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Pronunciation:  AHR-kahn

Occurrences:  26

First Reference:  5th Endowment 2:30    


The Archons of God are quick to love, being themselves the creators of Heaven’s glory; being themselves repulsed by needless death, destruction and war. Ever choosing for themselves the things of greatest worth and beauty; being themselves filled with holiness and gentleness graced by a good and happy humor.



See:  Arch-Angel, Archons (House of), Aretakai, Celestial Kingdom, Chief Archon, God, Valhaladea (House of)


Summary:  An Archon is an Arch-Angel. All Archons are Gods. They are the greatest, most powerful, most glorified citizens of the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven. The term Archon is masculine and denotes a father Arch-Angel, while the Adamic word “Aretakai” is feminine, and is used to denote a mother Arch-Angel. In the Song of God, use of the term Archon is not always gender specific, and often refers to both the Gods and Goddesses of Heaven.


Various Gnostic cosmologies portray Archons as representatives of evil, or rulers that serve the Demiurge and strive to keep divine souls ensnared in the material world. Models that portray Archons in this way reflect a distortion of gnosis and misrepresent the true nature and agenda of the Archons. These cosmologies should not be confused with the cosmology presented in the Song of God. To quote from a list of Basic Beliefs written by the author of the scriptures:


“True Gnostics should not be confused with the false Gnostics of ages past, as represented by the codices and tractates discovered at Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in 1945. Neither are we representative of those Gnostics which early church fathers argued against in their efforts to establish a single church orthodoxy with its attendant ecclesiastical authority.”

Wood (2015), Song of God - Living Gnosis of the Ahgendai; p ix


The most exalted Archons of the celestial Council of Elohim are members of the House of Archons. Patriarchal in function, the House of Archons represents the supreme will of The One. While the Father Ahman (Noeiel) presides over the House of Archons, there are seven positions filled by the highest ranking Archons of the Elohim. Foremost among these seven captains or “mighty ones” (B:22:4; W:2:38) is the Chief Archon, who is nearest to Ahman in power and authority. The seven captains of the House of Archons are responsible for initiating and presiding over the seven dispensations established upon this world. All dispensational leaders are incarnated Arch-Angels.



Seven Captains of the House of Archons (Elohim)


Michael  (Chief Archon who replaced his older brother Shaemdiel)









Other Significant Archons


Noeiel  (Father Ahman of the Council of Elohim)

Henliel  (Father Ahman of the Council of Elolam)

Pajmiel  (Father Ahman of the Council of Elkashie)

Shoandiel  (Father Ahman of the Council of Shem El Koreem)

Dahmiel  (Father Ahman of the Council of El Ramadee; was destroyed by Yaldabaoth)

Shuliel  (Father Ahman of the Council of El Kolobree)

Kikuriel  (Father Ahman of the Council of El Jor El)


Shaemdiel  (Former Chief Archon of Elohim)

Solobriel  (Chief Guardian of the city of Jerrusha)



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Consider now the greatest of all the citizens of eternity, even the Arch-Angels of Elohim; these are they who possess unto their glory celestial bodies of flesh and bone, being unlike the natural man, having taken unto themselves a fullness of beauty and light exceeding.

Wisdom 14:22


Likewise, when the dispensations of God which are given unto the children of men upon the earth are completed, there shall be prepared for this Emmanuel a celestial tabernacle like unto my own. And he shall be nurtured in the bosom of eternity, and even as his Father is, so shall he become an Arch-Angel of the Most High God.

Behold, the Arch-Angels of God give birth to Gods, for surely they are Gods; and from innumerable spirits which are organized do the souls of the Gods come. But unto which of many spirits shall the glory of godliness be given?

Therefore, was a way prepared whereby the most noble of all spirits should be made manifest, and that they should progress throughout all the generations of eternity, until they should become even as Emmanuel, and when the aeons of their probation are accomplished, when they have completed the way which is set before them, then shall they be born unto their Heavenly Father and Mother, and in the bosom of their glory dwell.

For behold, the creations of God are without end and none know the beginning from the end thereof. For in the beginning was I like unto man, and even as I am now, might all become if it so be that they shall be holy and follow the Lord their God and him only serve.

Wisdom 16:23-26


And Michael spoke again, saying: “Consider then how that the Arch-Angel is the source from which all things of spirit and soul have their beginning, for the Arch-Angel is in every deed a Father, and from him do these things have their beginning.

And all worlds whereupon the children of men might dwell have they decreed and set in their orbits, that they might travel in their course around the suns which were ordained unto them.

Therefore, for this reason has the Father of All, even Ahman, ordained unto the sons of his lineage, even Arch-Angels, the Law of Dispensation and the administration thereof, that even God might establish tabernacles wherein the spirits of many might dwell. Thus is the way set forth wherein the Heavenly Father might exalt many by reason of those words which he spoke unto the children of men when he came to dwell among them.

Therefore, over all the worlds of creation whereunto the children of men are made to dwell, has God ordained unto each seven dispensations, and over each has he set his Arch-Angels, that they might bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

And God ordained that the eldest among the Arch-Angels should preside in all righteousness over all the dispensations which are established.

Wisdom 16:41-45


Consider how great this mystery is: that over each dispensation an Arch-Angel is given power and authority, that he might bring about the great designs of God. That when they should again enter mortality, they might teach unto all who are able great knowledge, even the knowledge of God.

Wisdom 16:48


Behold the House of the Archons, over which shall preside even the very King of Heaven, even Ahman, the Father of All; and on his right hand shall stand the Ancient of Days even Michael, who shall stand forth as Chief Archon before all the great and mighty.

Wisdom 24:20


Archie D. Wood, Sr.
Archons (House of)