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First War (first war)


Occurrences:  6  -  “first war”

First Reference:  5th Endowment 14:24


Speak then, my son, of such intentions as you have designed through the working of your will. For even your Heavenly Parents are most anxious to hear of such plans as you have devised already, when you must meet in battle the Nemesis of all our glory; announcing through fearsome conflict the first war within the lights of Heaven.”



See:  Dahmiel, Second War, Shaemdiel, Yaldabaoth


Summary:  The First War[*] refers to the initial invasion against Heaven by Yaldabaoth, the Chief Demiurgos and Nemesis of God. While the existence of Yaldabaoth was hitherto unknown of by the general population of Heaven, the event was premeditated by the Supreme Father and Mother of Heaven, known as The One and Areta. Certain aspects and contingencies of this first “great drama” were overseen by the direct offspring of The One and Areta, named the Azraella Ahgendai, otherwise known as the Dread Savior (5:4:40-41; 5:14:13-56).


The rise of Yaldabaoth and his attack against Heaven was part of a divine plan formulated by The One and Areta, and to some extent their son, Azraella Ahgendai. The grand scheme was devised to accomplish several ambitious objectives:


1)  Invigorate Heaven and defend it against the threat of complacency, apathy and mediocrity

2)  Bridge the chasm that separated First God from the most exalted of their children (5:2:32)

3)  Bring about a new Kingdom of Heaven and advance Hodos Alea, the pathway of eternal progression

4)  Redeem First Man and the world of the First Power from oblivion


Refer to:     5:1:16-67        5:2:1-70         5:4:1-67          1:5:1-34          6:1:17-31         E:5:1-62          6:3:1-19



The First War was one of many anticipated and necessary stages in the accomplishment of the aforementioned objectives. Yet, behind the circumstances of the First War moved the aims of the Ahgendai and The One (5:13:51-59; 6:1:17-31).


In accordance with The One’s purposes, both Yaldabaoth and the Dread Savior were introduced to the realms of Heaven during this initial clash, deemed the “First War”. Another intention behind the conflict was to trouble the realms of Elohim to such an extent that certain of its Gods would unintentionally serve to aid the Nemesis (5:4:40-52, 61-63). This imperative was eventually accomplished unknowingly by Shaemdiel, the Chief Archon of Elohim, whose pride blinded him to the greater reality of his actions.


Many pivotal and shocking events transpired during the First War. While general aspects of the conflict were planned and protective measures were taken by the Dread Savior to defend the realms of Heaven, it was deemed necessary that the Nemesis prove himself a truly dangerous and formidable threat. This became dreadfully apparent when Yaldabaoth easily defended himself against the rush of one thousand Seraphim, effectively obliterating two hundred of the Seraphic host. Never before had any of the Celestial realm or any of the Seraphim been destroyed (5:15:36-53). Later, in an attempt to assist the Azraella against Yaldabaoth, Dahmiel of Komah Seedrah, the Ahman of El Ramadee, was completely annihilated. This tragic event left the entire Celestial Kingdom in a sorrowful state of shock, as Dahmiel was the first God to ever perish in the history of Heaven (5:17:1-4).


While the Dread Savior ultimately prevailed against Yaldabaoth, expelling him from the vicinity of Heaven, the Chief Demiurge quietly returned to eventually lure Shaemdiel, the Elohim’s Chief Arch-Angel, into a web of pride and self-importance. While Yaldabaoth failed to physically infiltrate the realms of the Celestial Kingdom, he succeeded in planting dark seeds of corruption into the heart and mind of Shaemdiel.


The interaction with Yaldabaoth spurred Shaemdiel down a path of violent rebellion against the Elohim, culminating in a dramatic stand-off on the plains of Kuristan. While considerable time had passed since Yaldabaoth’s attack and exodus from the realms of Heaven, Shaemdiel’s violent insurrection could be considered an addendum or continuation of the First War (6:7:53). (For information detailing this aspect of the First War, refer to: Shaemdiel, the Fallen, Kuristan.)


Shaemdiel and a portion of his lineage were evicted by God from the Celestial Kingdom to the realms of the First Cosmos, where Yaldabaoth had established his domain. Unbeknownst to Shaemdiel and his sons, this general outcome had been foreordained by The One, who maintained the priority of avoiding unrighteous dominion and complicity in the falling of the prideful, while putting into place designs of future redemption (5:4:55-57; 1:4:22-41). Throughout it all, the Ahgendai and the God Beyond extended great and diligent effort to avoid unrighteous dominion and the use of coercion in accomplishing their goals (5:14:42-51).


Significant Passages Relating to the First War


5:13:47-65    Azraella addresses his host in preparation for the First War

5:14:1-56      Setting the stage, projecting the course of events, final preparations

5:15:1-79     Yaldabaoth escapes the Abyss and attacks, Seraphim launch a defense, Areta & The One appear

5:16:1-70      Refuge of the Keep is fashioned, Shaemdiel fumes, the Dread Savior appears before Yaldabaoth

5:17:1-34      Yaldabaoth and Azraella battle, Dahmiel rushes to assist, Azraella evicts Yaldabaoth

5:17:35-50    The Elohim greet the Ahgendai, Dahmiel is mourned and memorialized

5:17:51-74    Yaldabaoth creates a son, returns to Heaven, Shaemdiel is seduced

6:1:17-31      Summary of events and objectives


• Relevant abridgments      E:1:1-47        1:4:22-41         5:4:30-67





[*] While scripture only refers to this event using the common form: “first war”, designation and use of the proper form (“First War”) was deemed appropriate by the editor in the creation of this glossary. The same can be said regarding use of the phrase “Second War”.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thus when the Nemesis of God shall attack with violent fury the kingdoms of the lesser light, even then shall the Elohim become all aware; and not this only, for when there shall arise to defend the lesser kingdoms that Dread Savior whom we love, even of him shall the Elohim become aware of also.

And so shall we set well the stage whereupon there shall unfold a great drama filled with mystery; which mystery will provide for the Nemesis some small means by which he may trouble deeply the first kingdom of the greater Light, which kingdom is that of the very Elohim.

For it is needful that there should come out from the Elohim, those Gods which would aid the Nemesis; believing always in their soul that they act rightly and not amiss for the good of all; even though the Elohim should stand against them.

5th Endowment 4:40-42


Now in the first war of Heaven did Michael and Sher-el prove themselves most valiant in withstanding Shaemdiel who would take by force the Hodos Alea and the very Keep besides; causing that Michael and Sher-el should be appointed to initiate the dispensations of God.

6th Endowment 7:53


For even all the Lords and Gods of Elohim do owe to Azraella a debt beyond our reckoning, having himself defended all the Heavens round against Yaldabaoth when first he leapt out of the great Abyss to trouble all our many realms.

Thus in the first war of Heaven did Azraella stand alone against the Darkness, to fight on our behalf; securing for even all our Houses the continuation of our glory, having himself subdued the Chief Demiurgos, to lead him bound by great dimensions to a cosmos far beyond our very memory.

6th Endowment 10:10-11

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