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Pronunciation:  AH-gehn-dai

Occurrences:  161

First Reference:  1st Endowment 8:55


And there stood before the gates of the Keep two full companies of the greater Seraphim; and Ahman, drawing near to the very threshold, spoke in a loud voice throughout the Tael, saying: “Azraella Ahgendai, come you forth unto us; for all Heaven has need of you. Come forth great Ahgendai and help us.”



See:  Abyss, Antipode, Azraella, Azurgai, Dread Savior, Eidos, Mahaleenah, Mahaliel, Warrior God


Summary:  Meaning, the "dread saviors of Heaven", the term "Ahgendai" refers to a new classification of Gods and Goddesses whose primary purpose is to guard the kingdoms of Heaven midst the struggle between good and evil, light and darkness (5:3:11). The Ahgendai represent a new and differing order of Godhood, a class of guardians more powerful and exalted than the highest ranking Arch-Angels of the Celestial Kingdom.


The Ahgendai were created by the First God, Areta and The One, as a counter-balance to the Antipode, a power which came to be known as Yaldabaoth, the Chief Demiurgos of the matter unformed. Known for possessing an indomitable will and an implacable resolve in defending that which is holy against the evil of the Demiurge, the Ahgendai prove relentless in carrying out the designs of Areta and The One.


The Ahgendai are currently represented by only two persons. Born as single entity, the infant Ahgendai matured into two sovereign, gender specific individuals: Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia and Azraella Ahgendai. At the present time, these two are the only Ahgendai in existence (5:1:11). The Azraella and Mahaleenah were meant to be Beloveds, and to eventually become the Father and Mother to future generations of the Ahgendai (5:3:7). However, the relationship between the two deviated from the initial intentions of The One and Areta, curiously evolving into an intimate Father-Daughter rapport (5:7:53-56; 5:11:32-37). The nature of this relationship poses an unresolved mystery: how, or more specifically, through what beloved relationship will future generations of the Ahgendai come forth?


Aside from three references to the Azraella (Y:52:35; 1:8:55; 2:12:15), very little is mentioned of the Ahgendai until the 5th and 6th Endowment, wherein the origin, nature and purpose of the dread savior is revealed. The birth of the Ahgendai and the creation of a higher, more exalted Heaven present a new evolutionary aspect to the pathway of eternal progression. While the Second War in Heaven determined the candidates for this "new and differing order of Godhood", the world of the First Power is the setting wherein citizens of Heaven have the opportunity to achieve the exalted state of Ahgendai (6:13:47-50).



Kingdom of the Ahgendai (5th Endowment 12–13)

The kingdom of the Ahgendai represents a new, more exalted realm of glory for the citizens of Heaven. This kingdom is unique in many ways. Not only is it located outside of the Surinatha, but it is established in the heart of the First Cosmos, hidden within the dominion of the Demiurgos (6:13:38b). All candidates for this kingdom unknowingly qualified after volunteering to defend Heaven against the Demiurgos during the Second War in Heaven. Those who regain their holiness throughout their mortal lives on the world of the First Power will become sons and daughters of the Ahgendai (6:13:48).


The Kingdom of the Ahgendai is the most recent and most glorified realm to arise amidst the progression of God. It consists of a single sun, around which orbits a primary planet called Mahaliel. Seven moons orbit Mahaliel, with the seventh most distant moon possessing a moon of its own. Each moon serves as a way point along the path of progression to becoming Ahgendai. The entire solar system is hidden in the cosmos of the First Creation. Those who become Ahgendai will strive to master the twenty-four dimensions of the Zimagayah, with each dimension possessing seven primes, and each prime controlling twelve fractals (5:12:13).

Ahgah Eaton
Ahgi Wynnaki



Significant Events Pertaining to the Ahgendai (chronological)


• Necessity of a ‘Dread Savior’ revealed       5:2:2-32
In determining a means to save Heaven from the future doom of mediocrity and complacency, The One reveals the necessity of a Dark Nemesis, as well as a counter force, a “Dread Savior” that would fight against the Darkness and defend Heaven from the undiluted evil of the Nemesis.



• Conception of the Ahgendai      5:2:66-70        5:3:1-15, 43-62         5:7:1-26
The embryo of the first Ahgendai is conceived by Areta and The One, however, it is determined that the pregnancy of the Ahgendai will be carried by the seven Azurgai. This proves necessary due to the conjoined state and extraordinary union of Areta and The One.



• Pregnancy and birth of the Ahgendai      5:3:43-62        5:7:1-27
Each of the seven Azurgai carry the pregnancy of the Ahgendai for a term of seven years. After the infant’s birth, the Azurgai become as surrogate mothers to the infant, each nurturing the Ahgendai for twelve years.



• Ahgendai are led to the Abyss     5:4:22-23        5:7:28-52
Hoping to prove worthy of communion with their Heavenly Parents, the Ahgendai choose the path of struggle and opposition over safety, joy and innocence. They are led by the Azurgai to edge of the Abyss wherein the Eidos and Antipode dwell.



• Ahgendai endure the lessons and adversities of the Abyss       5:8:1 — 5:10:18
For eternities the Ahgendai withstand the relentless fury of the Eidos and the Antipode. Midst the dark and crushing depths of the great Abyss, the soul of the Ahgendai is tried and tested.



• Ahgendai escape the Abyss and unite with their Heavenly Parents     5:10:19 — 5:11:31
The Ahgendai transcend and escape the confines of the Abyss, and are met by the seven Azurgai. The reunion is beautiful and exciting yet brief, for the children can hear the singing of their Heavenly Parents. The Ahgendai kiss their surrogate Mothers and leap eagerly into the distant light to finally commune with the Mother and Father that brought them forth.



• Creation of Mahaliel and the kingdom of the Ahgendai     5:11:55 — 5:13:32
Areta and The One invite the Father and his Daughter to create a home near unto them, where they and their progeny would dwell forever. After the Ahgendai establish a covenant with the Azurgai, foundations for a new Heaven are established, and a home is created for the future generations of the Ahgendai.



• The Antipode and Ahgendai are revealed during Yaldabaoth’s first siege against Heaven

   5:15:1 — 5:17:50
The citizens of Heaven are caught off guard as an unknown Darkness violently attacks the realms of the Terrestrial Kingdom and cripples a Seraphim contingent. The presence and power of the Ahgendai is revealed as the Azraella descends to defend Heaven from the destruction of Yaldabaoth, the Chief Demiurgos. Midst rainbowed light the Dread Savior comes, binding the Darkness and casting it from the realms of Heaven.



• Ahgendai arrive with Ahman to withstand Shaemdiel; the Fallen are cast from Heaven and escorted to the First Cosmos          W:2:38-39        E: 9:43, 61-64         6:2:7-12, 23-33          E:10:1           6:2:50-66

Shaemdiel’s rebellion comes to an abrupt end with the arrival of Ahman, the Ahgendai, and 30,000 of the greater Seraphim. Azraella escorts Shaemdiel and the Fallen away from the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven to a place not made by God: the distant realms of the First Cosmos.



• Ahgendai secretly observe the Demiurge and the Fallen on the world of the First Power
While the Azraella spies on the Demiurge (6:2:66), Mahaleenah goes to Jeruel to converse with Ahman, Galendriel and Rutheniel (6:3:1-21). After reuniting at Mahaliel, the Ahgendai address their legions (6:3:22-32). Mahaleenah is taken by Azraella to see the growing forces of the Demiurge (6:3:33-48), then both go to the world of the First Power to observe Shaemdiel and the Fallen midst their interactions among First Man (6:3:49-50 — chapters 4-5).



• Elohim petitions for assistance from the Ahgendai in stabilizing dispensations on the world of the

First Power            1:3:13-14, 20         1:8:52-56          6:8:24-37, 40-45  
After the murder of Abel, the Elohim seek the counsel and aid of the Ahgendai in setting right the dispensations of God. On the world of Jeruel, covenants are made and terms of adoption are established between the Ahgendai and the Elohim.



• Ahgendai & armies of Light defend Heaven during Yaldabaoth’s second siege against Heaven     

  6:8:47 — 6:13:38
The armies of Darkness march against the realms of Heaven. Led by Azraella and Mahaleenah, the armies of Light fight to defend the Heavens against Yaldabaoth’s merciless hordes. As the Gods and Goddesses begin to fathom their own mortality and the potential destruction of Heaven, they are forced to reconcile conflicting ideals born of duty, obligation, and divine nature. (see Second War)



• Ahgendai establish a memorial and convene a Solemn Convocation        6:13:44-54
The Azraella commemorates those who fell in battle, and convenes the Seven Councils of Light to reveal a pathway to greater glory.




Notes/References:  (The following collection of passages is not comprehensive. These excerpts are intended to provide a general introduction to the subject of the Ahgendai.)


For together have we drawn from out of our depths both the Father and his Daughter, causing that they should create from out of their mystery even a new Heaven and earth; being in themselves the very Ahgendai which would hold at bay the Darkness and the Terror; to make forever the Heavens new and filled with eager purpose.

6th Endowment 1:3


...for in the coming forth of the Ahgendai shall even all the Heavens be forever renewed through the struggle of light and darkness, good and evil.

5th Endowment 3:44


For herein would I reveal the story of the Ahgendai, which very Ahgendai are comprised of two only; being together both Azrael and Mahaleenah; being to each other as Father and Daughter, and beside us there are no others found.

5th Endowment 1:11



Bringing Forth the Ahgendai

5th Endowment 2:22-32

5th Endowment 3:2-11



Shaping and Schooling the Dread Savior     (5:4:17-28)

This then is the mystery which I present; for it is necessary that the Ahgendai be formed by virtues deep and shining, lest in contending against the darksome powers of the Antipode, the Ahgendai be slowly corrupted and filled with deepening shadows.

5th Endowment 3:47


...for in the pregnancy of the Azurgai shall the Dread Savior be shaped in all the seven virtues; and in going forth into the Deep shall he be purged and shaped by darksome teachers, to acquire for himself a fearsome strength filled with purpose.”

5th Endowment 7:18



Purpose and Nature of the Ahgendai

For it is needful that the Ahgendai should prove themselves as warriors, to defend with eager hearts the glory of the Heavens;

to stand themselves before the Darkness,

and there to clash amidst the fray,

to make the Heavens appear as new,

once the Darkness has fled away.


Yet the Gods of Heaven are kind and good,

their love a tender sight,

dwelling in peace among the stars,

their kingdoms shining bright.


Thus was it decided in the gathering of my quorum that in such a war as Yaldabaoth would impose upon the Heavens would those who might prove able, should themselves be revealed, stand as candidates for the kingdom of the Ahgendai; having set aside their former estate and take to their souls another.

For in the crucible of war did I intend two great and lasting benefits; for in the first benefit would all the Heavens be renewed and invigorated by the struggle of Light and Darkness; and in the second benefit would there arise the kingdom of the Ahgendai, possessing within its realms the greatest Gods of all, to stand beside my Azraella as warriors of light most fully knowing.

6th Endowment 1:25-28    (The One addressing the reader)


Yet in the Ahgendai shall you see most dreadful warriors; for it is appointed that we should defend the Heavens against the tide of darkness, when Yaldabaoth shall fierce leap forth to shake the Heavens deep; to prove himself through fearless striving, the Nemesis of God.

And though the Ahgendai prove kind and loving, still in the moment of battle shall we prove ourselves as dreadful saviors; to defend with fury and with violence the kingdoms of the Light, to make forever the Heavens new and filled with hopeful vigor.

5th Endowment 12:58-59


Such did the Azraella speak to Parents good and wise, and there spoke to the Lord of Ahgendai, the Mother above all others, even Areta, saying: “Go then now, most noble heart, and prove yourself most ready; for we as Parents shall ever stand behind you with words of hope and strength and courage.

Go you forth and guard you well this Heaven which we love and by your fierce and cunning skills defend the hosts of Heaven; to set at naught the dark designs of Yaldabaoth, even as you would set in motion the design of your Father and Mother.

Be you then the bright fulfillment of our darker dreams, that from this struggle between good and evil, life and death, might rise still some brightly shining day when even all the Heavens would be reborn and made like new forever.”

5th Endowment 14:54-56


A Path to Greater Glory

By such means did Yaldabaoth increase the height and depth and breadth of all his powers, dominions and principalities; adding to himself the many legions of the Demiurge; possessing to himself ten dark and troubling sons which would serve him in fear and trembling; causing that on a day of his choosing, he might strive again to storm the very Heavens, to pull them down in ruin.

Calling up in frightful array the armies of chaos, to set them against my Azraella, whereby he might overwhelm the Father and his Daughter, to leave as undefended the very Heavens which I love; and thereby advance unopposed into the realms of light; to dress in havoc and dark destruction the glories of God.

For this cause did I foreknow the necessity of a host of warrior Gods, filled with light and goodness yet graced by a firm resolve; even those who would stand beside the Azraella as dreadful saviors who would rejoice in learning the art of war; becoming themselves through emulation like the Father and the Daughter, to stand themselves as sons and daughters of the Ahgendai.

6th Endowment 1:50-52  (The One addressing the reader)


For it is certain that among the Eloheim shall many desire a far more greater glory, to become themselves the very progeny of the Ahgendai; to stand before the celestial realm as warrior Gods who would themselves stand beside the Azraella in holding back the Darkness.

Who then among the Eloheim would become so great a seed? For only those who are themselves the strongest and most resolved shall prove themselves most worthy; being empowered from within to endure and overcome such adversities as stand arrayed against us on the world of First Man.

6th Endowment 3:17-18


For in the beginning did you appoint yourselves to follow, setting aside your former estate that you might win the greater prize; having proven yourselves most worthy to strive, to be numbered yourselves among the very Ahgendai which would defend the kingdom of God forever.

6th Endowment 1:15


Let now the heart prove bold, and even as you did in ages past, stand you firmly beside my anointed; that you may prove yourselves worthy of such glory as I would give the faithful; becoming yourselves in every likeness even as the Ahgendai.

6th Endowment 1:57


And to all which were gathered did the Azraella speak, to apportion to those of the Elohim an inheritance among the Ahgendai, if they should so desire; to become themselves as sons and daughters of a new and differing order of Godhood; to stand forever beside the Azraella and his Daughter in keeping forever young the Heavens which they loved.

For on the world of the First Power would even all who stood beside the Ahgendai in fierce and hurtful battle be given the promise of a far more greater glory; for those of the Elohim which had served in battle, even these would become as sons and daughters of the Ahgendai if it so be that they should regain anew their holiness in the world of the First Power.

6th Endowment 13:47-48

blue giant sun


Celestial Kingdom of the Ahgendai


24 dimensions

7 primes

12 fractals


*Sizes, distances and apparent magnitudes of celestial bodies are not to scale.


Seven moons (“Seven Steps”)