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Eternal Round


Occurrences:  23

First Reference:  Wisdom 18:2


And Michael stretched forth his hand before the throne of the great God, and said: “Consider, my Lord Azrael, how that by reason of his great designs has God our Father fashioned together the Eternal Round wherein all things forever dwell.



See:  Absolute Zero, Celestial Kingdom, Heaven, Ker-El-Shamudef, Mahaliel, Olaha Shinehah, Surinatha


Summary:  The Eternal Round refers to all the billions of galaxies within the realms of Heaven, as represented by the Telestial, Terrestrial and Celestial kingdoms of God. The Eternal Round had its beginning with the advent of the First Heaven, the Telestial Kingdom, which was organized by the Supreme Mother and Father of Heaven, known as Areta and The One. In order to bypass the natural oscillation of the universe, God gathered all the billions of galaxies within the cosmos of Heaven into “a great and circling round, causing that time itself prove endless within the realms of God” (4:2:45-50).


As God progressed throughout the eternities, it became necessary to create demarcations of glory within the Eternal Round of Heaven. Thus was created the Terrestrial Kingdom, and eventually the Celestial Kingdom (4:32:1-24).


The Eternal Round has evolved to include a profoundly vast dominion spanning multiple dimensions and realms of existence. While the term is commonly used to refer specifically to the combined realms of the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms, known as the Olaha Shinehah (AZC — Eternal Round: Olaha Shinehah), the great Eternal Round of God includes all the dominions, powers and principalities within the realms of Heaven.

Eternal Mind
Eternity vs Infinity



Azrael’s Commentary — Eternal Round


(1st Understanding)
Olaha Shinehah:  
Deep within the Surinatha is a ring of galaxies which revolve around the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven. The ring of galaxies which comprise the Olaha Shinehah contains within its mass several thousands of billions of galaxies. At the center core of this ring are the kingdoms, powers and dominions of the Telestial Kingdom. This Telestial Kingdom literally contains hundreds of billions of galaxies. And around this center core of the Olaha Shinehah are the kingdoms, powers and dominions of the Terrestrial Kingdom. The Terrestrial Kingdom is represented by millions of galaxies which move around the center core in a great spiraling movement. Thus, the Olaha Shinehah has the inner core of the Telestial Kingdom with the outer string of galaxies of the Terrestrial Kingdom.


This is the Olaha Shinehah, and one of its functions is to provide the Heavens with an accurate measurement of eternal time. In the 4th Endowment (4:15:10-23) we read of God’s creation of the very first House of Mithron, a temple of exquisite beauty within the very first Heaven. This first Heaven is the Telestial Kingdom, and this first House of Mithron marks the point of Nexus which separates one eternity from another. From God’s point of view, eternity is a specific measurement of time. An eternity equals 17.5 billion years. That’s how long it takes for the point of Nexus (the first House of Mithron) to revolve around the Celestial Kingdom in one complete orbit.


(2nd Understanding)
Celestial Kingdom:  
As the Olaha Shinehah revolves around the Celestial Kingdom, the Celestial Kingdom is also revolving around a center of its own. This center is called Absolute Zero, and it is represented by an extraordinary planet of pure crystallized glass made of Kerrillean. This very special substance is so rare that it is found only at the point of Absolute Zero. The planet which represents this Absolute Zero is called Ker-El-Shamudef, and it is around this profoundly special planet that all the celestial suns of the Celestial Kingdom orbit. The eternal nature of God depends on two primary factors: 1) the speed at which A-Z particles vibrate and, 2) the influence of Absolute Zero.


(3rd Understanding)
Ker-El-Shamudef (Absolute Zero):  
As the Olaha Shinehah revolves around the Celestial Kingdom, and as the Celestial Kingdom revolves around the planet of Ker-El-Shamudef, even so does the point of Absolute Zero revolve around another center point of attraction. This point of attraction is the center core of the Surinatha, and as the point of Absolute Zero revolves around the center core of Surinatha, it pulls the Celestial Kingdom and the Olaha Shinehah along with it. This fact has two interesting affects on the kingdoms of Heaven:


1) It causes the orbits of Olaha Shinehah and the Celestial Kingdom to move forward even as they revolve around their specific centers of attraction.

2) This forward movement creates the many dimensions, primes and fractals found throughout the kingdoms of Heaven.


But what attracts the planet called Ker-El-Shamudef to orbit around the very center of Surinatha? It is a special type of singularity which God calls Factor X, the Mystery Factor. However, I am not allowed to discuss exactly what that is. All I can say is that the closer a world moves around this Factor X, the more dimensions, primes and fractals which are available. Hence, the Celestial Kingdom commands twelve dimensions, each dimension possesses three primes, with each prime controlling seven fractals. And the Olaha Shinehah, being further away from Factor X possesses a proportionately less number of dimensions, primes and fractals. It is the tidal forces of Factor X plus the tidal forces represented by the Absolute Zero of Ker-El-Shamudef which create the dimensions of God and Heaven. The region immediately around this point called Factor X, is called by God, the Soli-Endi-Muhat. And it was here that the final battle of the Second War in Heaven occurred (6:12:1-2). Taken all together, Olaha Shinehah, plus the Celestial Kingdom, plus Absolute Zero, plus Factor X is nothing less than a vast machine of cosmic proportions. But all of this is just the first part of the great Eternal Round.


(4th Understanding)
Now, with all this said, let us ask another question: Does the Surinatha revolve around anything beyond itself, and it if does, what is it? What purpose does it serve? To begin with, the Surinatha revolves around the First Cosmos. This First Cosmos is the very birthplace of Areta and of God. And at the center of that cosmos is the celestial world of Mahaliel. But this is a recent development which was brought about by the First and Second wars of Heaven. It was with the creation of the great vortex (6:12:2) that the Surinatha began its long journey around the First Cosmos, like a beach ball tied by a tether. This great orbit is what empowers the Ahgendai to travel quickly between the First Cosmos and the Celestial Kingdom of God. And finally, you should understand that even this Mahaliel which is found in the First Cosmos, even that world revolves around another and all supreme force of attraction. This force is no less than the continual replication of God’s beginning. All the foregoing is just a small part of God’s understanding of the great Eternal Round.



Azrael’s Commentary — Eternity versus Infinity


[...] This first temple which God created marks the point of nexus. It takes this temple (which is found on the very first world of the first Heaven made by God) 17.5 billion years to make one complete orbit around the Celestial Kingdom. Think of this world you live on, and how it takes 365.25 days to make one complete orbit of the sun. In Heaven, it takes the first temple 17.5 aeons to make a similar journey. The great Eternal Round of God is something like a clock. It separates one eternity from another. (AZC — Eternity versus Infinity)



Azrael’s Commentary — House of El Shalon / El Shaloah


[...] The Chief Artificer is responsible for creating worlds of telestial and terrestrial glory for the sake of those spirit children who have earned specific degrees of glory through the choices which they have made while living out their mortal lives. These telestial and terrestrial worlds are assigned a place within the great Eternal Round, also known as the Olaha Shinehah. (AZC — House of El Shalon / El Shaloah)



Azrael’s Commentary — House of Shevas


[...] First, the House of Shevas is the house of records and statistics, holding in its vast library all higher covenants relating to the Archons of Elohim...Also within this truly magnificent library is the complete, unabridged history of God and Heaven. Added to this is the complete history of every mortal world which God has made, plus a complete history of every world and kingdom found within the great Eternal Round of Olaha Shinehah. (AZC — House of Shevas)






Creation of the Eternal Round (ie: Olaha Shinehah)


Then did Areta speak to her Beloved, saying: “Consider, my Love, the billions of galaxies which move most swiftly in a hot and outward rush, being themselves scattered throughout a vast and endless Deep, to pull along in trailing fashion the threads of space and time.

Going forth in outward movement, one galaxy away from another, until at last they lose momentum, to surrender themselves in isolation to the call of singularity, which distant call will pull all matter back into another cosmic egg; and by such forces as strongly bind within the cosmic egg, put an end to space and time till it be born anew.

Let us then with firm resolve create the great Eternal Round, causing that all the galaxies within this cosmos should follow each the other in a great and circling round, causing that time itself prove endless within the realms of God.

Thus shall Heaven become eternal, beyond the touch of time, to prove itself the happy master of space and time together; giving hope of endless glory within Hodos Alea, causing that within the realms of all our glory shall never an end be found.”

And when The One heard this of his Beloved, he did consent and together they gave command; and all the billions of galaxies, with all their many wonders, did gather from afar, to follow in a circular fashion the great Eternal Round along a single plane; and the inner diameter of the Eternal Round did measure some five billion light years.

Thus in Heaven did time prove endless and young forever, being made to go round and round the throne of God; and seeing that the works of their hand were filled with beauty and glory together strongly bound, God smiled.

4th Endowment 2:45-50


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Swiftly flew the Gods of Heaven, to the very heart of the golden streams, which streams flowed as a great river of light, binding and stitching together even all the creations of God into one great Eternal Round; being held as one by the forming of great dimensions; balancing in perfect harmony the movements of time and space within the great Eternal Round.

5th Endowment 3:1


What then shall you design for the defense of Olaha Shinehah? For by such fearsome attacks as Yaldabaoth shall cast against the great Eternal Round shall he announce his dreadful presence to all the Gods and Goddesses of Heaven.

5th Endowment 14:22


But consider this also, for even though Yaldabaoth prove strong enough to shatter these few worlds of the Terrestrial Kingdom, still shall the vastness of Olaha Shinehah prove too great; for in the great Eternal Round does there move a great many billions of galaxies filled with bright and shining glory.

5th Endowment 14:35


There in the darkness was soon revealed

the great Eternal Round

where moved three kingdoms

filled with joy-

the Gods at last he found.

   5th Endowment 15:9

...for mystery gives birth to mystery in the great Eternal Round.

7th Endowment 1:16





Terrestrial Kingdom

(millions of galaxies)

Telestial Kingdom

(hundreds of billions of galaxies)

Inner diameter:  5 billion light-years

Circumference:  15.7 billion light-years


Globular Cluster – 26 suns


1 revolution (Telestial) = 1 eternity = 17.5 billion years

Great Eternal Round


Telestial + Terrestrial Kingdoms:

“Olaha Shinehah”

Celestial Kingdom


7 suns (+5)

Source: Wood (2008), Song of God-Living Gnosis of the Ahgendai       *Sizes, distances and apparent magnitudes are not to scale.