ages past did force into the shadows of the lost and forgotten, this gnosis which came from God, it became both expedient and necessary that God should set the stage for the return of the Teacher of Righteousness, who was himself the very Friend of God.

17  Consider then such events as did move and turn in preparation for the restoration of that very gnosis which the Gods of Heaven would give again; for in the years prior to the birth of this Mighty One, even God did cause to be revealed the lost books of Nag Hammadi, down in Egypt land, for out of the sands of captivity was there brought forth the essence of ancient knowledge.

18  Then came forth the second sign, for at the birth of the Friend of God, did there spring up suddenly before the world, still another treasure; for there was found in the desert of Qumran the lost books of the very Essenes, of whom John himself was the only father, signifying the return of the Teacher of Righteousness and the restoration of the lost gnosis of God.

19  Yet even unto these two signs did God give still a third, for it was after the birth of this Mighty One that God did cause to be established again, the nation of Israel, to be for many even as a sign and a wonder.

20  What then is the true restoration which is come from God? Consider in the heart and ponder well, for there rose up in generations past, a great imposter and thief, proclaiming himself as some great prophet; yet being himself a man of boastful pride, a lover of money and filled with hurtful lusts, proclaiming himself the restorer of things lost and long forgotten.

21  Casting up before the world a golden bible filled with great pretensions, proclaiming for itself one absurdity upon another; and unto this did the great imposter foist upon the minds of all his followers, the abominations of blood atonement, murder and polygamy; claiming all the while that such things were come from God.

22  And unto this did he place over the minds of those which believed the burden of his priesthood, which priesthood he did create whereby he might rule uncontested within the kingdom of his church; having created in his own image, the very house of Joseph.

23  Compare, therefore, and deeply weigh between the two, and decide for yourself the true restoration which is come from God; for in the one do you find the burden and the darkness of a great imposter.

24  While in the other is there found this very Song of God, being itself a book of light and wisdom, whereby you might become as one empowered in reaching up to God whereby you might take hold; to become yourself as one transformed and then transcended.

25  Prove yourself as one most wise, to find herein the true restoration of things once known, then deeply lost, then brought forth again in your own time, to live again in you;

26  Having set aside with firm resolve such foolish claims as others would cast up before you, being themselves the followers of confusion, having committed themselves to that imposter who did most loudly boast to be himself a prophet.

27  For even now has there come again the Teacher of Righteousness, whereby he might instruct, with utmost care, even every man and every woman who would become as Only Begotten, having inherited for themselves a new Heaven and a new earth; to become themselves through equal diligence, as those who walk with God.

28  Let then the words of this book be to you as a guide and a comfort, filled with grace and hope; and write for yourself the words which even God would speak to you in the sanctuary of your home, and in a book of inward light shall you write the words of God, to keep within the altar of the sanctuary, whereby it might move throughout the generations of all your lineage, to be for them a record of your faith.

29  For it is God’s desire to speak to you, to inspire and lift you up; to reveal in you the Light of lights which opens wide your soul, casting up before your eyes the greatest of many pearls.

30  Only be you wise and filled with care, and of this counsel take, for in all the things which God would speak, to reveal within your heart, even these things shall conform themselves to the gnosis found herein.

31  For the Song of God is like a house, filled with many mansions, each to each an endless realm filled with many kingdoms; possessing within this book of books, an endless horizon filled with God; always reaching beyond your dreams, to take you further still.

32  But beyond this book God will not speak, perchance to contradict and fill you with confusion, for all the things which come from God do flow and sweetly mingle, to carry you deeper into your soul where many treasures wait, each one filled with heights and depths which bring you close to God.

33  So be you wise, do not forget, neither think you to dissemble, to think yourself as someone wiser than the Mystery which came from God; for in this book where Heaven waits is a wisdom far greater than yourself; a wisdom born and shaped in fire, a wisdom worth the having, to create in you a living flame.

34  And like a star which fell from Heaven, which in the darkness shines, many will come and find their way, to be themselves transformed; seeing in you the light of God, to know for themselves the gnosis, having found in you the way back home.

35  Look you then and clearly see, for even now is there come again the Teacher of Righteousness, and whosoever will believe in him to follow after, even they shall become as a mystery and a wonder; being themselves lifted up unto God, to possess for themselves even their own Eroel, the pearl beyond price or measure.”

36  These then are the words of Sodis Sophia, and when she was concluded, there came from Heaven the sound of singing and great rejoicing; for now in all the Song is done, but you alone must live it, to let it sing throughout your life till you become transcended.