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Heaven / Heavens


Beginnings                 92

Yeshua                     114

Wisdom                    239

Enlightenment            36

Pearls                         6

1st Endowment          32

2nd Endowment         20

3rd Endowment           6

4th Endowment        182

5th Endowment        285

6th Endowment        148

7th Endowment          37


Total                        1,197




Occurrences:  1,197

First Reference:  Beginnings 2:1


Now in the beginning was Lucifer cast from Heaven, and he swore in his great anger to bring havoc upon the children of men, that violence and deceit might rage in the hearts of many, that he might have claim upon the souls of all who would obey him; that with these he might ascend again unto his Father and take with violence the kingdom of Heaven.



See:  Adamic Language, Celestial Kingdom, Chasm, Councils of Light, Eternal Round, God, Hodos Alea, Kolob, Mahaliel, Olaha Shinehah, Surinatha, Telestial Kingdom, Terrestrial Kingdom


Summary:  Heaven, the dwelling place of God, did not always exist. It was not until the advent of First God (as represented by The One and Areta) and the creation of their kingdom, that Heaven came to be. Soon after uniting as Beloveds, the First God set about creating a realm wherein they and their future generations could happily dwell.


And God, rising from his place, did look about; and holding his Beloved most closely to his bosom, he spoke, saying:

“I shall make for us some happy kingdom, a place of joy and hope, causing that we shall make from all our affections a far more nobler race.

And to this place shall I give a name, to call it Heaven; for from its bosom shall all light and glory, all love and beauty, all life and increase forever flow in constant abundance and rich reward.”

3rd Endowment 32:43-45


As is portrayed in scripture, The One and Areta created a new universe wherein they could live and establish the future generations of their spirit children (4:2:1-50). Unlike the cosmos of the First Creation from which First God evolved, this newly created universe was fashioned in accordance with physical laws that reflected God’s will and benevolent nature. This newly created cosmos came to be surrounded by a vast spherical boundary called the Surinatha (6:9:1). The various kingdoms of glory that came to arise midst the progression and evolution of God exist deep within the center of the Surinatha.


The Telestial Kingdom was the first realm of glory to be established by God (4:13:1 — 15:63). The perpetual advancement of God and their children gave rise to the creation of a more exalted realm of glory called the Terrestrial Kingdom (4:32:1-21). Eternities later, a more advanced realm was created for the benefit and progression of God and their children, referred to as the Celestial Kingdom (4:32:21-24). According to scripture, foundations have been established for a fourth, more exalted heavenly realm called the kingdom of the Ahgendai. While the various principalities of the Telestial, Terrestrial, and Celestial kingdoms exist within the Surinatha, the kingdom of the Ahgendai was established in the cosmos of the First Creation.


The various kingdoms of Heaven accommodate each individual’s degree of spiritual advancement along the path of eternal progression (see Hodos Alea). Spirit children earn specific degrees of glory through the choices they make while living out their mortal lives throughout the dispensations of God. The degree of glory a child earns is not necessarily permanent. A child may remain content with their inheritance indefinitely, or he or she may decide to continue their progression towards God by entering the crucible of mortal life. Mortality is the means to greater glory; it is the bridge from innocence to Godhood. While advancement and exaltation is always an option, the majority of spirit children reside in the lesser realms of the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms (E:3:18).


Each kingdom has various degrees of glory within its domain. The principalities, or estates, of the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms are made sovereign and separate by an invisible barrier (4:13:50-53). While citizens of each estate are fully aware of higher and lower principalities, they are unable to freely traverse the barrier that separates them. However, exceptions are granted through the House of Mithron in order to preserve friendships that are formed during mortal life experiences. A law referred to as the Principles and Rights of Friendship and Continued Associations allows individuals to maintain mortal life relationships, despite inheriting different principalities (4:13:53-59).





[*] The exact number of paradise moons per celestial planet is not revealed in scripture. That each planet has “one to four” moons was revealed by Azrael in his teachings (source needed).


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•  The creation of each new kingdom of glory necessitated advancements to the language of God (see Adamic Language).


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And the Teacher spoke unto Michael, saying, “Behold, my Lord, how great your majesty is become. Yet in my wonderment I do puzzle, for behold, this one, even Emmanuel, has said that in the Celestial Kingdom there are but three kinds of beings:

Ministering angels who possess bodies of flesh and bone like unto men; yet they being eternal dwell forever in the presence of God.

Then are there the Souls of the Just Made Perfect, who possess glorified spiritual bodies even as this Emmanuel did in the beginning.

And Arch-Angels like unto you, who possess celestial bodies of flesh and bone unlike the natural man, having taken unto themselves the glory of God.

Wisdom 16:6-9


And the Darkness swiftly gathered, to press itself against the boundaries of Surinatha, which Surinatha is a sphere of light which does encompass even all the cosmos which surrounds Olaha Shinehah and the Celestial Kingdom all together; being itself the boundary which would hide within its brightness the boundless and eternal.

6th Endowment 9:1


See, then, how that in this one Heaven is it not good that all our children have just one glory only, causing that those which would be holy and wise and always faithful in following after God should have no glory greater than those who seek not after God but who contented themselves only with the lesser things.

Let us, therefore, set within this Heaven three kingdoms which shall prove as separate and apart; for it is good that our children should inherit for themselves that portion of our glory which they would decide themselves to take;

Becoming in each themselves the one which chooses the place where they shall prove most happy and deeply blessed, to please themselves as they desire, being fulfilled as they themselves shall deem.

Thus shall we lay that sure and certain pathway wherein even all our children might progress from lesser to greater in the kingdoms of God, according to their desire and no other beside, to decide for themselves the place where they would dwell, to feel themselves blessed and full content in the kingdom of their choosing.

But even though our children should take to themselves the things which would prove less, still let us build between the kingdoms of Heaven such bridges as would lead to greater glory, causing that those who should desire, in some far and distant time, even these might take to themselves a greater glory than they had ever known before, to draw themselves ever closer to the heart of God;

To take to themselves through small degrees a portion of ourselves whereby they might yearn for still far greater things than they have ever dreamed, becoming in likeness unto us, being drawn ever nearer to that glory which would give birth in them the seed of some eternal increase, even worlds without end.”

4th Endowment 13:26-31


Consider how that in the beginning, man was innocent before the Father and Mother of his soul, knowing only the goodness of Heaven; for unto the innocent was there not given a knowledge of evil.

Now seeing that the children of God had not the knowledge of good and evil wherein they might choose for themselves the good, and seeing also that they were without strength to take unto themselves the glory of Heaven;

And seeing also that the sons and daughters of God were without union whereby they might become as one before the Lord of Hosts, to take unto themselves a multitude of increase,

It became expedient to send them forth unto the earth that they might take unto themselves either husband or wife, that they might receive an abundance of blessing wherein they should give comfort and joy unto one another.

For it was determined aforetime that they should come to a knowledge of good and evil, and that by such agency as I shall grant unto them, they might choose the good and forsake evil altogether.

Thus did I desire to exalt the children of God unto the highest that is in them, whereby they might obtain for themselves a kingdom of glory wherein they might abide, whether it be unto the Telestial, Terrestrial, or Celestial; even unto that glory shall they be granted endless lives, or if it so be, the life eternal.

Wisdom 23:25-30


Principles and Rights of Friendship and Continued Associations

For even though both worlds should know deeply of each the other, still shall they prove unable of themselves to cross the chasm which even now does separate both worlds from each the other.

Yet notwithstanding all these things, still shall we grant to even all our children the Principles and Rights of Friendship and Continued Associations, which very principle and right shall become the law which the House of Mithron shall administer.

For in the mortal life do the children of our soul forge for themselves a great variety of friendships, which friendships do prove necessary to the happiness of the spirit and soul together.

And even though in the kingdom of Heaven one friend should inherit the first principality, while still another friend inherits the second or third principality, yet is it needful that the friendship of both continue; for in the absence of such friendship is there found the loss of something dear, and in this loss would all Heaven be made less because of it.

For friendships are a precious thing, and this we must protect for the joy of all our children together; for friendship is a gift of the heart from one soul unto another, which very friendship even death cannot pale or break asunder.

Thus through the Principles and Rights of Friendship and Continued Associations shall every kingdom and principality become most deeply aware of each the other, to share through friendship the mysteries and wonders of all greater and lesser glories in the kingdoms of our power;

Causing that every man and every woman might go beyond the boundaries of that kingdom wherein they dwell, to see again the friend they love most deeply, if it so be that they should petition the House of Mithron for love’s sake only.

4th Endowment 13:53-59



Olaha Shinehah

The galaxies of the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms — often designated as the ‘kingdoms of the lesser light’ — form a vast ring that revolves around the Celestial Kingdom. This ring is referred to as the Olaha Shinehah. The Telestial Kingdom, as represented by hundreds of billions of galaxies, constitutes the center core of this ring. Spiraling around the center core of the Telestial Kingdom are the dominions and principalities of the Terrestrial Kingdom, as represented by millions of galaxies (5:4:35; 5:14:18,35). Separating the realms of the Olaha Shinehah and the Celestial Kingdom is a barrier, referred to as the great Chasm. According to scripture, only citizens of the Celestial realm have the capacity to freely traverse the Chasm (5:4:32). The Olaha Shinehah is just one of many facets that make up the Eternal Round of God (4:2:48-50).


One function of the Olaha Shinehah is to provide an accurate measurement of eternal time. The first temple of Mithron created by God (4:9:15-19), located in the Telestial Kingdom, represents the point of Nexus which separates one eternity from the next. It takes 17.5 billion years (one eternity) for the planet whereupon the temple is located to complete a single orbit around the Celestial Kingdom (AZC — Eternal Round).



Telestial Kingdom  (4th Endowment 13-15)

This realm was the first kingdom of glory to be created by God. Civilizations within this kingdom are typically very technologically oriented. While space exploration and conquest is popular, there are worlds fit for every interest, passion, pastime and pursuit. From its inception, the Telestial Kingdom was divided into three principalities of glory. Individuals inherit a particular glory according to the choices made during their mortal lives (4:13:7-33). While these principalities were initially represented by single planets (4:13:33-63), this first Heaven has since evolved to possess hundreds of billions of worlds. An individual who inherits a Telestial glory will always be ‘assigned’ to a world that best suits their perception of what Heaven and happiness is. People are very content here, which is one of the reasons why the population of the Telestial Kingdom is so immense.


The three principalities of the Telestial Kingdom represent increasing degrees of glory (4:13:50-52). More glory offers more spatio-temporal freedom, i.e., access to more dimensions, primes and fractals.


1st principality   (4:13:38-60)

Three dimensions — each dimension possesses one prime — each prime controlling one fractal


2nd principality   (4:14:1-57)

Five dimensions — each dimension possesses one prime — each prime controlling one fractal    


3rd principality   (4:15:4-31)

Five dimensions — each dimension possesses two primes — each prime controlling three fractals



Terrestrial Kingdom  (4th Endowment 32)

Worlds within the Terrestrial Kingdom are quite pastoral, and societies tend to be very agrarian. Looking at a terrestrial earth, one would see plenty of farms, orchards and quaint villages. Life in the Terrestrial Kingdom appears much simpler when compared to the ‘busy-ness’ found amidst telestial worlds. There isn’t one terrestrial citizen who doesn’t work for the Celestial Kingdom. The Terrestrial Kingdom possesses many skilled artisans who build and craft works of art and beauty to be traded with the Celestial Kingdom. Farming and raising orchards are what people do when they aren’t working. While it doesn’t appear so, the technology of the Terrestrial Kingdom is much more advanced than that of the Telestial Kingdom; the technology simply isn’t as visible.


The Terrestrial Kingdom is divided into estates similar to the Telestial Kingdom, however, very little information pertaining to this has been revealed. Scripture indicates this realm includes at least seven dimensions (4:32:6).



Celestial Kingdom

The Celestial Kingdom was the third Heaven to be created by God (4:32:23-24). It is has come to exist as the realm of the Gods and Goddesses, and the dwelling place of the most advanced and evolved beings in existence. The Celestial Kingdom is comprised of seven solar systems (Kolob). Around each of the seven celestial suns orbit three planets, with each planet having up to four Paradise moons (5:4:37)[*]. On each planet there are seven cities (E:2:5).


Each solar system is a sovereign realm, and is represented by a divine Council (1:2:4). At the head of each of these seven Councils of Light, there is appointed by election and ordination the Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father of that particular Council. This position is designated by the title of “Ahman”. High ranking members of each Council (for example, the Father and Mother co-Ahmans and Chief Arch-Angels), dwell on the primary planet nearest to their sun.


Just as the Olaha Shinehah revolves around the Celestial Kingdom, the Celestial Kingdom revolves around a center of its own. The seven suns of Kolob orbit a center point of attraction called Absolute Zero. This point is represented by a unique planet called Ker-El-Shamudef. Proximity to this planet determines the realm’s power and glory, which power and glory is directly correlated with the number of dimensions, primes and fractals accessible to those of a particular realm. Citizens of the Celestial Kingdom strive to master the keys to twelve dimensions, with each dimension possessing three primes, and each prime controlling seven fractals (5:13:57; AZC — Eternal Round: Ker-El-Shamudef).


Technology within the Celestial Kingdom is even less visible than that of the Terrestrial Kingdom. Worlds within the celestial realm are said to be filled with what we would describe as magnificent gardens.


There are three general stages of progression within the Celestial Kingdom, manifesting in three distinct kinds of beings: ministering angels, Perfected Souls, and Arch-Angels (W:14:20-22). Each of these evolutionary stages have various offices within them depending on the individual or Beloved couple’s place along the path of eternal progression. All Arch-Angels are considered Gods and Goddesses.


And the Lord spoke again unto him, saying: “Behold the citizens of eternity. For in the kingdom of God are there but three kinds of beings: ministering angels who possess bodies of flesh and bone like unto man; yet are they eternal, dwelling forever in the presence of God.

Behold now the Souls of the Just Made Perfect; these are they who are like unto me, even Emmanuel, creator of earth, moon, and sun; having created from my soul a multitude of spirits, both male and female, that they might be unto me even as the children of my soul.

Consider now the greatest of all the citizens of eternity, even the Arch-Angels of Elohim; these are they who possess unto their glory celestial bodies of flesh and bone, being unlike the natural man, having taken unto themselves a fullness of beauty and light exceeding.

Wisdom 14:20-22


Other intelligent species counted among the Celestial Kingdom include the three tribes of the Cherubim (4:3:9-12) and the four tribes of the Seraphim (E:3:5). While the Cherubim have chosen not to be included among the governing body of the Councils of Light, the Seraphim do have representatives within the Councils, and are thus considered Gods and Goddesses (AZC — Seraphim).



Astro-Celestial overview


•  7 Suns (+5 suns – a recent addition, see: Ashengaard)

•  3 worlds to each sun

•  7 cities to each world (1 city per continent)

•  1-4 moons to each world [*]

•  12 cities to each moon



Seven Celestial Realms / Councils of Light


Elohim  (lowest / oldest Council)  



Shem El Koreem    

El Ramadee

El Kolobree

El Jor El  (highest / youngest Council)


* All spirit children living lives here on this earth are from the Celestial Kingdom — specifically, the realm of Elohim (see 6th Endowment).



Kingdom of the Ahgendai   (5th Endowment 12-13)

The kingdom of the Ahgendai represents a recent advancement along Hodos Alea — the path of eternal progression. This realm will be the dwelling place of a new and more exalted order of Godhood. The power and glory of this kingdom far surpasses that of the Celestial Kingdom, being bound within the twenty-four dimensions of the Zimagayah, with each dimension possessing seven primes, and each prime controlling twelve fractals (5:12:13). Not only is the kingdom located outside of the Surinatha, it is hidden in the heart of the First Cosmos — the same cosmos wherein the Demiurgos have established their dominion (6:13:38b).


The kingdom of the Ahgendai is comprised of a single sun. Orbiting this sun is a planet called Mahaliel. Around the planet of Mahaliel orbit seven moons, with the seventh most distant moon having a moon of its own. The seven moons serve as way points along the path of progression to becoming Ahgendai. Those who achieve their exaltation as Ahgendai will come to dwell on the world of Mahaliel, to become masters of the Zimagayah.



blue giant sun


Celestial Kingdom of the Ahgendai


24 dimensions

7 primes

12 fractals


*Sizes, distances and apparent magnitudes of are not to scale.

Seven moons (Seven Steps)

Heavenly Father


Terrestrial Kingdom

(millions of galaxies)

Telestial Kingdom

(hundreds of billions of galaxies)

Inner diameter:  5 billion light-years

Circumference:  15.7 billion light-years


Globular Cluster – 26 suns


1 revolution (Telestial) = 1 eternity = 17.5 billion years

Great Eternal Round


Telestial + Terrestrial Kingdoms:

“Olaha Shinehah”

Celestial Kingdom


7 suns (+5)


El Jor El

El Kolobree

El Ramadee

Shem El Koreem





(Absolute Zero)

Suns of Ashengaard

Regions of



Celestial Kingdom

Maximum glory:

12 dimensions

3 primes

7 fractals

Interpretation & design by @Gnostic_Song based on passages in the “Song of God” (2008,2015) by Archie D. Wood Sr.

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7 realms (solar systems)

3 planets per sun

7 cities per planet

1-4 moons per planet
12 cities per moon

*Sizes, distances and apparent magnitudes are not to scale.

The Cosmos of Heaven

The cosmos of Heaven is contained within a massive sphere of light called the Surinatha. The Surinatha is the ultimate barrier which separates the realm of celestial physics from the physics of all other lesser creations.