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Pronunciation:  suhr-ih-NAH-thuh

Occurrences:  4

First Reference:  6th Endowment 9:1


And the Darkness swiftly gathered, to press itself against the boundaries of Surinatha, which Surinatha is a sphere of light which does encompass even all the cosmos which surrounds Olaha Shinehah and the Celestial Kingdom all together; being itself the boundary which would hide within its brightness the boundless and eternal.



See:  Eternal Round, Heaven


Summary:  The Surinatha refers to an immense sphere of light that contains within its boundaries the cosmos of God and Heaven (6:9:1). All the billions of galaxies that comprise the Olaha Shinehah (Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms), as well as the solar systems of the Celestial Kingdom are all orbiting the center core of the Surinatha. At the very center of the Surinatha is found a special type of singularity referred to by the author as Factor X (AZC — Eternal Round: Absolute Zero). The Surinatha serves as a boundary and barrier which separates the realms of God — which realms are governed by celestial physics — from the realms of all other lesser creations which have their own unique set of lesser physics.



Azrael’s Commentary — Surinatha


The Surinatha is an immense, immeasurable sphere of brilliant light which contains within its vastness the cosmos of God’s Heaven. All the billions upon billions of swirling galaxies which move throughout the Olaha Shinehah, as well as the worlds and suns of the Celestial Kingdom are found within the boundaries of the great Surinatha. However, this light moves outward from Surinatha; it does not move inward. Why? Primarily because of two principles peculiar to celestial physics. One principle is that of Barrier Dynamics, and in the case of the Surinatha, this deals primarily with sheer overwhelming distance.


Think of Surinatha as a very large beach ball that measures ten feet in diameter. In the very center of the beach ball is the Olaha Shinehah, with the Celestial Kingdom at its core. These three kingdoms of glory taken all together would be no larger than a single grain of sand relative to the size of the beach ball. This means that the inner lining of the Surinatha is so far away from the outer edge of the Olaha Shinehah that the light of Surinatha just cannot reach across the enormous distance involved. And it is this distance which acts as a barrier. Add to this enormous barrier the phase shift caused by another principle of celestial physics known as the Multi-Dimensional Constant, and you might understand why a person standing on one of the worlds of the Terrestrial Kingdom, looking up into the night sky would see only a dark sky filled with stars instead of the horizon to horizon shimmer of light caused by the Surinatha.


But why did God create the Surinatha? Simply stated: the Surinatha is the ultimate barrier which separates the realm of celestial physics from the physics of all other lesser creations. These lesser creations are found in a multitude of other universes which lie outside the vast boundary of the Surinatha itself. The physics of Heaven are far beyond the physics which govern this cosmos in which you presently find yourself.


What causes the Surinatha to shine? The first part of that answer is simple. It is heat caused by friction created between the lesser physics of the lesser creations pushing against the physics of God which are found within the cosmos of Heaven itself. In fact, this friction is caused by the enormous pressure of many universes pushing against the event horizon of the Surinatha. This outside pressure is so great that it would cause the Surinatha to collapse in upon itself if it were not for the fact that the higher physics of Heaven exerted an equal pressure of its own. Thus the intense pressures from outside are equally matched by forces within the Surinatha. And it is this which creates the light of Surinatha. Remember, heat and light go together. A lump of iron will glow with inner light if you get it hot enough. These equally balanced forces insure that the Surinatha will remain stable and constant throughout eternity. There is no possibility of the Surinatha collapsing in upon itself, or of the Surinatha expanding so quickly that it would extinguish itself in a cataclysmic super-mega big bang. Theoretically, such a super-mega big bang would not only destroy Heaven, but it would extinguish every cosmos outside the Surinatha.



Creation of the Surinatha

While the Surinatha is not referred to by name until the 6th Endowment (6:9:1), it is likely (yet unconfirmed) that the cosmic creation event presented in the 4th Endowment portrays the conception and initial creation of the Surinatha. Following their union as First God, Areta and The One created a new dimension wherein they formed a new singularity from which the cosmos of the First Heaven would arise (4:2:1-14). After the birth of this new universe, God eventually interrupted the natural expansion-contraction life-cycle of the cosmos, causing all matter to begin revolving in a single plane around a central point of attraction (4:2:44-50). This marked the birth of the Great Eternal Round, which cosmic structure would continue to evolve for eternities to come.



Other Universes

The Song of God puts forth a cosmology that supports the existence of parallel universes, or a multiverse (AZC — Surinatha). Other universes mentioned in scripture in addition to Surinatha include: Alu-Shali, Shah-Malan, and the cosmos of the First Creation — the first universe to arise from the workings of the cosmic consciousness referred to as Areta.



Surinatha and the First Cosmos

As a recent development stemming from the rise of the Ahgendai and the Antipode, and the subsequent wars in Heaven, the cosmos of the Surinatha (and perhaps the multiple universes joined to the Surinatha) was connected to the cosmos of the First Creation with a great vortex, constructed by the Azraella Ahgendai (6:12:2, 42-44). According to Azrael’s Commentary:


“It was with the creation of the great vortex that the Surinatha began its long journey around the First Cosmos, like a beach ball tied by a tether. This great orbit is what empowers the Ahgendai to travel quickly between the First Cosmos and the Celestial Kingdom of God.”

(AZC — Eternal Round: Mahaliel)   



Yaldabaoth Penetrates the Surinatha

The Chief Demiurgos, Yaldabaoth, and his ten massive armies successfully pierced the boundary of the Surinatha, to battle against the Ahgendai and the armies of Light during the Second War in Heaven (6:8:56-58; 6:9:1-10).




Now throughout the kingdoms of the Light did even all know of the coming of Yaldabaoth and all his armies with him; seeking at the Surinatha to find therein a passage, and in the finding cause that there should pour into the cosmos wherein the Heavens dwelt, a flood of utter darkness filled with hateful rage.

6th Endowment 9:6


Now at Soli-Endi-Muhat did the Koshendai break asunder the binding seals of Wabbisura, permitting that they should bind together opposing fields of great dimensions to create a vast, invisible vortex which did connect together the cosmos of the Heavens with the cosmos of the First Creation.

6th Endowment 12:2


[...] “For all creation, not only on this earth but within the vastness of the cosmos itself, is the result of a vast array of inter-locking mathematical formulas. Added to this are the creations found within the realms of Heaven itself. All powers, dominions and principalities of eternity have their origin in some mathematical construct.”

AZC — House of Sabaoth; para. 1

Susanna of Jotapata