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Occurrences:  Oneness - 15     oneness – 21 (including Commentary)

First Reference:  Beginnings 21:38


Do you care no longer for the Beloved unto whom you are sealed forever? Have you forgotten that into her keeping is the power of Oneness wherein she makes intercession for you before all the great and mighty?”



See:  Emzahdeah


Summary:  The term “Oneness” (also presented as “oneness”) is used to describe a state of being that can be achieved between two individuals, or between an individual and God. Oneness is also described as a non-dualistic state of flow, harmony and completeness that a person may exhibit or experience as a result of spiritual discipline and the acquisition of wisdom. This transcendent state of Oneness is said to be one of the greatest powers and most valuable treasures a person may achieve.


Before the birth of time and space, Oneness was the original intention of Areta, the First Mind underlying all creation (3:1:35-40). AS the Great Mother Spirit and Supreme Mother of Heaven, Areta continues to seek after greater and greater degrees of oneness and harmony with her creations.


I am Areta, eternal Mother, Supreme and Sovereign, the singer of songs within the dreams of God; weaving through most subtle thoughts a deep and great design, sudden light of inspiration, I touch and gently guide, ever seeking that greater oneness filled with light and life and love. [...]

So come my child with open heart and in my soul find rest, kiss me now upon my lips and of my breath partake, and in your heart shall there arise the song of all my dreams, until at last we sweet embrace to be as one forever.

7th Endowment 7:17, 21 / 7:1:4



Significant Passages


• The power of Oneness / the Oneness      B:21:38       W:14:60

• Oneness between God and man      W:21:5

• The coming together of two souls in harmony — Areta’s original intent      3:1:35-40      4:1:19, 38-39      7:7:17

• The power and strength of Oneness between individuals     3:14:58-63

• Knowing the Oneness and balance of all things     4:7:20

• Wisdom found in understanding the Oneness of opposites      4:8:55

• Areta and The One joining together into a supreme Oneness       5:2:46-51       5:6:1-6

• Love and oneness as the greatest of all treasures       7:4:3-9




Azrael’s Commentary — Priesthood (excerpt: para. 4, 6)

[...] Priesthood is the means through which you connect with your greater spiritual self, enabling you to create a profound sense of oneness with God. And until you do create this sense of oneness, you will continue to feel disconnected with all things eternal. But priesthood is not only able to build a bridge between yourself and God, it would also encourage you to build a bridge between Heaven and your fellow man. Through priesthood you become the bridge through which others may have a glimpse of God; and this revelation—which has its birth in the priesthood you exercise—will create in them a desire to know and to touch God for themselves. This is the sole purpose of priesthood: to create a profound sense of oneness between man and God (Beginnings 28:71-78)....

Priesthood means empowerment. It is the power which enables you to become one with God, one with life and one with your fellow man. The beginnings of this Priesthood are found in the everyday occurrences of your life. In the moment of your birth, the patterns of your unfolding life begin to shape the very building blocks out of which the priesthood of your soul is to be fashioned. And as you grow from childhood, adolescence and into adulthood, all that is needed is for you to recognize the building blocks which will enable you to create the sacred life. Priesthood is the art of sacred living. It is something that is learned, tested and owned by the one who endeavors to touch the soul of God; one who is relentless in their resolve to chase after God until they achieve the state of oneness with their Heavenly Parents. [...]


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I am complete,

Being lost in God and made content,

Graced by oneness and undivided,

Being fully whole and firmly fixed,

To stand unbroken by hurtful want.

~ Pearl 4:2