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Sabaoth (House of)


Pronunciation:  SAW-bay-oth

Occurrences:  4

First Reference:  Enlightenment 3:3


And there were also added unto these the House of Shevas and the House of Sabaoth, being in their fashion made after the Order of Xanathea.



See:  Celestial Kingdom, Elohim, Houses (seven), Quorums (twelve)


Summary:  The Celestial Kingdom consists of seven Councils of Light. Each Council contains seven organizational bodies called Houses, with each House containing within itself twelve Quorums. While the same Houses and the Quorums exist throughout all seven Councils of Light, the mandates of each vary according to the Council.


 Seven Houses of Heaven               Presiding Priesthood


House of Mithron                                  Patriarchal / Matriarchal

House of El Shalon                               Patriarchal

House of El Shaloah                             Matriarchal

House of Shevas                                  Patriarchal / Matriarchal

House of Sabaoth                                 Patriarchal / Matriarchal

House of Archons                                 Patriarchal

House of Valhaladea                            Matriarchal



Azrael’s Commentary - House of Sabaoth



Primarily patriarchal in nature, after the Order of Xanathea. This House deals with the pure mathematical theory behind the application of divine will and power as it pertains to all realms of natural law, as well as the endless continuum of eternity itself. When you consider that a single blade of grass is the result of a mathematical construct, you begin to get a sense of the complex work being done within the House of Sabaoth. For all creation, not only on this earth but within the vastness of the cosmos itself, is the result of a vast array of inter-locking mathematical formulas. Added to this are the creations found within the realms of Heaven itself. All powers, dominions and principalities of eternity have their origin in some mathematical construct.

This vast sea of mathematical theory is applied to the creation and maintenance of the Grand Etherium, both within the natural realm of mortal life as well as the eternal realms of Heaven. The supreme result of which is the creation and function of the Tael.

The House of Sabaoth is responsible for maintaining the unique balance and function of all dimensions, primes and fractals of the space/time continuum; especially as they relate to the kingdoms, powers and dimensions of the heavenly estates. To achieve this supreme harmony, the House of Sabaoth works closely with the House of Archons and the House of Valhaladea.

On a personal note, whenever I wish to surround myself in the pure essence of beauty and harmony, I go spend some time in the House of Sabaoth. For in truth, all beauty and harmony begins first in the House of Sabaoth; they are the end result of a well-ordered mind. It is in the House of Sabaoth that the mathematical foundations behind the writing of scriptures first takes place.

Finally, the blue pavement that you often read about in the scriptures is constructed mathematically within the House of Sabaoth. Its purpose is to cover vast distances by folding space and bending time.



Azrael’s Commentary - House of Archons


[...] When Artificers (both a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother) desire to create a mortal world for their spirit children, they first apply themselves to the House of Archons. The Archons design a world specifically for the Heavenly Parents, and designate the region within a specified galaxy where the mortal world may be created in order to provide the greatest benefit to those spirit children who wish to progress towards God.

The amount of space within a designated region is enormous and always contains within its boundaries at least three nebulas from which a sun may be created and planets placed in orbit around it. All the math behind such a venture is provided by the House of Sabaoth. [...]




On Jeruel did the Elohim gather, in Salem of Merigoth did the Lords and Gods assemble themselves in solemn array.

Before the throne of Ahman did the congregations of Heaven draw nigh; and there was foremost among them the House of Archons and the House of Valhaladea, being made after the Order of Kolob.

And there were also added unto these the House of Shevas and the House of Sabaoth, being in their fashion made after the Order of Xanathea.

To these also were gathered the House of El Shalon and the House of El Shaloah, and the House of Mithron, being of themselves fashioned after the Order of Jeruel.

Enlightenment 3:1-4


In the Season of the Song, by the waters of Yoshibeth did the Lords and Gods of Elohim gather, and there assembled before Galendriel certain mothers of the heavenly hosts:

From the House of El Shaloah stood forth Sophiel, Bythiel, and Myriel; from the House of Sabaoth drew near Sabriel, Ramniel, and Saerel; and with these came also Rutheniel being Beloved of Shaemdiel.

Enlightenment 4:1-2


And Shaemdiel, hearing for himself the joyous shout of the heavenly host, turned himself to see; and he beheld the spirit children of God flying swiftly away, and with a great rage he leaped forth into the air that he might give both chase and battle.

But there descended immediately from the heavenly abode the House of Shevas, and the House of Valhaladea, and the House of Sabaoth, and the House of Mithron, being led in glorious array.

And between the Mother and Shaemdiel did they quickly take up place; and the legions of Shaemdiel shrank at the very sight of them.

Enlightenment 9:58-60


Hear then this mystery which I would reveal to the Keeper of Covenants whereby you might prove most deeply knowing; for on the plains of Kuristan, by the city of Mitanni did Shaemdiel gather to steal away his lineage from out of the very Keep.

And there arrived upon the fields of battle the House of Shevas and the House of Valhaladea, the House of Sabaoth and the House of Mithron being themselves, all in all, led by Michael the Arch-Angel.

Which Houses, in all their several powers and glories became as a wall which would shield Galendriel from the wrath of a prideful son; becoming to Shaemdiel and his legions even as a barrier which would prevent Shaemdiel from wounding deep his own soul in the doing of evil.

6th Endowment 2:7-9