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Priesthood (Matriarchal / Patriarchal)


Occurrences:  59  (lower case)

First Reference:  Beginnings 3:5



Therefore on that day was the priesthood of the great Mother given unto the daughters of men. And Eve commanded the woman that she should grant this priesthood unto all those daughters who should be born unto her, even throughout all their generations of both mother and daughter.




Azrael’s Commentary - Priesthood (Matriarchal / Patriarchal)


True priesthood has its birth in God, and this priesthood is empowered by the manner in which you choose to live your life. It is through the act of priesthood that we learn to see as God sees, to feel as God feels and to understand as God understands.


No church or man can give you priesthood, for true priesthood has nothing to do with church authority. True priesthood has to do with the inherent power of God which lies deep within the spirit and soul of every man, woman and child who lives the mortal life. Priesthoods which proclaim loudly the authority of the church do so because they have nothing else to proclaim. But true priesthood seeks only to proclaim the living presence of God. The priesthood of the church has but one overriding mandate and that mandate is the control and manipulation of church members. But the true priesthood which comes from God, and which is born in you already has only one mandate, and that mandate is the revelation of God’s presence in your life, and in the lives of those you love.


What then is priesthood? Priesthood is the inherent right of every man, woman and child to create any number of sacred moments which will draw forth the living presence of God through the spiritual uplifting of those you love. It is the presence of God which validates your priesthood; it was never church authority. The priesthood of the church is about lines of authority, it is about unquestioning obedience. This kind of priesthood is solely about the church, the church, and nothing but the church, so help you the church. Their doctrine is simple: “Never mind if it’s right or wrong, follow the brethren and the lord will bless you.” It is this attitude which has separated the church from God. However, the true priesthood of God does not permit you to abandon your moral responsibility concerning the right or wrong of any issue. You are responsible and you may never abandon that responsibility just because someone else says you must! I do not ask you to obey me. I only ask that you listen to me, weigh it in the hand and then decide for yourself. And if you truly desire the presence of God in your life, we will not stand too far apart from each other. If you truly desire to create for yourself the sacred life where God is always present, then you must strive to reflect the same qualities of character as the Song of God reveals about God, and this is the purpose of priesthood. True priesthood is meant to empower you in the living of your life; it is never God’s intent that priesthood should prove a burden, or an anguish of the soul.


Priesthood is the means through which you connect with your greater spiritual self, enabling you to create a profound sense of oneness with God. And until you do create this sense of oneness, you will continue to feel disconnected with all things eternal. But priesthood is not only able to build a bridge between yourself and God, it would also encourage you to build a bridge between Heaven and your fellow man. Through priesthood you become the bridge through which others may have a glimpse of God; and this revelation—which has its birth in the priesthood you exercise—will create in them a desire to know and to touch God for themselves. This is the sole purpose of priesthood: to create a profound sense of oneness between man and God (Beginnings 28:71-78).


There is another word which would define the nature and disposition of priesthood, and that word is “selflessness”. If you truly desire to create for yourself the sacred life, if you truly yearn to be one with God, then begin by thinking less of yourself and more of others. You cannot be self-absorbed and still expect to know and to touch the heart of God. To be great in the eyes of God, you must be selfless in your daily life. And to be truly selfless, to go beyond the taint of ‘me’ or ‘mine’ or ‘I’, you must embrace fully the will of God and make it as your own. To aid you in this process, your Heavenly Parents have given you the gift of the Song of God. For it is only in this book that the true will of God is made manifest. Creating the sacred life through priesthood would be impossible without a good working knowledge of the scriptures. So study them, teach from them, live them and the priesthood of God shall come alive within you, revealing before your eyes, a joy and beauty far greater than all your dreams.


Priesthood means empowerment. It is the power which enables you to become one with God, one with life and one with your fellow man. The beginnings of this Priesthood are found in the everyday occurrences of your life. In the moment of your birth, the patterns of your unfolding life begin to shape the very building blocks out of which the priesthood of your soul is to be fashioned. And as you grow from childhood, adolescence and into adulthood, all that is needed is for you to recognize the building blocks which will enable you to create the sacred life. Priesthood is the art of sacred living. It is something that is learned, tested and owned by the one who endeavors to touch the soul of God; one who is relentless in their resolve to chase after God until they achieve the state of oneness with their Heavenly Parents.


Priesthood is about perspective – not your perspective but God’s perspective. Priesthood is the act of being lifted up, of being drawn closer to God and from that sublime elevation, seeing for yourself the larger picture and your place in it. It is to see with new eyes, causing to pass away all the shadows of your lesser self, replacing the sum of all your fears, despair and confusion with the love, hope and faith which is found in God alone. This divine perspective lifts you above the seeming smallness of your life, permitting you to see something far greater than yourself, something far greater than all your problems. When you achieve God’s perspective of things, you become one with God. Whenever you pray or meditate, whenever you seek with eager heart to touch the sacred, then like the small child, you are holding up your arms to God, asking your Heavenly Parents to lift you up. In like fashion, whenever you engage in acts of Priesthood, whenever you endeavor to live the sacred life, you help to lift up others so that they can see as God sees and understand as God understands.


Remember that priesthood is born in you already. It is a gift from God, and no church can give it to you. If you are a man, your priesthood comes through your Heavenly Father and it is passed to you through procreation. If you are a woman, your priesthood comes through your Heavenly Mother and it is passed to you through procreation also. Heavenly Mother DOES NOT receive her priesthood from your Heavenly Father. To even think such a thing is an insult to your Heavenly Parents. The priesthood of God has nothing to do with the Melchizedek or Aaronic Priesthood of the church. These priesthoods involve more wishful thinking than actual substance. The true priesthood of God is Patriarchal or Matriarchal in nature and they derive their power from your Heavenly Parents. There is no other priesthood. Priesthood is about family – not church!


As the father or mother of your family, your priesthood authority is total and absolute within your family. No man, regardless of their title or position can tell you how to use priesthood within your own families. Yet do keep in mind that true priesthood is the right to create sacred moments in your family which will draw forth the presence of God. Go now my children and think on these things, for herein you shall find great wisdom.



The priesthood of God is available to all men and women equally, and that the offices of this priesthood are: son/daughter, husband/wife, father/mother, grandfather/grandmother, Patriarch/Matriarch.”

Basic Beliefs #20


4. Consider then that sacred power which lies most deep within you, a power which is born of God, a power wrapped in priesthood; for this priesthood was given you at the moment of your birth, waiting quietly deep within, eager that you should use it.

5. What then is this priesthood which waits to be revealed? What is the power within your soul that would make you one with God? How must you live, how must you speak, how must you rightly act, to awaken within you the Light of God and fill the world with hope?

6. For the priesthood of God can no man give, neither is it appointed that any church should guard it or bind it with restrictions; for the priesthood which comes from God is found in you already and lies most deep within, a hidden treasure within the soul which waits upon your faith.

7. This then is the power of priesthood that you should be enabled to create some sacred moment for the sake of those you love, which sacred moment proves the power which draws forth the presence of God the Mother and the Father.

8. For the power of priesthood does not command but loves instead, neither does it seek to judge or punish, but to heal and quick restore; proving itself not as something exclusive but rather as that which quick includes even all who would embrace the things which come from God.

9. Think not therefore that the priesthood of God is bound by law, neither can any church constrain it, to keep it in their power; for that which has its birth in God is yours by right of birth, becoming itself the tie which binds you closely unto God, having as its only mandate the creation of sacred moments.

10. For the world needs most that sacred moment where God is deeply felt, to be themselves inspired by goodness, to be themselves uplifted and to feel themselves as blest, a sacred moment where God draws near to touch the heart and mind.

11. Such then is made the priesthood which comes from God above, not come from men nor come from church as others quick would tell you, but comes instead from deep within where the heart and soul do meet, lying there within yourself for you to quick take hold and draw to you the heart of God through the making of sacred moments.

12. If then you would awaken the priesthood of your soul then take you now this Song of God and learn it deeply well, committing to your memory the words of life and joy, becoming yourself as one made holy by seizing hold of God.

7th Endowment 7:4-12


71. For, behold, through the covenant of priesthood are the children of men, both male and female, made imitators of God. By his holiness are the children of men made partakers of his glory, that they might receive unto their souls the very presence of God and live.

72. Now consider how that the children of men are separated from God by reason of their many follies. By great sin is there made a gulf wide and deep, which would separate forever the Father from the children of men.

73. Seeing, therefore, that God desires that he should restore unto himself the children of his soul, he has prepared a way by which the children of men might approach nigh unto the Father; which way is sure and safe, having been founded in the holiness of God.

74. For whosoever obtains this priesthood, whether male or female, shall find unto their soul an abundance of strength; they shall mount the wind as an eagle; they shall run and not be weary; in the pathway of his righteousness shall they walk and not faint.

75. In them shall God put forth the hand of blessing unto all the children of men, that all who should have desire might come to a knowledge of God.

76. Therefore, unto whatsoever person God shall grant the power of this priesthood, even that one shall have power to make intercession for the children of men, that all might come to an understanding of the mercies of God.

77. Unto them shall the bearers of priesthood go. And they shall lay themselves down, even as a sure pathway in a lone and weary land where no safety is, that all who should walk therein might find to their greater joy the deliverance of God.

78. And to all those who shall be faithful to do the works of priesthood shall God fulfill the promise of every good thing, for he shall grant unto them both exaltation and increase in the kingdom of the Father.”

Beginnings 28:71-78


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The content provided in this “Priesthood” entry can be found in Azrael’s Commentary (Song of God; 2nd edition 2012). An earlier version of this entry was included in the 2008 edition, and is available in the article: What is True Priesthood?


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