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Occurrences:  79
First Reference:
 1st Endowment 5:12, 20


Thus did I begin to lay the foundations for the greatest glory of all; for I determined that I would make for myself a perfect opposite, an antipode which would press hard against me at every turn, that perchance he might destroy me altogether.

1st Endowment 5:12


Thus would I create from the Antipode, the very enemy of God, possessing unto himself a purpose and identity peculiar to himself, being made forever the Chief Demiurgos, Lord of Darkness, Father of Chaos; having in his soul an endless thirst for that darker glory which he alone can see.

1st Endowment 5:20



See:  Abyss, Ahgendai, Demiurge, Eidos, The One, Yaldabaoth


Summary:  When the First God, Areta and The One, conjoined into an unprecedented state of Oneness, the ancient hate buried deep within the soul of The One was forced out and left separate and apart from the union of God (5:6:6). It was pre-determined by The One that this weak and feeble shade of his lesser self, this antipode, be used to further the glory of Heaven, to mature and become, in time, the perfect opposite of The One, the enemy of God, and the Nemesis of Heaven (1:5:8-24).


The Antipode was born in the soul of Kronus during his life on the world of the First Power (5:2:37-44; 3rd Endowment). Yet, as the soul of Kronus progressed throughout the eternities, becoming First God and The One Beloved of Areta, the dark emotion still remained, buried and locked away (5:2:37-46). Over the eternities, the dark shade remained feeble and weak, yet The One knew that left unattended, the ancient hate would fester and grow to eventually devour the joy of his life. Determined to save Heaven from the creeping threat of complacency and mediocrity, The One devised a means by which the Heavens would be made to struggle, and midst this struggle, be made new and vibrant (1:5:8-10). The plan agreed upon by both Areta and The One entailed bringing forth two diametrically opposed forces: the Antipode and the Ahgendai.


While having its beginning as The One’s lesser self, the Antipode’s strength, character and power was forged by a masculine, primordial force called the Eidos. Both the Antipode and the Ahgendai were schooled together in the crushing depths of the great Abyss, midst the chaotic brutality of the Eidos. For eternities the Eidos shaped the Antipode, hoping to create an ally that would help fight against The One (5:6:29-31). In time, the Antipode grew weary of the oppressive rule of the Eidos. Inspired by conversations with the Azraella, the Antipode turned against the Eidos and came to declare himself as Yaldabaoth: Chief Demiurgos, Lord of Darkness, Father of Chaos (5:9:50-77).



Significant Passages


The One provides details surrounding the necessity, nature and purpose of the Antipode

1st Endowment 5

5th Endowment 2


Determining a school and teacher for the Antipode

5th Endowment 4:1-15


The Antipode is forced out of The One, and taken to the edge of the Abyss

5th Endowment 6


First confrontation between the Antipode and the Ahgendai

5th Endowment 8


Inspired by the Azraella, the Antipode withdraws to choose for himself a name

5th Endowment 9:50-77


A summation of the Antipode’s journey in the Abyss

1st Endowment 6:1-14