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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 6

Joining In Oneness

The conjoining of Areta and The One – A single, blinding light – Birth of the Antipode – Beginning of the Nemesis – The Nemesis of God shall be the brother to the Dread yet loving Savior – Strengthening the Antipode with an oracle of power – Alone upon the edge of chaos, the Antipode cries out – The Eidos hears the Antipode and comes rushing – First words of the Eidos: questions for the Antipode – The Eidos sees a potential ally to help him fight The One – The Eidos introduces himself to the Antipode – The Antipode asks to be taught – The Antipode swears to serve the Eidos – The Eidos and the Antipode leap into the great Abyss


1  In the darkness of the Deep did great lights gather; beside the edge of chaos came Areta and The One, drawing from their souls a great and happy passion; compelled within by joyful lusting, each in each midst fiery kiss and gentle touch.

2  Filling each with deep desires, placing within the song of endless dreams; creating for each that holy fire through the thrusting of Peshkaleah; opening wide the soft fold gates, causing to flow in sweet abundance the waters of Zenoshalay, fanning into flames the fires of all their love.

3  Thus would the love of Areta purge away the darker shade, to remove from her Beloved the dross of ancient hate and bitter rage; and opening wide her endless depths, she entered into the body of The One; forging into a single wholeness, the bodies and souls of each the other.

4  Causing that The One and Areta should blaze together as a great and blinding light, having within themselves together the shining of still some other light.

5  For the outward light which burned most brightly was the sum of all their virtues blended, being itself the holiest of all things Holy; while the Light which turned within the greater light was the fire of sexual passion filled with a loving and joyful heart made full with eager lusting.

6  And entering in, there fell out of The One, the Antipode of light and virtue; being itself as something weak and nearly helpless; being itself also the seed of that great and dreadful power which would rage forever against the Gods, to keep them strong and filled with vigor.

7  Seeing therefore that the Antipode was filled with weakness and trembling itself because of fear, the Light within the light took thought, and The One spoke, saying: “Behold, my Love, how another step is taken, and our journey is begun whereby we would make the Heavens and the Gods become forever young and filled with constant vigor.

8  For vigilance shall we make the price of endless glory, filling the Heavens with a deep and constant watch; becoming ourselves as most attentive in protecting well this Heaven which we love.

9  Thus shall the children of God, from the least to the very greatest, feel the touch of dread; being filled with deep foreboding for the sake of all our many realms, being within most deeply anxious lest in some quiet and unsuspecting moment they should lose the very Heavens;

10  Causing that the kingdoms of Light should be swallowed up in darkness; and this because of that dread and darksome Nemesis which shall arise from out of this very Antipode which we see before us.

11  Yet, my Love, look and wonder: let the heart be filled with a soft and tender awe; for even though this Antipode be filled with hate and hidden rage, still do I feel a tenderness for so dark a dreadful child; for it is our love which drew him forth midst fire and lustful passions.

12  Let us then forge for him an oracle of his own; which oracle would make him strong in prevailing against the Eidos; causing that even so dread a teacher will prove unable to subdue him, for this oracle shall bind him close to me and thee, to make of him a brother.

13  For this mystery do you and I, alone, create: For the Nemesis of God shall be the brother to that dread yet loving Savior which would guard the very Heavens; to bind forever in endless struggle the light and the darkness, causing that each should prove the perfect opposite of the other; yet being themselves most closely drawn together.

14  That from the epiphenomenon of their constant oppositions, the Heavens should be renewed and filled with great excitements; that like some dread and fearful game, the children of God might prove most anxious to seek the greater victory.

15  So let us then with good resolve, forge the oracle which would strengthen well the Antipode; that in the midst of all his turnings, midst rage and bitter hate, still shall he know of our true devotion, between the Parent and the Child.”

16  Thus spoke The One, and Areta being in agreement, did fashion with her Beloved an oracle of great power filled with hidden knowing; and with great tenderness they cast it upon the Antipode of God.

17  And together did the lights recede, moving away from the great Abyss, to leave alone and unattended the darkling seed of awesome power; causing that the Antipode should cry out into the Chaos which spewed out before him.

18  Deep within the darkness turning,
deep within the Chaos churning,
moved the Eidos ever burning,
burning with a fearful spite.

19  Hearing then the distant whimper,
sped within by fearsome temper,
rushed the Eidos to dismember,
rushing with the speed of light.

20  Seeing then the darksome seedling,
spurred within by hateful dealings,
moved within by hurtful feelings,
feelings of the darkest night.

21  Came the Eidos swiftly rushing,
bent within by hateful blushings,
intent within to fully crushing,
hitting hard with all his might.

22  Great the force that struck the foundling,
great the power that went re-bounding,
striking hard with dreadful soundings,
to make the Eidos sore from bruising.

23  Stood before the infant glooming,
filled within by hateful doomings,
lord of Chaos deeply booming,
filled within by darkest musings,
stood the Eidos deeply thinking,
thinking to himself.

24  “What is this thing which I have found? From whence came the darkened seed? What is the source of all its power? For even with my fearsome might, I can by no means destroy it or cause it to break asunder. What then is this darkling seed which would call out into the Abyss?”

25  Thus spoke the Eidos, being the first words he ever uttered; for the oracle which God had cast into the Abyss had given unto the Eidos the power of thought and speech and subtle purpose; causing that he should advance most steadily the designs of that God which dwelt so far beyond.

26  And hearing the dreadful speech of the Eidos, and being empowered by the oracle which God had fashioned, the Antipode spoke in answer, saying: “I am Darkness, alone and cast down; being myself spewed out by The One as something foul and made distasteful.

27  Seeking for myself that dreadful teacher who would fill me up with darkest knowledge; seeking for myself a maturity and a power which would aid in my revenge. For this cause did I call out into the Abyss whereby I might draw to my aid, the Eidos of all creation.

28  See far yonder the shining lights of God. These would I extinguish. For there would I go when made full grown, that I might reap a bitter retribution; chasing down with hateful zeal the God which cast me out, to make of me an orphan. Being made myself a thing unwanted and filled with hateful need.”

29  Hearing thus the foundling speak, the Eidos mused darkly to himself, saying: “Behold this darkened seed, this weak and feeble shadow which the very One has cast off as being unworthy of his greatness.

30  This small and paltry thing shall I take unto myself whereby I might forge for myself some mighty ally; surely I shall draw from my own depths, one to rule the darkness.

31  Him shall I fashion from the very depth of me; the Lord of Darkness shall he ever be, great and mighty shall he become; and he shall serve me well against that One which even now would bend me to his will; for even as I am made to serve The One, even so shall the Lord of Darkness do service unto me.

32  For this dreadful Lord shall I make mighty beyond all reckoning, a destroyer and shatterer of worlds shall he become, and he shall prove the whole undoing of that One from which all glory is made to flow.”

33  And drawing closer unto the Antipode, the Eidos spoke with a dreadful hiss, saying: “I am Eidos, Lord of Chaos, ruler of the great Abyss. Mindless Purposer and Thoughtless Creator have I become, spewing out from all my depths the matter unformed; creating through violent fury the cosmos which you see.

34  What, therefore, would you seek from me? Of what service can you be? For you are weak and made most feeble, a small and paltry darkness in whom there is no power worthy of consideration. Why then have you called me forth, disturbing through your constant wailing the deepness of my rest?”

35  Then did the Antipode answer, saying: “Though I seem but small and frail, though I seem as weak and thin; still do I possess the key to power. And though my might seem something feeble, still if you will teach me the things which I must know, then shall the power deep within me grow, to prove for you a gain.

36  For that which you see before you is made the shadow of The One, which shadow is the seed of some far and distant hate. Teach me then, that you might use me; to thrust at God the keenness of all our hate, to pierce him deeply to the soul and thereby have revenge.

37  For revenge is sweet when finely served, to cast in shame and fearful doom the one which wrongs us so; casting within the vengeful heart a bright and certain glee; to see as vanquished and deeply fallen, the one who sits on high.

38  Teach me therefore, and help me grow. And in the fullness of my powers, when I am made as fully grown, then will I add my strength to yours, that we might pull down the very Heavens, to make as rubble and as ruin, the light of holy places, touched by shadows filled with tears.”

39  Such were the words which the Antipode spoke, filling the Eidos with deep delight; and speaking harshly unto the foundling, the Eidos spoke, saying: “Swear you now to serve me well, in all which I demand?” And the Antipode answered: “I swear to serve.”

40  Then spoke the Eidos, saying: “Then come and I will teach what you must know. For I will pour into you the sum of all my knowing, whereby you might avenge both you and me, pulling down the very Heavens.”

41  So the Eidos took into his charge the Antipode of God, and going unto the edge of chaos, they leaped into the great Abyss; falling down into the depths, plunging deep into the darkness, falling swiftly past forever, to stand at last within the shadows, within the heart of doom.