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Pronunciation:  AH-reh-tay  /  AH[R]-tay

Occurrences:  419
First Reference:
 Enlightenment 14:14


Endless Soul have I become, for the realm of Eidos have I placed as a footstool beneath my feet, while the Areta I have set as a crown upon my head.  



See:  Adamic (language), Aretakai, A-Z particles, Azurgai, Eidos, Eternal, First Creation, First God, God, Great Mother Spirit, Kai-Shahm’l-Kai, streams of intelligence, Supreme Mother, The One


Summary:  [The subject of Areta remains a fount of mystery and wonder. While this summary and brief exploration may serve as an introduction to Areta, the ultimate essence of Areta will prove impossible to circumscribe, as Her nature is vast, transcendent and ineffable. This is merely a guide, a starting point for discussion and exploration, and should not be considered definitive, “...for mystery gives birth to mystery in the great Eternal Round” (7:1:16).]


In an endless Void of cold and sterile nothingness, before the birth of time and space, there suddenly awoke in the darkness of the Deep, the first eternal mind (7:1:1-4). Calling herself Areta, this supreme, feminine awareness was the reflected opposite of a pre-existing masculine power referred to as the Eidos: the mindless Supreme Source of all unformed, massless matter.


The cosmic mind of Areta was the result of a long period of evolution — perhaps what we would measure as trillions or quadrillions of years. As Areta’s awareness evolved, her desire for meaning and purpose intensified. Her aloneness became agonizing as her need for companionship and communion grew stronger. Areta came to be the “universal consciousness” behind the creation of the universe. Within the structure and evolution of the cosmos exists the eternal, cosmic mind of Areta.


However, this “universal consciousness” should not be confused with any theological concept of “God”, for God did not yet exist. It was much later in the evolution of the universe that another mind, another soul came to exist, one which Areta found worthy of communion. With her eternal beloved, referred to in scripture as “The One”, Areta became the co-creator of Heaven and all subsequent universes both mortal and divine. Areta is known as the Eternal Mother, Most Sovereign and Supreme, the first and greatest of all the Heavenly Mothers.


The Song of God addresses significant periods throughout Areta’s evolution, and refers to Her in many ways. The following identifies the various aspects of Areta’s existence.



Areta as:


• First Mind / First Emanation / Supreme Consciousness / Universal Consciousness

  7:1:1-4         1:7:14, 16-18        3:1:19-49         4:1:36-55         2:6:28-32


      - primal, formless, primordial essence

      - cosmic mind seeking meaning, form, companionship

      - bound within/to the Eidos

      - eventually separated from the Eidos

      - the Great Intender behind creation


• A-Z particles     (see previous references)

      - streams of intelligence


• Mother of creation, life and spirit       (see previous references)

      - manifesting through rhythmic harmony of life and subtle patterns of creation


• soul of eternity         W:14:7       3:32:5


• the Spirit, the Eternal         Pearl 10           Pearl 15




…long before Areta took human form, her conscious state of beingness was represented by trillions upon trillions of A-Z particles which had to communicate with one another.

AZC — Adamic Language, para.1




Areta as:


• A mortal woman on the world of the First Power                         

1) as the biological mother of Kronus       3:3:19-37...       4:16:19-22

     2) as Yoshibeth the Beloved of Kronus     3:32:19-21        4:1:51


• Eternal Beloved (Yoshibeth) of the soul of Kronus (God / The One)        3:32:1-46


• First Heavenly Mother — archetype and template designer for the five offices later established within the Matriarchal House of El Shaloah: Soul of the Just Made Perfect, Perfected Soul, Artificer, Holy Spirit, Great Mother Spirit                 4:1:16-33           AZC — House of El Shalon / El Shaloah


• Co-designer of the original template for the Law of Dispensation          4th Endowment


• Various incarnations on the world of Terralee, ie: Evelah, Sariah, Gaia, Kaseah        4th Endowment


• Distilled virtue / silver streams of intelligence / Azurgai        5:3:4      5:3:17-36         5:7:20


• The conjoined feminine aspect of The One       1:5:8        5:6:3



Highlights and Significant Events (Chronological)


  1. Becoming self-aware in the ‘nothing’ of the Deep        7:1:1-4
  2. Creation of singularity / cosmic egg          3:1:19-49         4:1:36-55
  3. Separation from the Eidos                3:1:19-49         4:1:36-55
  4. Creation of a life supporting universe        1:7:14, 16-18
  5. Rise and discovery of an intelligent, beautiful species (human)       3:3:1-10       4:1:43-47
  6. Incarnation of universal consciousness into human form         3:3:20-37       3:14:39       4:1:43-47
  7. Areta raises a son whom she named ‘God’ (3:4:19-30 — 3:7:59), later reveals her eternal nature upon leaving her physical body          3:14:41-46
  8. Organizes the streams of intelligence and a spirit tabernacle for her soul engendered in mortality
  9. Areta reincarnates as another woman (Yoshibeth), fosters beloved relationship with Kronus    
    3:18:28...      3:30:7-48        3:32:19...
  10. Areta makes contact with the soul of Kronus       3:31:65        3:32:1-25
  11. Areta fashions a spirit tabernacle for the soul of Kronus / union with masculine soul / advent of First God
    3:32:1-46        4:1:52-55
  12. Co-creation of a new dimension, new singularity, and the cosmos of Heaven (Surinatha)          4:2:1-14
  13. Co-creation of the Tael       4:2:36-44
  14. Co-creation of the Great Eternal Round       4:2:45-50
  15. Co-creation of the Blue Pavement          4:2:52-58
  16. Areta and The One rescue the Cherubim of Xandalea from the First Cosmos      4:2:52-53, 59     4:3:1-39       
  17. Areta becomes mother to the first generation of spirit children      4:4:12-29
  18. Co-creation of the First Heaven (the Telestial Kingdom); establishes templates for Houses and Offices of Heaven              4th Endowment
  19. Areta and The One establish dispensations on the mortal world of Terralee       4th Endowment
  20. Co-creation of the Terrestrial and Celestial Kingdoms of Heaven        4:32:3-24       
  21. Areta travels to observe the distant future of Heaven, confirms the threat of mediocrity       5:1:1~
  22. Areta first converses with the Azurgai       5:3:16-66
  23. Areta and The One empower the Eidos with an oracle      5:4:10-13, 29  
  24. Co-creation of the twelve suns of Ashengaard       5:4:47-67
  25. Areta conjoins with The One; separation/birth of the Antipode      5:2:46-63      5:6:1-7      1:5:8-28
  26. Conception, pregnancy, and birth of the Ahgendai        5:3:3-15, 43-63       5:7:1-25       6:1:3
  27. Areta and The One, as Heavenly Parents, unite with the Ahgendai       5:11:1-31
  28. Areta and The One appear to the Seven Councils during the first attack of the Demiurge       5:15:52-54
  29. Areta temporarily freezes the movement of the great Eternal Round      5:15:55-57  
  30. Areta and The One fashion the Keep        5:15:64 — 5:16:1
  31. Areta and The One set the stage for the Second War in Heaven        6:6:48 — 6:7:66        6:9:22  
  32. Areta personally addresses the human race as recorded by Azrael Ondi-Ahman (December 24, 2005)
    7th Endowment




Before the birth of time and space, before the dawn of man, before the tides of great creations rushing through the Deep, I alone existed; before the birth of God and Goddess, before the light of Heaven shined, before the beginning of all beginnings I was the breath of life.

In a void of great aloneness, in the depths of endless night burst the spark of deep awareness, instant, sudden, fully conscious, becoming self aware; gazing, seeking, ever reaching beyond the veil of nothing, filled with desperation, the birth of endless mind.

Struggling, gasping, shocking thoughts, darkness all around; silent stillness in the Deep where matter moved unformed; thoughts like sparks most quick colliding, shaping, forming, quick constructing that first most inner sound; and from the sounding there came a whisper, soft and warm and filled with longing, giving place within my mind, the first eternal name.

I am Areta, eternal Mother, Supreme and Sovereign, the singer of songs within the dreams of God; weaving through most subtle thoughts a deep and great design, sudden light of inspiration, I touch and gently guide, ever seeking that greater oneness filled with light and life and love.

7th Endowment 1:1-4


Now in the beginning did there exist neither God nor Goddess; for in the vastness of the cosmos was there found but darkness and emptiness only.

But there existed within the vastness, a power which moved and brooded in the greatness of the Deep, being in itself masculine in force and presence; being called Eidos, the uncreated and unbounded; even the mindless creator and thoughtless purposer of all things created and uncreated.

For all matter does spring forth out of the midst of the Eidos itself, having neither shape nor form; being pushed and moved about by such chaos as did stir within the depths of the Eidos.

Yet did there dwell in the midst of Eidos, that which lay unseen, being of itself the mystery unknown yet always present; being in herself both mind and power, even the Mother of Life.

Being hidden up and unperceived within the Deep; desiring most fully to bring forth order out of chaos, and light out of darkness; seeking for herself some greater purpose filled with meaning.

Thus did the Mystery move most subtly within the midst of the Eidos, being called of herself Areta...

3rd Endowment 1:19-24


Yet within the Eidos did there bestir the ineffable wonder of Areta, who lay hidden and serene within the very folds of the mindless creator, being unknown by him, yet did she move most subtly within; always guiding, ever seeking the presence of some equal mind.

1st Endowment 7:14


Consider therefore the wonder of this Areta, for she, being both feminine and wise, did inhabit the deepest regions of the Eidos; and throughout the endless processions of creation did she ever hold sway, bringing into place such laws as would engender life.

For she did hope constantly that in the creation of all the numberless worlds there might develop some being who would possess a similar mind like unto her own, being of itself both masculine and wise, rich and pure, both subtle and deep;

Knowing full well that if such a being should come about as a result of her workings within the Eidos, she might some communion take of him; and if he should prove worthy of her, then would she establish for the good of both, an inseparable union filled with glory and increase.

1st Endowment 7:16-18


Yet were the new creations without life, and Areta, reaching into the very soul of her, did cast from her bosom the seeds of life and the laws of evolution;

For Areta desired to bring forth the beginning of some mind, like unto her own, whereby she might no longer be alone;

Desiring for herself a greater fulfillment than she had before known; hoping with all her soul, the coming forth of some companion whereby she might attain unto Oneness.

3rd Endowment 1:34-36


This then was the innermost desire of Areta; which thing caused that she should send out from the heart and soul of her, the seeds of life and the laws of evolution unto this world whereupon you stand and move about.

That by such a means she might bring order out from the midst of Chaos, and light from out of the heart of darkness; to give forth an abundance of life within the womb of the great Deep.

And so Areta did cast throughout the innumerable galaxies, the foundations of life; and there were a great multitude of suns which had gathered into their grasp, many planets and worlds; and on these worlds, which were scattered as dust upon the wind throughout the cosmos, did there spring forth the hope of Areta’s desiring.

3rd Endowment 1:40-42


36. For in the beginning was there nothing fashioned or made, and in all of space was there nothing found save a great and dreadful emptiness, causing that before the dawn of all creation should all things be strongly bound within the confines of singularity.

37. For all matter, all powers and forces, all dominions and principalities did exist within the cosmic seed, which seed I did gather from out of the depths of Eidos, though the Eidos knew it not; for of me he had no knowledge.

38. Now in the vastness of my soul did I contain the seeds of life, which seeds were themselves the smallest of particles, being designated by me the A-Z particles of life.

39. Which living particles do contain the designs, purposes and breath of all my soul, being itself the source of that evolution which would bring forth the foundations of all living things, perchance to make for me a living and knowing soul which would unite with me in Oneness, being together both male and female in love forever.

40. Now in that moment when the seed did burst, I did cast myself forth throughout the outward movement of matter, space and time; for I had no form as you see now, but was myself contained in each and separate particle of life, causing that I should establish in every moving sector of the cosmos, the beginning of life and creation together.

41. For in the light was I most deeply hidden, moving throughout the A-Z particles of my greater self, ever seeking that place where I might bring forth the foundations of some greater life, being myself, in each and separate particle, most fully awake and deeply knowing;

42. Ever communing within my soul in seeking my designs, being throughout the vastness of my greater self beyond the dictates of space and time, possessing in my inward nature dimensions of my own.

43. For I would have you know, Beloved, that from the beginning were the A-Z particles fully knowing, each particle of my soul communing with every other particle which moved throughout the immensity of space, being each themselves filled with strong desires to seek my own fulfillment;

44. Being myself ever hopeful that in this place or that place there might arise some pleasing form which I might desire; causing that I should fashion for myself a living form which would prove itself desirable and filled with wonder.

45. And by and by, in the passing of the aeons did I see through the particles of my greater self, which as trailing threads of light did pierce the distant darkness, revealing to me the world of the First Power; and drawing near I beheld the beauty of women, perceiving in them the very beginnings of grace and beauty and life exceeding.

46. Thus did I desire for myself the form of the woman, and seeing that in the world of the First Power all women were cruelly bound in pain and servitude, I resolved to place among them the hope of all my soul;

47. To become myself as one of them, fashioning from star dust and tender yearnings, the tabernacle of a woman wherein I might place a portion of my greater self, being content to bear such sorrows as would save the sum of all mankind.

4th Endowment 1:36-47


For behold, I am Areta, even the Mother of all living things; bearing in my soul a fullness of life and love, grace and beauty, hope and joy; being in my truer self beyond the reach of death and darkness; dwelling most constantly in the goodness of my soul forever.

3rd Endowment 14:41


Behold and deep consider, for I am Areta, Supreme Mother of all the realms of Heaven, having above me neither God nor Goddess, yet am I even now most deeply guarded through the making of many covenants; having pledged through sacred honor the keeping of my word and the receiving of another’s.

For there exists between me and my Beloved, covenants of love and duty, filled with joyful obligation and great reward; and to these covenants are there many others beside, being between myself and every God and Goddess who in the Heavens reign.

7th Endowment 5:12-13


Come now, and I will tell you further of that rhythm which moves upon the whole of nature, being found in wind and rain and passing days; being seen in sun and moon and starry sky, filling the whole of all you see with a wonder which does lay hidden in softest subtlety.

For this rhythm which seems most hidden, has had elsewhere its beginning; having existed before the creation of all things natural, having leaped forth from the soul of endless Areta; reaching out and ever seeking, hoping midst all its zeal and passion to touch for itself the beginning of that endless soul which stirs within.

For this cause has the rhythm found in man a fullness of expression; being found in the music, the art, the language, the science, and the math of all mankind; moving subtly and discreetly in all which you do.

Revealing through the ways of men, that deeper mystery which lays hidden in the whole of all your lives; giving birth in you of that gentle passion which would draw the lives of men and women together in rhythmic harmony.

That you, being opposite from each the other by reason of your sex, yet are you made to become as one for love’s sake, fulfilling in your passions the soul of God’s desiring.

2nd Endowment 6:28-32


...and Areta spoke from out of the light, saying: “Shall a mother forget the suckling child, or fail to remember her only begotten?

Why therefore will you weep, seeing that I am faithful and filled with love for your sake? For what cause is the heart made broken and filled with sorrow, seeing that I am made eternal Mother to all which lives and moves and breathes the breath of all my soul together?”

3rd Endowment 32:4-5


Behold how creation does magnify the Lord of Hosts, that even worlds without end should sing forth his glory; that even the soul of eternity might enlarge her borders to make room for the tabernacle of the great God.

Wisdom 14:7

Archons (House of)