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Occurrences:  102  (not including “Lord of Darkness”)

First Reference:  Enlightenment 1:35


I am he whose name is unspeakable, whose countenance unknowable, whose power is greater than any other; for Darkness and Depth have I created, and the glory of all lesser things have I weighed in the hand.



See:  Abyss, Antipode, Chaos, Deep/Depth, Demiurge, Dominion, Evil, Light, Lord of Darkness, Nemesis, Yaldabaoth


Summary:  The term “darkness” is often used as a metaphor to portray certain inner experiences like sorrow, anger, bitterness, despair, hate, shame, fear, or ignorance. Conversely, the term “light” is often used in conjunction with concepts such as: integrity, virtue, truth, joy, love, liberty, understanding, inspiration, or spirit essence. While the proper noun “Light” is used to describe various characteristics or experiences of Areta and The One, or God, or God’s domain, the proper noun “Darkness” is used to describe Yaldabaoth, the Nemesis of God, his Demiurge hordes, or the realms which they have occupied.  


Chronologically, the earliest use of the term “Darkness” in scripture is found in the 5th Endowment when The One is revealing his plans to Areta about bringing forth an adversary of great power, a Nemesis that could potentially destroy all of Heaven:


Therefore, my Love, let go your fear and in your heart cease to tremble; for it is only our wish that we make Heaven seem forever new and filled with wonder.

And though the Darkness should shake it fiercely without relent, still shall the Heavens hold well their place...

5th Endowment 2:22-23


The One describes the intended nature and disposition of his perfect enemy, brought forth from the Antipode:


Thus would I create from the Antipode, the very enemy of God, possessing unto himself a purpose and identity peculiar to himself, being made forever the Chief Demiurgos, Lord of Darkness, Father of Chaos; having in his soul an endless thirst for that darker glory which he alone can see.

For he shall prefer darkness to light, and power to glory; he will prefer death to life, evil instead of good, hate and war instead of love and harmony; being in his soul the only evil which is absolute and undiluted;

Hating with perfect zeal, the glories and wonders of the greater Light; striving with all his might to find those means by which he would destroy forever the kingdom of God, taking to his darkened soul that revenge which he would have against me.

Thus would I make for myself this perfect enemy, this relentless foe; knowing full well that if I should prove less in my resolve to continue in the paths of glory, then would I stand as defeated before the darkness of the Demiurge.

1st Endowment 5:20-23


It is interesting to note that the Antipode, the birthseed of Yaldabaoth, first introduced himself to the Eidos, saying: “I am Darkness”. Upon first meeting the Antipode, the Eidos (having been empowered by an oracle of thought and beingness) determined to forge a mighty ally, “one to rule the darkness”, to become the “Lord of Darkness” who would serve the Eidos in battling against The One (5:6:24-32).


Yaldabaoth’s heredity and early environment forged him to become the antithesis, the Nemesis of God and Heaven and virtue — an intelligent manifestation and typification of darkness itself. For eternities the Antipode was shaped and fashioned in the depths of the Abyss by the Eidos. Amidst his interactions with the Eidos and the Ahgendai within the strange environment of the Abyss, the Antipode evolved to become Yaldabaoth, Chief Demiurgos of the matter unformed (1:6:19; 1:7:9; 5:9:75; 5:17:56). Having been inspired by the Azraella, Yaldabaoth eventually turned on the Eidos, to steal from his teacher the oracle of beingness (5:10:1-11,16-17, 24-29). Once in possession of the oracle, Yaldabaoth was empowered to fully realize his foreordained purpose.


The scope, meaning and manifestation of “light and darkness” has continued to evolve since the advent of the first mind, the Universal Consciousness referred to as Areta. The dawn of the Antipode and the Ahgendai is a continued unfolding of this evolution. While scripture presents a binary opposition between Light and Darkness, and at times associates this with the moral dichotomy of good and evil (5:17:2), a more nuanced position is also presented. Consider the following passages:


For even as the sun cast down its light upon the whole world, even so does the spirit within cast forth its light upon the whole field, revealing always the light and shadow of the greater and lesser portions.   (Y:51:29)


...for it is in the struggle between light and shadow that we are mighty...  (W:27:40)


...establishing between light and shadow, the way of harmony.  (Book of Pearls 1:4)


For the Self is the lord of the self midst light and shadow always; weighing in the hand both good and evil, discerning in the darkness the light which few can see.   (Book of Pearls 9:1)


For in man is there found that constant pilgrim who travels forever onward between light and shadows...   (2:10:48)


Tell me child, where do you stand between the light and shadow?...   (7:4:43)


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“Darkness” in Scripture

• Yaldabaoth: “Darkness and Depth have I created”      E:1:35         1:6:20          5:9:75            5:17:57

• Yaldabaoth and the Demiurge are said to reside in “the Darkness” or the “regions of Darkness”, also referred to as the “halls of endless night”        E:12:13         1:8:22

• “Darkness” — referring to Jehovah-Yahweh (predominantly 2nd Endowment)

• “Darkness” — referring to Yaldabaoth (5th and 6th Endowment)

 • “armies / hosts of Darkness”  — referring to the legions of the Demiurge





Hear now the whole of my intent, for it was by my design that Yaldabaoth did leap forth out of the womb of Darkness, and seeing the lights which God had made shining in the far away, caused that he should go and see for himself the glories which I set forth.

Enlightenment 5:53


But in Heaven did the Father of All speak unto the Lords and Gods of Elohim, saying: “Behold, the kingdom of my glory has Darkness touched; against the greater Light has Chaos set forth the hand to trouble.”

Enlightenment 1:45


But in the regions of the Darkness was there heard the sound of some great rumbling and a mighty hissing sound, for Jehovah-Yahweh did laugh aloud throughout the breadth of his domain.

Enlightenment 12:13


And though you be in your present state but a mortal man, even we have gathered here to bear you up before that power which first gave rise to thee; that you may be strengthened against that day when you, alone, must go before the Darkness to establish with perfect reason the dominions of the greater Light.

1st Endowment 1:33


And Yaldabaoth answered, saying: “Father of Chaos, Lord of Darkness am I, even the Chief Demiurgos of the matter unformed; for I alone am the Self-Created One, for by my own power did I draw myself from the Abyss which you see gathered about you.

Behold, I am he whose name is unspeakable, whose countenance unknowable, possessing unto myself the only true power which is greater than any other; for Darkness and Depth have I created, whereby I might rule supreme throughout the halls of endless night.

For I am Dominion, dark and dreadful to behold, making subject unto my greater will the strongest of all the mighty; for I alone am made Father unto thee. Serve me therefore, and live or else I shall destroy you altogether.”

1st Endowment 6:19-21


And so there struggled for the mastery of the soul, both the Light and the Darkness; being each resolved and most determined; for the Light would not yield his love for God, while the Darkness strove with fearsome might to destroy it altogether.

5th Endowment 9:5


For together have we drawn from out of our depths both the Father and his Daughter, causing that they should create from out of their mystery even a new Heaven and earth; being in themselves the very Ahgendai which would hold at bay the Darkness and the Terror; to make forever the Heavens new and filled with eager purpose.

6th Endowment 1:3  (6:13:58)


Thus in the day of shadows, Darkness crept within, pushing, seeping, inward creeping into the realms of Light; sweeping aside the veils of Kathis, until there stood before the Azraella, a vast and darksome horde; swarming, storming, fiercely bristling, most eager for a fight.

6th Endowment 9:9

Daughter (Mahaleenah)