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El Shaloah / El Shalon  (House of)


Pronunciation:  ehl + shuh-LOW-uh / ehl + shuh-LAHN

Occurrences:  5 / 5

First Reference:  Enlightenment 3:4 / Wisdom 24:21


To these also were gathered the House of El Shalon and the House of El Shaloah, and the House of Mithron, being of themselves fashioned after the Order of Jeruel.

Enlightenment 3:4


And before the Father and Mother of Heaven, and before Michael also, shall stand the House of Shevas, the House of Mithron, and the House of El Shalon; and beside these shall be added also three others over which the Mothers alone preside.

Wisdom 24:21



See:  Celestial Kingdom, Elohim, Houses (seven), Quorums (twelve)


Summary: The Celestial Kingdom consists of seven Councils of Light. Each Council contains seven organizational bodies called Houses, with each House containing within itself twelve Quorums. While the same Houses and the Quorums exist throughout all seven Councils of Light, the mandates of each vary according to the Council. The Houses of El Shalon and El Shaloah are the first Houses entered into once a couple has achieved their exaltation.



   Seven Houses of Heaven                Presiding Priesthood


House of Mithron                                  Patriarchal / Matriarchal

House of El Shalon                               Patriarchal

House of El Shaloah                             Matriarchal

House of Shevas                                  Matriarchal (primarily)

House of Sabaoth                                 Patriarchal (primarily)

House of Archons                                 Patriarchal

House of Valhaladea                            Matriarchal




Azrael’s Commentary — House of El Shalon and El Shaloah


The House of El Shalon is patriarchal in nature, the House of El Shaloah is matriarchal; both Houses belong to the Order of Jeruel, encompassing within their purview the first offices pertaining to the Council of Elohim and the work of all Gods and Goddesses. These offices are:














1.  Soul of the Just Made Perfect

This office makes reference to those who have achieved the divine state of exaltation, whether man or woman, and as a consequence thereof are made partakers with God. This means that you have taken upon yourself the work and glory of your Heavenly Parents. The office of Soul of the Just Made Perfect is an initiatory office, and those who achieve this first step along the path of exaltation are often referred to as the ‘Initiates of Glory’. Here you first learn what it means to work among the Gods and Goddesses of Elohim. It is literally, on the job training.


Not only will you be called upon to supervise the work of the Teraphim, you will be required to spend a great deal of time working with each of the Seven Houses of Heaven in order to more thoroughly familiarize yourself with the full scope of Heaven’s many and varied endeavors. This is much like an internship which is meant to give you a working knowledge of each House’s function and of their inter-locking relationship to each other. As an added bonus to such an internship, you will come to know each of the Gods and Goddesses of the Council of Elohim.


As you are doing all these things, you will also be learning how to fully utilize the blue pavement and the Cherubim which are assigned to you as helpmates. These Cherubim and all subsequent descendants which arise from them are yours forever. It takes many thousands of years to fully learn the work of the Gods of Elohim. And while you are doing this, you are continuing to weave an everlasting bond of love between yourself and your Beloved. It is for this reason that throughout the first three offices of the House of El Shalon and El Shaloah, you work as a couple together in all things, both husbands and wives together. This is essential if you are to achieve the next office within your specific House.



2.  Perfected Soul

It should be understood that all those who are inducted into the Houses of El Shalon and El Shaloah are without physical celestial tabernacles. They are instead, beings of pure exalted spirit. This is essential to the bringing forth of spirit children. For spirit gives birth to spirit; all things produce their own kind. An exalted spirit is far different than you are as a mortal being. As a mortal being, you could not touch and feel a person of spirit. Touch your hand and you can feel it. But if you try to touch the hand of someone who is an exalted spirit, your hand would simply pass through them. The only sensation you would experience would be a warm tingling of your hand. However, a person who is an exalted spirit can touch and feel others of their kind. They can also touch and feel you, even though you are mortal. They can affect you; you cannot affect them. Added to this curiosity is the fact that an exalted being who possesses a glorified celestial tabernacle of physical flesh and bone can touch and feel a person of pure spirit.


It is only after you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with the full scope of God’s work and glory concerning Heaven and earth, and only when love is perfected between you and your Beloved that you are ready for the next office within your specific House. The sign of this graduation begins with the giving of a gift from your Heavenly Parents; for they will create for you and your Beloved, a beautiful world of Paradise which they will set in orbit around the world of Jeruel. This world will become the home and nursery of your spirit children, and is placed in one of the dimensions of the Keep. After this gift is given and received, you cease to be an Initiate, and you and your Beloved will be taken, by your Heavenly Parents, to the golden streams of intelligence. There to attend you will be all the Cherubim who are desirous of serving you throughout the eternities. There beside the golden stream, you and your Beloved will step into the role of becoming Heavenly Parents yourselves. And in doing so, you will become Perfected Souls.


It is the passion of your love making within the golden stream that will attract those A-Z particles which desire to become the spirit children of God. It is the fire of your orgasm that forges A-Z particles together into becoming your spirit children. It is a spectacular thing to watch. For as you and your Beloved achieve orgasm together, there erupts out of the stream around you a vast explosion of spirit embryos, both male and female. These embryos are gathered by the Cherubim and placed within the Keep. There they will be nurtured until they achieve a state of self-awareness. It takes hundreds of orgasms to produce the millions of children needed to ensure your continuing progress through exaltation.


These spirit children, once they have achieved self-awareness, look just like any other group of human children. They are bright, precocious, rambunctious, playful, cuddly and eager to please their Heavenly Parents. The only difference being that they possess spiritual tabernacles instead of physical ones, and that these spirit children are without soul, for they are innocent. Soul is created through the living of many mortal lives strung together like pearls on a string. And this brings us to the next office, which is that of the Artificer.

You should understand that all spirit children, once they reach the point where they become self-aware, they simply cease to age or mature past a certain point. It is mortality which enables a spirit child to develop and mature. So if you were to take a peek into the world of Paradise and cast your gaze upon the spirit children of God, they would appear to you as being between five to seven years of age. Their innocence prevents them from advancing any further.



3.  Artificer

To be an Artificer is to be a creator. Those who have achieved the status of becoming a Heavenly Father or a Heavenly Mother, will stand before their spirit children as Perfected Souls; these are inducted into the office of the Artificer with a great deal of pomp and ceremony.


Once spirit children have indicated their desire to mature and become as their Heavenly Parents, it becomes incumbent upon the Heavenly Parents to create and prepare a mortal world which will act as a school of learning. For in Paradise, spirit children are innocent. They are unable to appreciate the goodness and beauty of Heaven because there is no opposite against which to compare it. But in the school of mortal life, spirit children will learn about opposition, as well as a great many other things.


The creating of a mortal world is labor intensive, and a labor which the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother do together. To begin this long involved process, the Heavenly Father first works with one of the Chief Artificers within the House of El Shalon in the placing of a solar system within any one of the radial arms of a spiral galaxy. This is important because you do not want to place your solar system within the neighborhood of some star which is likely to go super nova. Such a cosmic event would destroy the very world you desire to create as a school for your spirit children. While this is being done, the Heavenly Mother is working with someone from the Office of the Great Mother Spirit within the House of El Shaloah. For the world which is to be created must have an earth spirit itself, to govern and direct the natural laws and forces of the planet to which you intend to send your children (4th Endowment 5:4-11).


Yet, despite this initial and necessary separation of labors, Heavenly Fathers and Heavenly Mothers, acting in the role of the Artificer, do work together in creating the mortal world upon which their children will go through the many lives of their mortality. After all, tectonic plates have to be aligned, continents, ocean beds and mighty rivers set in place; plus a myriad of life forms have to be brought forth. This is done through the process of evolution and literally takes millions of years. This evolutionary process is meant to test the design and utility of the earth which is being created for the sole benefit of spirit children. This evolutionary process is carried in the mind of the earth spirit itself. All earth spirits are feminine. There are no male earth spirits.

Only when the earth is ready are the Heavenly Father and Mother prepared to take upon themselves the next office within their respective Houses. This is occasioned by the coming forth of evolutionary man, i.e., the Enoshahim. This evolutionary humanity has been perfectly adapted to the world environment in which the spirit children of God are expected to live out the course of their multi-varied mortalities.



4.  Emmanuelite and Holy Spirit

The Heavenly Father is next initiated into the office of the Emmanuelite. This means that he will have conferred on him the role of Emmanuel. The word ‘Emmanuel’ is Adamic and means: God with Man. For not only will the spirit children of God go down into mortal life to begin their process of eternal progression, but also the Heavenly Father will go into mortality to guide his children and encourage them along the way. While the Heavenly Father takes upon himself the role of Emmanuel within the House of El Shalon, the Heavenly Mother is being initiated into the role of the Holy Spirit within the House of El Shaloah.


The function of the Emmanuel is to walk through the dispensations of mortality and to live the exemplary life of a truly spiritual and holy person. In this world of the First Power, Emmanuel walked through the lives of many of his children as Siddhartha and Yeshua. While the Emmanuel is in the mortal life, his eternal Beloved – as the Holy Spirit – whispers into the hearts and minds of their children, bearing witness to them that the life and teachings of the Emmanuel is the surest way to spiritual fulfillment. The Emmanuel performs his role as divine example in conjunction with the laws of dispensationalism. These dispensations are initiated only after the Holy Spirit, or the Sophiel has introduced the dreaming state to evolutionary man (Enlightenment 7:57-58; Beginnings 1:5; 3rd Endowment 3:11-16).


The Emmanuel always enters the mortal life in what is referred to as ‘the meridian of time’. This simply means that during each appointed dispensation, the Emmanuel enters in the middle. So if there are seven dispensations then there are seven ‘meridians of time’. However, in this world of the First Power, this practice has not always proved possible. The crucifixion of Yeshua made it necessary to accommodate the extreme harshness found in this particular world; and so the usual practice surrounding the principle of ‘the meridian of time’ had to be adapted. In no world which God has ever made, throughout the endless halls of eternity, has any Emmanuel been killed or murdered. This world alone has that sole distinction.


It is during the mortal life of the Emmanuel that the Heavenly Mother, in her role as the Holy Spirit, whispers into the hearts of mortal children, bearing witness to them of the divine nature of the Emmanuel. This practice was first begun by The One and Areta on the world of Terralee. (In point of fact, they were the archetype for all the offices found in the Houses of El Shalon and El Shaloah.) In some instances a Heavenly Mother might choose to enter a specific mortality, just to be with her Beloved and to aid him as he sets about fulfilling his divine commission. This tradition first began with Abbahdon and Gaia, and continued in the lives of Yeshua and Mary.


The Emmanuel personifies the divine teachings of the dispensational leaders, becoming in his life the fulfillment of all their counsel and instruction. The Emmanuel and the Holy Spirit work under the direction of the dispensational leaders, for they are Archons, and as such they represent the full authority of the Council of Elohim.


The Emmanuel demonstrates what it means to acquire the will of God while living the mortal life. It is only by embracing the will of God that a person is able to overcome the dictates and limitations imposed upon them through heredity and environment. As in the case of Siddhartha, the Emmanuel was born into a world of lavish privilege, for he was a prince and the son of a king. In the life of Yeshua, the Emmanuel was born into a life of poverty and servitude. By acquiring the will of God, the Emmanuel, as a mortal person, was able to overcome his specific environment. He became a light which shined in the darkness.



5.  Chief Artificer and Great Mother Spirit

The Chief Artificer is responsible for creating worlds of telestial and terrestrial glory for the sake of those spirit children who have earned specific degrees of glory through the choices which they have made while living out their mortal lives. These telestial and terrestrial worlds are assigned a place within the great Eternal Round, also known as the Olaha Shinehah. Here, on these worlds of glory, the children of God spend eternity, or until such time as they decide to continue their progression towards God. All worlds within Olaha Shinehah are governed and maintained by the office of the Chief Artificer. The Emmanuelite, upon completion of all seven dispensations, is formally inducted into the office of Chief Artificer. Once there, he will begin the creation of the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms of glory for his spirit children.


But this raises an interesting question: In what place do the spirit children of God (those who have gone through mortal life) await their inheritance? This question is answered in the 4th Endowment 15:32-44. For even as the Emmanuelite is being inducted into the office of the Chief Artificer, the Sophiel (Holy Spirit) is being inducted into the office of the Great Mother Spirit. It is in the office of the Great Mother Spirit that the Heavenly Mother creates a spirit world where her children (those who have already lived their mortal lives) can await their inheritance. Added to this responsibility, the Heavenly Mother must also provide earth spirits to such kingdoms of glory as the Father will create for their children.





On Jeruel did the Elohim gather, in Salem of Merigoth did the Lords and Gods assemble themselves in solemn array.

Before the throne of Ahman did the congregations of Heaven draw nigh; and there was foremost among them the House of Archons and the House of Valhaladea, being made after the Order of Kolob.

And there were also added unto these the House of Shevas and the House of Sabaoth, being in their fashion made after the Order of Xanathea.

To these also were gathered the House of El Shalon and the House of El Shaloah, and the House of Mithron, being of themselves fashioned after the Order of Jeruel.

Enlightenment 3:1-4


In the Season of the Song, by the waters of Yoshibeth did the Lords and Gods of Elohim gather, and there assembled before Galendriel certain mothers of the heavenly hosts:

From the House of El Shaloah stood forth Sophiel, Bythiel, and Myriel; from the House of Sabaoth drew near Sabriel, Ramniel, and Saerel; and with these came also Rutheniel being Beloved of Shaemdiel.

Enlightenment 4:1-2


“Give ear, Jehovah-Yahweh, and to all my words attend, for I am Sophiel of El Shaloah, even the Holy Spirit which is come forth from the presence of God, and by your great boasting and many pretensions am I drawn nearer still.

Enlightenment 7:17

El Ramadee

Offices of House El Shaloah (Matriarchal)

1.  Soul of the Just Made Perfect

2.  Perfected Soul

3.  Artificer

4.  Holy Spirit

5.  Great Mother Spirit

Offices of House El Shalon (Patriarchal)

1.  Soul of the Just Made Perfect

2.  Perfected Soul

3.  Artificer

4.  Emmanuelite

5.  Chief Artificer