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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 7

Azraella Ahgendai and Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia

Flowing streams, sparkling dreams – Two lights burning as one, step into the silvery tide – The seven Azurgai attend the light – Burning passions, fiery kisses – Conception of the Dread Savior – The Azurgai bear the pregnancy – Benefiting Heaven through struggle – Each of the Azurgai carries the Ahgendai embryo for seven years – ‘Harmony’ gives birth to a great and piercing light – The Azurgai nurture and name the Ahgendai: Azraella Ahgendai and Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia – The Azraella speaks: Yearning to know his true Parents – The Ahgendai are taken to the edge of the Abyss – A choice is offered – The Ahgendai choose the greater challenge – “Let us meet with brave young souls the fearsome tribulation” – The Azurgai bid farewell – The Azraella comforts Mahaleenah, and takes her to himself – God discusses the puzzling relationship between the Azraella and Mahaleenah – The Eidos and the Antipode hear the singing of Azraella


1  Flowed the rivers and the streams,
glowing lights like sparkling dreams;
moved the intelligences bright like gold,
streaming, gleaming through the cold
of darkest space filled with stars,
brightly burning from afar.

2  Yet deep within the golden tides,
wherein the silver stream abides,
rose the seven clothed in light,
singing sweetly through the night;
calling, calling with their song,
that God might hear and come along.

3  And in their stream most deeply woo,
and by their love but soft imbue,
the seeds of life with powers great
and from such seed a Savior make,
which would the Heavens most fiercely bless,
when facing down the Nemesis.

4  So sweetly, deeply went the singing,
calling, calling, gently bringing,
to draw two lights which burned as one,
brightly shining like the sun;
fueled within by deepest yearning,
all their love within them burning.

5  Thus came the Father and the Mother,
each to each a gentle lover,
to step within the silvery tide,
to fall as lovers side by side;
all their love within them rushing,
all their passions sweetly gushing,
gentle rhythms fiercely thrusting,
thrusting midst the silvery tide.

6  Deep in the stream there gathered gleaming,
silvery particles greatly beaming,
swirling, furling threads of light,
twirling, whirling shining bright;
weaving with an utmost care,
most beauteous forms with silvery hair;
came the seven midst loving sighs,
came the seven Azurgai.

7  From each to each their passions grew,
from each to each the lightning flew;
striking hard midst hopeful sighs,
striking hard the Azurgai;
to fill each heart with joyful lust,
as they watched with awe each rhythmic thrust,
to touch for themselves the Peshkaleah,
powered and guided by Emzahdeah.

8  Love and passion fiercely fusing,
while yet the seven stood there musing,
filled within by deep desiring,
each to each with hope aspiring,
thinking, dreaming, forward reaching,
to feel for themselves that sacred teaching;
where men and women, in love are bound,
where each in each their hearts are found.

9  Through touch and kiss the lovers meld,
midst gasping breath the soul is swelled,
opening wide the gates of Heaven,
when in there stepped the virtuous seven,
to feel and touch and sweetly swoon,
and in their hearts their joy festoon;

10  To hang as garlands the love of God,
to feel themselves the manly rod;
which thrust and plunged midst fiery kiss,
to bring to each that lover’s bliss,
which makes the heart but sweetly glow,
while on the rod the juices flow.

11  Clinging, tingling the souls are singing,
wondrous rapture with souls commingling,
ascending, building, the passions climb,
to fill each heart with joy sublime,
that from their lips should come a moaning,
drawn by pleasures softly groaning.

12  Fires within are greatly seething,
breasts on breasts go gently heaving,
gasping, clutching, deeper thrusting,
while from the rod the seed comes bursting,
gushing, rushing pearly streams,
shaped within by hopeful dreams.

13  Orgasmic pleasures soft subsiding,
while still within their love abiding,
softly dreaming afterglows,
as deep within the seedling grows;
that dreadful Savior in love conceived,
in whom the loving Gods believed.

14  Yet within the light there fell a sigh,
when out there stepped the Azurgai,
to bear in Wisdom the procreated,
to feel herself as truly mated;
sweetly smiling, passing by,
passed the seven Azurgai,
embraced within by sparkling dreams.

15  And in that warm, enchanted moment, Areta to her Love did speak, saying: “It is done, my sweet Beloved; for even now do the Azurgai tend the pregnancy of all our planning.

16  To bear in each themselves, the shaping of that Ahgendai who would hold at bay the darksome power of the Nemesis, causing that by such struggles as might exist between the darkness and the light, even this might prove sufficient to fill the Heavens with vigor and brightness forever.

17  Now my good and gentle Love are all the elements of our design put in place, whereby even all these Heavens might be benefited for some greater good; to drive from all our futures the touch of such complacency as would leave in dust and ruin the holy places.

18  Let us therefore watch with care, the unfolding of such plans as we have put in place; for in the pregnancy of the Azurgai shall the Dread Savior be shaped in all the seven virtues; and in going forth into the Deep shall he be purged and shaped by darksome teachers, to acquire for himself a fearsome strength filled with purpose.”

19  Thus spoke the Supreme Mother of all the Heavens, and leaving the regions of the greatly flowing streams, The One and Areta did move into the most sacred of all the Heavens; being bound together as one within the light.

20  Yet in the midst of the stream did the Azurgai move, becoming themselves as most supreme and fully sovereign above all the intelligences which moved throughout the immensity of space; presiding with deepest knowing among all the A-Z particles which flowed throughout the rivers of light.

21  Now for seven years did Wisdom carry within her womb the embryo of the Ahgendai, and when she was completed, there passed through Wisdom, the woman called Benevolence, taking into her womb the very seed of God; and this likewise did she carry for seven years.

22  And when the seven years were made complete, then did Faith pass through Benevolence, to take into herself that Dread Savior which would defend well the heavenly places.

23  Thus did each of the seven Azurgai take to themselves the mystery and the wonder, and in the season appointed did Harmony give birth to a great and piercing light; and within the light did there move round each the other, both male and female child.

24  These then did the Azurgai nurture, each upon their breasts for twelve years, moving through the streams of light whereby the A-Z particles might see and feel and deeply touch the very Ahgendai.

25  Now the Azurgai named the man child, Azraella Ahgendai, while the woman child they called Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia; and both together did dwell peacefully within each other, being thought by all as Beloveds to each the other.

26  For the man child did dote upon the woman child with a great tenderness of affection, while yet the female did most sweetly adore and well attend the man child with all manner of gentle kisses and tender touches.

27  Now in the first twelve years of every cycle did the Azurgai teach unto the Ahgendai a fullness of that Father and Mother from which they came. And in the year of his maturity did the Azraella speak unto the seven Azurgai, saying:

28  “Most gentle mothers, bright and glorious: by what means shall we be made to dwell with that God from whom we come? For in our souls are we made most eager to see and feel and deeply know our true Heavenly Father and Mother, whereby we might give to them both love and true devotion.

29  How then shall we traverse so great a distance as does but now exist between the parent and the child? For whatsoever you instruct us well in doing, even this shall we attend with all our might.”

30  And hearing this the Azurgai did deeply sigh, and Wisdom spoke unto the Azraella, saying: “If you would dwell in holiness beside the Father and the Mother, then must you prove yourself most worthy. For there is a path which you must tread, whereby you might prove the true desires of all your heart.

31  For this path is a dark and fearsome path, ever wending through the Deep where lurks the Eidos and the Antipode of God; being themselves most dreadful teachers filled with spite.

32  And if it so be that you should choose to walk this path, to endure well all adversities without complaint, then shall you find your way to God, having become even as they are; to be yourselves, both male and female brought into the presence of your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.”

33  Now hearing this, the Azraella spoke, saying: “Where is this dreadful Deep that I might see it for myself?” Then did the Azurgai take council among themselves, and when they were decided, they took unto the edge of chaos, the Ahgendai of God.

34  Seeing then the fearsome Deep and hearing well the dreadful sounds which spewed out from the great Abyss, the female child within the light did slightly tremble; and she whispered to Azraella, saying: “Father, I’m frightened and filled with deep forebodings.”

35  But the Azraella did embrace her gently and into her soul spoke words of strength and calm assurance, saying: “Fear not the darkness, neither tremble before the fearsome Deep. For even I will stand beside you to shield you well from dreadful harm. And such strength as in me dwells, even this shall prove enough for both of us.”

36  Seeing then the very Abyss, the Azurgai spoke unto the Ahgendai, saying: “Behold now the very depths of the endless Deep; this then is the place where you must tread, to go yourself from adversity to adversity whereby you might prove the worth and true desire of all your heart.

37  How say you then? For it is given that you alone should choose; to stay with us forever and in the golden stream abide, or take upon yourself the fearsome challenge; to withstand yourselves such fearful lessons as the Eidos and the Antipode would foist upon you.

38  How then shall you choose? For in the one hand there is safety and joy forever, where you shall always be as little babes within the golden tide.

39  Yet in the other hand there stands the fearsome challenge; where if you should prove yourselves worthy, even you shall be brought into the very presence of God the Father and the Mother, to become even as they are, worlds without end.

40  Choose therefore, the way which you would go, and whatsoever you choose, even this shall we but sweetly honor. For we are made as surrogate mothers unto each of you, and would that you might dwell with us forever in the light.”

41  So spoke the Azurgai whereby they might tempt the Azraella to choose the safest way. Yet did the Azraella prove unwilling, but quickly spoke instead saying: “We choose the greater challenge, for only therein is found the greatest prize.

42  Think not therefore, my good and gracious mothers, that by our choosing we have thus rejected you. For in our hearts shall we ever hold you, embraced by deep regard.

43  Yet in the far and distant yonder is there found our true and only Parents; and it is this alone we seek, to prove ourselves as worthy children whereby we might dwell beside them forever and anon.

44  So leave us here and quickly go,
and here we will abide;
return you now with joyful hearts
within the golden tide;


45  For you have taught us fully well,
to strengthen well our hearts;
now we alone must surely go
within the fearsome dark.


46  Let us now but sweetly kiss,
and go our separate way,
and when we fully win the prize,
we’ll meet another day.


47  So go you now and never doubt,
and this most fully know,
that within this light two hearts burn bright,
which do but love you so.


48  Let us meet with brave young souls
the fearsome tribulation,
that by each dreadful trial we meet,
we work our own salvation.


49  Overcoming through strongest virtues,
that dark and dread design,
becoming ourselves forever after,
the most holy of our kind.”

50  Thus did the Azraella speak, and the Azurgai were fully pleased in the hearing of his words; and with gentle affection they bid farewell, to leave on the edge of chaos, the children of the Light.

51  And being left to dwell alone beside the fearsome Deep, the Azraella did sing to Mahaleenah, whereby he might comfort her against the coming of the Eidos; for he was full intent on shielding her against the dreadful adversary.

52  For this cause did Azraella open wide the portals of his soul, and he took into himself the very person of the female, whereby she might hide in safety within him; to join with him both heart to heart and soul to soul.

53  Now in the brightest of all the Heavens did The One and Areta keep a watchful eye upon the Ahgendai. And The One, hearing how Mahaleenah would address the Azraella to call him: ‘Father’, even he grew most troubled.

54  And he spoke, saying: “How can this thing be? For what cause would our Mahaleenah speak unto the Azraella to call him ‘Father’? For it was full intended that they should be Beloveds unto each the other.”

55  But Areta only smiled, and into the heart of The One did she speak most soothing words of wisdom, saying: “They are but children, my Love, filled with innocence. And to the innocent is it known that they oft misunderstand, not knowing most deeply well, the weight of greater issues.

56  Be not therefore troubled because of it. For I see herein the beginning of some greater mystery, which mystery is not bound by our design, but which seeks for itself a design of their own making.” Thus spoke Areta unto The One. And The One did sigh, being filled himself with puzzlement.

57  Yet in the regions of the Deep, in the heart of rumbling chaos did the Eidos and the Antipode hear the singing of Azraella; to become themselves compelled to see who dare would sing into the great Abyss.