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Demiurge / Demiurgos


Pronunciation:  DEHM-ee-urzh

Occurrences:  242

First Reference:  Yeshua 52:36


And unto this did Yeshua add the truth of dread Jehovah, being himself a Demiurge of wrath and fearful judgment; having himself, since ancient times, corrupted the teachings which came from Heaven; to make himself through great perversions, the god of priests and prophets.


See:  Anchillicus, Antipode, Doud, Jehovah-Yahweh, Kalliform, Kezan, Nemesis, Yaldabaoth

 The term Demiurgos refers to a nefarious species that arose from what was initially referred to as the Antipode: a feeble shade of ancient hate buried deep within the soul of The One, First Father God and co-creator of Heaven. This dark shade was forced out of The One when he and his eternal Beloved, Areta, conjoined into an unprecedented state of Oneness (5:2:46-53; 5:6:1-6). Hoping to save Heaven from the slow and creeping demise of mediocrity and complacency, The One and Areta agreed to empower the Antipode, and allow it to grow and mature into a powerful enemy, a force of darkness foreordained to rise up as the Nemesis and Eternal Adversary of God and Heaven (1:5:11-15). After spending eternities in the harsh environment of the Abyss, the Antipode eventually declared himself as Yaldabaoth: Chief of the Demiurgos, Lord of Darkness, Father of Chaos.


With the exception of Areta, The One, and the Ahgendai, the rise of the Demiurge came as a surprise to the citizens of Heaven, as they were unaware of the Demiurge’s existence until Yaldabaoth escaped the Abyss and attacked the realms of the Telestial Kingdom. It was then that the dreadful power and presence of the Demiurge became known (E:1:1-25; 5:15:1-79; First War).


While Yaldabaoth’s first attack was interrupted by the Ahgendai, the Demiurge remained committed to breaching the light of the Celestial realm and infecting Heaven with darkness. This effort led to the seduction and corruption of Shaemdiel, Chief Archon of the Council of Elohim (E:1:26-45; 1:4:15-41).


Following the First War against Heaven, Yaldabaoth was made to realize the necessity of creating a dark army. This led him to create, or emanate, a son like unto himself. Calling him Jehovah-Yahweh, this bastard son was the first and most powerful of ten dark princes to arise from the mind of Yaldabaoth (1:6:13-22; 5:17:52-65).


The Demiurgos eventually came to dwell in this very cosmos that we humans are currently observing, designated in scripture as the cosmos of the First Creation (1:4:28-29; E:1:48-60). This was foreordained by Areta and The One, who determined that the First Cosmos was the only suitable place (and time) for the Demiurgos to exist, as it was a cosmos not created by God.


Upon their arrival in the First Cosmos, Yaldabaoth and Jehovah-Yahweh set about establishing their dominion from which to launch future attacks against the distant realms of Heaven. Having discovered the world of the First Power (Earth), and that it was not yet inhabited by humans, Yaldabaoth initiated what is known as the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, which occurred some 66 million years ago (1:7:20-44).


As life began to flourish once again, Yaldabaoth commanded Jehovah-Yahweh to establish dominion over the earth, and to seek out that peculiar species that would eventually give birth to God (1:2:15-17). Since the rise of modern humans, Jehovah-Yahweh has worked — through wrathful threats and sly corruptions (E:7:38-47) — to establish himself as god and creator of this world, seeking to cast into servitude those who would be compelled by fear or seduced through dark emotions and bitter thoughts. God and Heaven have sought to counter the designs of the Demiurgos by means of Dispensationalism. The first dispensation was initiated by Adam and Eve around 12,775 BCE.


Representing the Eternal Adversary, the Demiurgos prefer darkness to light, death to life, evil instead of good, and hate and war instead of love and harmony (1:5:21). Under the command of Yaldabaoth, Jehovah-Yahweh seeks to bind humankind in darkness and despair, extending efforts to scatter, corrupt, pervert, and distort the teachings that come from God (1:11:40-49).


Thus would Yaldabaoth seek through dark designs to steal away from out of your heart and mind, the lights of wisdom, benevolence, faith, justice, fortitude, beauty and harmony; leaving in their stead a great many burdens filled with dread and deep foreboding.

Stealing away the light of God which would make you bold in all your striving, to give instead the darkness of fear and ignorance and deep despair; causing that all who would seek the greater portion should be weighed down by the shadows of their life; to surrender through weariness the vision of greater things, deep and holy.

~6th Endowment 1:35-36




Hierarchy of the Demiurgos      (6th Endowment 11:54-59)


Yaldabaoth - Chief of the Demiurgos


     Kalliform - created by Yaldabaoth, the Kalliform serve as the Chief Demiurge’s personal guard and army, defending him against attacks from the dark princes


         Dark Princes (ten) - sons / emanations of Yaldabaoth's mind        


Jehovah-Yahweh - first and strongest of the ten princes       (6th Endowment 5:60)











Doud - intelligent emanations of the dark princes, the Doud serve at the behest of their creator
See:  Anchillicus          (
6th Endowment 1:46-47)


Kezan - mindless emanations of the Doud, the Kezan are driven by hate, ruled over harshly by the Doud




Books Prominently Featuring the Demiurge




Birth of the Demiurge — First War against Heaven — Demiurge in the world of the First PowerSophiel converses with Jehovah-Yahweh — Shaemdiel and lineage cast to the realms of the Demiurge — Lucifer and Jehovah-Yahweh battle



1st Endowment


Hidden designs behind the rise of Yaldabaoth and fall of Shaemdiel — Birth and nature of Yaldabaoth of Jehovah-Yahweh — Demiurgos arrive in the cosmos of the First Creation — Jehovah-Yahweh declares himself as god — Contentions between Lucifer and Jehovah-Yahweh — Jehovah-Yahweh confronts Adam and Eve



2nd Endowment


Azrael journeys to the realms of the Demiurge and defends Mankind against the indictments of Jehovah-Yahweh



5th Endowment


Reasoning and circumstances behind the decision to bring forth the Antipode — Purpose of the Nemesis — Strengthening the Antipode — The Eidos, the Antipode, and the Ahgendai — Rise of Yaldabaoth — Yaldabaoth escapes the Abyss — Yaldabaoth attacks the Terrestrial realms of Heaven — Casualties of the First War — End of the First War



6th Endowment


Details regarding the nature and purpose of the Demiurge — Rise of the Demiurge army — Anticipating the Second War — Conflict between Jehovah-Yahweh and Shaemdiel — Beginning of the Second War — Armies of Light battle against the Armies of Darkness




• The Ahgendai were created to defend Heaven against the dark forces of the Demiurge. Yaldabaoth and the Azraella are — from a certain perspective — brothers (5:6:13).


• The Demiurgos traveled (were led) back through time and space, from the realms of Heaven to the cosmos of the First Creation (6:1:31-32). Their arrival, and not-so-subtle interaction with this cosmos and this earth, initiated a new timeline, a replication of the original timeline in which Kronus lived (3rd Endowment).


• It was Jehovah-Yahweh who gave to the fallen angel Shaemdiel the name “Lucifer” (E:10:34).


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(Words of The One)

But in that moment when the Areta became one with me, to dwell in harmony forever, there leaped out of me this darker shade which stood as distinct and alone unto itself; and I perceived still some greater opportunity which, if acted upon boldly and with wisdom, would lead still to a glory far beyond all things glorious.

Thus did I begin to lay the foundations for the greatest glory of all; for I determined that I would make for myself a perfect opposite, an antipode which would press hard against me at every turn, that perchance he might destroy me altogether.

Therefore, my son, did I reason rightly to make for myself this great and unyielding foe, this relentless Nemesis which would come forth as Yaldabaoth, to strike hard and battle against me, to destroy forever the kingdoms of God.

For I would guard well the kingdoms of the greater Light against that stale complacency which would lay waste to the whole of all our glory, to destroy forever Hodos Alea;

For the true danger which would prove the ruin and desolation of this heavenly light was never found in the opposition of evil as some might suppose, but rather in the mediocrity and the shadows of those vain imaginings which would make as ruin the very soul of all our glory.

1st Endowment 5:11-15


(Words of The One)

For this cause alone did I determine to cast the shade of my lesser self into the very heart of the great Abyss where the Eidos is made to dwell, knowing full well that in the time appointed there would leap from the darkness this very Yaldabaoth which I would use to further the whole of my design.

Thus would I create from the Antipode, the very enemy of God, possessing unto himself a purpose and identity peculiar to himself, being made forever the Chief Demiurgos, Lord of Darkness, Father of Chaos; having in his soul an endless thirst for that darker glory which he alone can see.

For he shall prefer darkness to light, and power to glory; he will prefer death to life, evil instead of good, hate and war instead of love and harmony; being in his soul the only evil which is absolute and undiluted;

Hating with perfect zeal, the glories and wonders of the greater Light; striving with all his might to find those means by which he would destroy forever the kingdom of God, taking to his darkened soul that revenge which he would have against me.

Thus would I make for myself this perfect enemy, this relentless foe; knowing full well that if I should prove less in my resolve to continue in the paths of glory, then would I stand as defeated before the darkness of the Demiurge.

Now, my son, would the struggle between good and evil cease to exist within the soul of me, but would rage constant war without; knowing full well that the prize to be won is not the single soul only, but the whole of all our glory would I place in constant risk; for in the endless reaches of my soul have I established the fullness of Heaven’s glory.

1st Endowment 5:19-24


(Words of The One)

Consider then, my Mahaleenah, the depths of my designs; for in the musings of my holy quorum was there seen a need for a school of constant struggle, dark and filled with trouble; whereby I might test such Gods as would seek for themselves the glory of the Ahgendai.

Setting before the Lords and Gods of Elohim two teachers which were opposite from each the other; for in the one is there found a teacher of darkness and chaos, even the Lord of Doom who would afflict the righteous with all manner of trials and burdens whereby he might break and shatter the faith and will of those who would prove eager in achieving some greater glory.

Thus would Yaldabaoth seek through dark designs to steal away from out of your heart and mind, the lights of wisdom, benevolence, faith, justice, fortitude, beauty and harmony; leaving in their stead a great many burdens filled with dread and deep foreboding.

Stealing away the light of God which would make you bold in all your striving, to give instead the darkness of fear and ignorance and deep despair; causing that all who would seek the greater portion should be weighed down by the shadows of their life; to surrender through weariness the vision of greater things, deep and holy.

6th Endowment 1:33-36


(Words of Ahman)

[...] ”Let us therefore with all certainty give unto the world of First Man the Law of Dispensation; for you know full well that in yonder world the Demiurge have even now set forth to rule;

That by taking to themselves the very place of God’s beginning they might subvert completely the very kingdom of God, for even they would make as rubble this heavenly abode, and all the glory which we have made shall be as broken ruin about our feet, to be consumed forever in darkness.

Seeing therefore the urgency of our need, let us act wisely regarding the purposes of those dispensations which we would set rightly over that distant world; for by our subtle designs shall we make as naught the full designs of Yaldabaoth, to steal from out of the darkness, the very seed of God.

Giving to that distant world, goodness in place of evil, light in place of darkness, hope in place of despair, joy in place of sorrow, peace in place of war and life in place of death.

Let us therefore make certain the whole of our intent, for even we would make war most subtly against the designs of Yaldabaoth; that where he would establish in the minds of men the rule of evil, even we shall establish in the heart the goodness of God;

That where he would make corrupt the fallen angels of light, even we would set forth in power to redeem the whole of them from darkness, to set their feet again in glory; that in the midst of joyful weeping, even all might sing and dance again in the heavenly light.

1st Endowment 8:13-18


Come then and this mystery receive, for in the beginning did Adam and Eve bring forth from the very Heavens, the first of the gnosis to seed among the tribes of man; and when they were planted, then came the minions of the Demiurge to uproot and to scatter what God had foreordained...

Thus throughout each succeeding dispensation did God continue in faith to give even more of the gnosis, here a little there a little; yet did the minions of the Demiurge strive by every means to hide the things of God in darkness, being hopeful to drown in obscurity the light of greater things.

Wisdom 29:6, 8


Yet are the religions of man filled with great confusions born of fear, having been perverted through the many minions of Jehovah, who in the name of many gods did mislead and misdirect the children which were born of God, being themselves most anxious to steal away the children that we love.

By this means did Jehovah place before the minds of men, the teachings of lesser men which were not of God, but which sought instead to appease their dreadful master lest they themselves should perish in a hell of their devising.

7th Endowment 2:58-59


Denali (river)