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Hodos Alea


Pronunciation:  HAW-dos + ah-LEE-uh

Occurrences:  45

First Reference:  Wisdom 27:16


Yet of Hodos Alea they have no knowledge, neither would they dare to know; for those who sit in ignorance are fearful to understand lest they become undone; to find themselves a house of shadows, filled with great illusions.



See:  Dispensationalism, Law of Immediate Recompense, Way (the)                                                  


Summary:  The term “Hodos Alea” is an Adamic phrase meaning the pathway(s) of exaltation and eternal progression, and refers to the continual progression and evolution of the human species. Hodos Alea is evolution by design, the process of which was first established by the First God, Areta and The One, during the initial developmental stages of the Telestial Kingdom (4:1:31-32). Over endless epochs of time, Hodos Alea has been adjusted and fine-tuned to such an extent that extinction or stagnation of the human species — as represented by the citizens of Heaven — is no longer possible.


The purpose of walking Hodos Alea is to gather wisdom, and results in the death of innocence and the birth of soul. A spirit’s advancement along this path most often entails becoming subject to a great many oppositions through living a series of mortal lives. The school of mortality is a primary component of Hodos Alea, providing the necessary environment for individual spirits to acquire self-knowledge, learn about good and evil, and add to the dimensions of the soul.


Exaltation (glorification along the pathway of eternal progression) is determined by what an individual spirit chooses throughout his or her mortal life experiences. As God and Heaven continued to evolve and progress throughout the eternities, differing degrees of glory were created to accommodate — in a fair and just manner — the various stages of maturity and development of God’s spirit children. The first realm of glory was comprised of three distinct principalities, and was called by God, the “Telestial Kingdom”. Over time, it became necessary for God to advance Hodos Alea, giving rise to the creation of a second, and eventually, a third realm of glory. These exalted realms are referred to as the Terrestrial and Celestial Kingdoms. According to scripture, foundations have been established for a new, more advanced kingdom of glory. This most exalted realm, referred to as the kingdom of the Ahgendai, represents a bold leap forward regarding Hodos Alea and the evolution of God and Heaven. As a point of interest, the more advanced an individual is amidst the process of Hodos Alea, the greater their access to the Tael.


Supporting references are included below.




Now, my Love, is it fully certain that we should bring forth spirit children; yet shall these spirit children, both male and female, prove themselves innocent, having within themselves no knowledge or understanding concerning the greater issues of eternity.

For such spirit children as we shall cause to leap from out of the midst of all our loving while in this stream, being together most strongly bound, even they shall have no soul of deeper knowing; for only in the living of the mortal life is the soul most surely fashioned.

Let us, therefore, in the making of Heaven, create also some mortal world where all our children might be tested, to make for themselves in the mortal life a soul most like our own, having in themselves a knowledge of the greater and lesser portion, causing that they should choose for themselves how much like us they would become, to be ever guided by holiness and love and wisdom forever.

4th Endowment 1:56-58


For we desire that you should go from glory to glory, even according as you, yourselves, decide; to grow in likeness and in image even as God himself did grow; to progress from one estate unto the next, even worlds without end.

And if it so be that you decide to follow, to walk across the bridge from here to yonder world, to become yourselves as mortal and filled with opposition, then shall we walk beside you through the crucible of trial and constant learning.

For this path shall be for you a school, providing always that you should choose between that which is less and that which is greater still; even until you should gain a fullness; here a little, there a little, line placed on line and precept added unto precept.

Becoming, even yourselves, through sure and subtle measures, the fulfillment of all your dreams, being enriched and ennobled in all things good and praiseworthy; having both your soul and countenance lifted up continually in joy and happy light.

4th Endowment 4:55-58


Let us, therefore, set within this Heaven three kingdoms which shall prove as separate and apart; for it is good that our children should inherit for themselves that portion of our glory which they would decide themselves to take;

Becoming in each themselves the one which chooses the place where they shall prove most happy and deeply blessed, to please themselves as they desire, being fulfilled as they themselves shall deem.

Thus shall we lay that sure and certain pathway wherein even all our children might progress from lesser to greater in the kingdoms of God, according to their desire and no other beside, to decide for themselves the place where they would dwell, to feel themselves blessed and full content in the kingdom of their choosing.

But even though our children should take to themselves the things which would prove less, still let us build between the kingdoms of Heaven such bridges as would lead to greater glory, causing that those who should desire, in some far and distant time, even these might take to themselves a greater glory than they had ever known before, to draw themselves ever closer to the heart of God;

To take to themselves through small degrees a portion of ourselves whereby they might yearn for still far greater things than they have ever dreamed, becoming in likeness unto us, being drawn ever nearer to that glory which would give birth in them the seed of some eternal increase, even worlds without end.”

4th Endowment 13:27-31


Consider therefore, my children, the way of exaltation, even that Hodos Alea which the Lords and Gods of Heaven do walk most joyfully in the midst of great power and holiness; being sanctified and purified by love and wisdom forever and ever.

For unto the Lords and Gods of Elohim is it given that they should be the Fathers and Mothers of many children; that being secure in the midst of endless fulfillment, might both the Father and the Mother prepare for the children they love, the pathways of eternal progression.

2nd Endowment 7:1-2


These shall we cause to follow straightly in our path, to become through some eternal progression even like unto ourselves; and this path to exaltation shall we call Hodos Alea.

For in small and careful stages shall our children most surely grow, adding through needful measures one glory upon another, even till they should receive a fullness, to become themselves as Heavenly Fathers and Heavenly Mothers in holiness and joy forever, being attended themselves by a deep and knowing wisdom.

4th Endowment 1:31-32


Thus was there established by God the outward flowing of Hodos Alea, being bounded on every side, and within, by the laws and principles of eternal progression.

For in the worlds of mortality did the children of God flow through the dispensations, going from the first to the last, flowing as a mighty river from one life to the next even till all was made complete, causing that the children of God should choose for themselves that heavenly glory wherein they might find their joy.

4th Endowment 32:13-14


Yet in the doing must we fulfill The One’s desire to bring into the world of First Man the beginning of soul and the hope of immortality and eternal life; that in the doing we might enlarge the borders of all our several glories, causing that the Hodos Alea should evolve again towards some greater purpose filled with dreams yet undreamed.

6th Endowment 3:7


And between the lesser and the greater was there placed the workings of a new and differing order of Hodos Alea whereby any who should have desires might become themselves as the sons and daughters of the Ahgendai, having proven themselves as those most worthy upon the world of the First Power.

6th Endowment 13:50


Thus in our need for eternal progression, Shaemdiel wisely acted, yet only in his means of attaining did he gravely err, to change forever Hodos Alea.

Enlightenment 4:24


“...Hodos Alea (at least as it pertains to the Elohim) consists of three primary stages: 1) the path of eternal progression, 2) the path of exaltation, 3) the enrapturing and deification of the elect.”

Azrael’s Commentary: House of Valhaladea


...“All of God’s children have access and are connected to the Tael. The degree, or level of access is relative to a person’s place along the Hodos Alea. Those who dwell in the Telestial Kingdom have less access to the Tael than those who are of the Terrestrial Kingdom.”

Azrael’s Commentary: Tael


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