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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 17

Teach diligently: theory, principle and doctrine – Walking in wisdom – Encouragement to ask, seek and knock – Take to your soul great wisdom, get understanding – Wisdom gained at great cost – Admonition against judging Azrael – “In a day that you think not of”


1  And Michael spoke, saying, “Come near unto me, O sons of my glory, that you might know the perfect will of your Father who is in Heaven, for I give unto you a commandment to teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom.

2  Teach diligently and my grace shall attend you, that you may be instructed more perfectly in theory, in principle, in doctrine, even in things which pertain unto the many ways of men. For there is no knowledge where God is not. Therefore, fear not to take unto yourselves great wisdom.

3  For he who walks with the wise shall take unto his soul a multitude of wisdom, but he who fears the wisdom of God shall be as a fool who knows neither his going in nor his coming out.

4  Know, therefore, that it is the Lord who gives wisdom unto the wise, even according to their several abilities to understand; in the wisdom of God shall the righteous be saved from the designs of cunning men, and by great understanding shall the godly be preserved in the presence of fools.

5  Surely wisdom will enfold you round about in the arms of safety, and great understanding will guard you against a flood of many sorrows.

6  Therefore, turn your ear unto wisdom and let your heart seek understanding, that you might more perfectly take unto your soul the will of God, for all wisdom is of the Lord, and with his mouth does he give, unto all who will, knowledge and understanding.

7  For the wisdom of God shall enter the heart of all those who shall seek after the God of Heaven, and the understanding of his ways shall descend upon the soul even as the rain from Heaven.

8  Ask therefore, and it will be given you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened unto you. For everyone who asks shall receive in abundance, and he who seeks shall surely find, and to all who knock shall the door of understanding be opened.

9  For which of you being a father, if your son ask for bread will give him a stone? Or if he ask for a fish will give him a serpent instead? If you then, being but men only, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in Heaven give good gifts to those who shall ask of him?

10  Blessed, therefore, is that son who shall take unto his soul wisdom, and that man who shall cleave to understanding; for truly is wisdom more precious than great wealth, and understanding to be more sought after than a multitude of possessions.

11  Lay hold, therefore, of wisdom and take to your soul a fullness of understanding; forget not the words of your Father who is in Heaven, neither turn you to the left or the right.

12  For of all those things that men shall seek to take unto themselves, wisdom is the greater; therefore, take unto yourself wisdom; though it should cost you all that you possess, get understanding.

13  Forsake her not, and she shall watch over all your ways. Esteem her greatly, and she will lift you nigh unto the Father of your soul. Embrace her unto your heart and she will honor you. Surely she shall set upon your brow a crown of great glory, in robes of splendor will she clothe you.

14  For the power to lay hold of so great a glory as God would give can be had only by great holiness. For this cause was it established that by such wisdom as the children of men might lay hold to, shall they establish the mind in confidence, making sure the foundation of their understanding.

15  Consider, therefore, how the fruit of wisdom is fulfilled in a multitude of blessing, even though the way thereof is hard and often times filled with sorrow.

16  Thus, even as a mother gives birth in pain and suffering to the child whom she loves, even so is wisdom come unto the children of men. And as a mother loves dearly the child of her womb, notwithstanding the pain of bringing forth, so is it appointed unto the children of men to love that wisdom which is brought forth at great cost.

17  Listen, my son, hear and forget not, that the years of your life might be filled with joy exceeding, that you might walk always in the light of wisdom.

18  For I will guide you in the way of wisdom if it so be that you will seek after me, and I will lead you in straight paths. When you walk upon the way, your steps will not falter; when you shall run, you will neither faint nor stumble but will mount the wind as an eagle.

19  Therefore, cleave unto wisdom and let her flee not away. Hold fast to understanding for she will prove a multitude of blessings.

20  For the beginning of wisdom have I set before you, even Azrael shall teach you. Therefore, let his words take root in you, that you might bring forth unto God an abundance of fruit; for surely the harvest is great but the laborers are few.

21  Only take no thought to condemn my anointed, for from his great love did he covenant to come forth unto so many, that even such as he might walk among the children of men; that even as they are made to suffer, even so did he take unto his soul a fullness of their afflictions whereby he might learn wisdom, that he might stretch forth the hand of blessing unto all the children of men and not just a few.

22  Behold now my son, even Azrael, the great and the mighty. Judge not harshly the fierceness of his way, neither fear the straightness of his words unto you. For unto his soul has he taken a multitude of sorrow whereby he might lift up the heavy burden of many fallen.

23  For consider how that even all the children of men were made to stray from the Father of their soul, and to fear his words when he should speak unto them, and this because of the professors and teachers of religion.

24  Wherefore, I did send forth unto you this Azrael, to be born of a woman. In the furnace of affliction did I draw him nigh unto God that he might take unto himself great strength against the day of battle, for I desired that he should stand boldly before the corrupters of my name, that he might proclaim aloud the word of God whereby many should be set at liberty again.

25  For in the councils of Elohim was it foreordained that Azrael should walk before the faithful that he might teach unto them the peaceable things of the kingdom of Heaven, for in the wisdom of God is there found a way whereby even all might be made one with God if it so be that they are willing.

26  Now consider how Azrael has established before you the way in which you should go, and consider how that he has taught unto you the mind and will of God, notwithstanding that he has taken upon himself the flesh of men.

27  Shall I, therefore, take thought to remove him from before you, seeing that he is become an offense to many? Shall I take from before the children of men, the Teacher who has brought unto you the knowledge of God and his holiness?

28  Why do you seek cause against my chosen one, seeing that he has set before you the way whereby you might be free from the priestcrafts of men? For you were as children sick and frightened by the teachings of foolish men who desired only to have power over you, and all this in the name of that God whom they knew not.

29  And for your sake did I send Azrael unto you, that even as a physician he might heal you of great injury, that by the fierceness of his way he might withstand boldly all those who had caused you to fear aforetime.

30  Therefore, stand you forth boldly as men of God, that you might lift up the hands of my anointed in the moment of his need.

31  For yet a little while shall my Beloved walk among you, and in a day that you think not of I shall take him again unto myself, that he might preside again in great glory.”