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dimensions, primes, fractals



Occurrences:  dimension(s) - 86       prime(s) - 21      fractal(s) - 18



See:  Janmoleah, Kadasarooya, Zimagayah


[The subject of dimensions, primes and fractals — as presented in the Song of God — remains challenging and enigmatic. This entry will not address the many questions that arise pertaining to this topic, as there is much that remains beyond the scope of our present understanding. Information contained in this entry was compiled from notes taken from the teachings of Azrael Ondi-Ahman (including Diamond Creek transcript: 06/22/07), and passages from the Song of God.]




Our physical reality is governed by three spatial dimensions: height, width and depth. We also experience a fourth (temporal) dimension of time. Each of the three spatial dimensions possess one prime, and each prime possesses one fractal. Fractals and primes increase the depth and power(?) of dimensions. Our three-dimensional experience is a very basic construct compared to the reality experienced in the various kingdoms of Heaven. For example, the reality of the Celestial Kingdom embraces twelve dimensions, with each dimension having three primes, and each prime possessing seven fractals (AZC: Eternal Round).




Every dimension offers a greater degree of spatial (and perhaps temporal) freedom relative to any preceding dimension. For example, three dimensions offers greater spatial freedom than two dimensions. Our mortal experience is dictated by three spatial dimensions: height, width and depth. While the temporal dimension of time may also be considered as a dimension, scripture leads one to speculate that ‘time’ is not considered as the fourth dimension, but rather, an aspect related to fractals.




In one sense, a prime represents an order of magnitude. Each order of magnitude dictates the movement, momentum, and direction of the space-time continuum. Primes are allocated to dimensions, while fractals are allocated to primes. In addition, a prime may possibly be understood as a portal (4:9:18; 5:5:65-66; 6:9:17; Kadasarooya).




In the framework of Wood’s cosmology, a fractal is a mathematical anomaly which, on one hand, is affected by primes, and on the other hand, by the peculiar dynamics found in celestial physics, i.e., the cosmos of Heaven. A fractal possesses an infinitely detailed pattern which has the quality of self-life similarity. On any scale, the fractal reflects itself endlessly. Fractals possess a quality similar to the facets of a diamond. The diamond represents the prime; each facet of the diamond represents a fractal. Each facet (fractal) reflects the fiery brilliance of the entire diamond (prime). With these two points in mind, the fractal defines the specific boundaries within the construct of any given prime, reflecting again and again an endless self-life similarity.


Scripture contains the phrase “fractals of linear time” which move “within each prime” (5:12:13-14), pointing to the possibility that a fractal could represent a timeline, and/or be the power that replicates a timeline.




There is a direct correlation between the space/time continuum and dimensions, primes and fractals. Yet, presently, the relationship remains unclear. Scripture refers to the “dimensions of time” (W:18:6,14; 6:2:52) and the “fractals of time” (5:12:13-14), yet there are dimensions that pre-exist and/or are not bound to the dictates of space and time (4:1:42,54; 4:2:6-9; 4:15:19-24; 7:1:1).


Within the cosmos of Heaven (the Surinatha), time behaves according to the peculiar dynamics imposed by celestial physics — the physical laws, properties, forces, and theories peculiar to all heavenly creations contained within the Surinatha.


In the kingdoms of Heaven, time moves in a straight line in the same way we experience time, but this is just one aspect of the experience of time. More specifically, this is just one prime aspect which affects the forward movement of time. In the Celestial Kingdom, time can be observed or manipulated to behave in many different ways: it can bend, fold, twirl, spiral, corkscrew, split, and oscillate — to name a few. All Gods and Goddesses are considered to be Grandmasters of both time and timelessness.



Dimensions of Heaven (Surinatha)

For God, power is represented by spatio-temporal ability and opportunity. Divine power has to do with spatial freedom, which is directly correlated with the number of dimensions, primes and fractals at one’s disposal. Advancement along the path of eternal progression corresponds with an increased number of dimensions that may be utilized. But what creates the many dimensions that exist in the realms of God? According to Azrael’s Commentary, there exists at the very center of the cosmos of Heaven (see Surinatha) a special singularity referred to as “Factor X”. The forward movement of Factor X creates the many dimensions, primes and fractals found throughout the kingdoms of Heaven.



“...the closer a world moves around this Factor X, the more dimensions, primes and fractals which are available. Hence, the Celestial Kingdom commands twelve dimensions, each dimension possesses three primes, with each prime controlling seven fractals. And the Olaha Shinehah, being further away from Factor X possesses a proportionately less number of dimensions, primes and fractals. It is the tidal forces of Factor X plus the tidal forces represented by the Absolute Zero of Ker-El-Shamudef which create the dimensions of God and Heaven.”

Azrael’s Commentary –- Eternal Round | 3rd Understanding | Ker-El-Shamudef



Following the initial union and beloved alliance of the first two spirit-empowered souls, Areta and The One created and dwelt within the first realm of Heaven, which they deemed the Telestial Kingdom. This kingdom came to be comprised of three different principalities, or estates, that could accommodate the varying degrees of progression achieved by God’s spirit children (4th Endowment 2). Eventually, a new kingdom of glory became necessary in order to facilitate God’s progression. Thus, a second realm was created, called the Terrestrial Kingdom (4:32:5-9). Eternities passed and God continued to progress and evolve to the point of needing yet another, more exalted realm. A third, more glorified Heaven was eventually established, referred to as the Celestial Kingdom (4:32:3-24; AZC: Adamic Language). The Kingdom of the Ahgendai represents the newest realm created for the exaltation and progression of divine beings.



Telestial Kingdom (at the advent of its creation)

This first kingdom of Heaven is comprised of three different principalities, or demarcations of glory, which accommodate the varying degrees of spiritual maturity achieved by spirit children throughout their mortal lives. Though each principality of the Telestial Kingdom knows about the other, each is made “sovereign and complete within the boundaries of its estate” (4:13:50-53).


1st Principality  —  3 dimensions, 1 prime, 1 fractal     (4:13:50-53)

     • this principality is similar to that of mortal life


2nd Principality  —  5 dimensions, 1 prime, 1 fractal     (4:14:12-20, 36-57)

     • the fourth dimension enables citizens to journey back through time and space in a linear fashion

     • the fifth dimension enables citizens to explore and inhabit the unseen counter cosmos


3rd Principality  —  5 dimensions, 2 primes, 3 fractals (4:15:4-24)

     • the first temple of Mithron was “enclosed in the mysteries of” 5 dimensions, 2 primes, 3 fractals  (4:9:17-18)



Terrestrial Kingdom  — 7 dimensions    (4:32:6)

     • It is likely there are demarcations of glory (i.e. principalities) within the Terrestrial Kingdom, however, nothing is mentioned in scripture about this, nor is anything mentioned about the number of primes and fractals utilized within this realm.



Celestial Kingdom  — 12 dimensions, 3 primes, 7 fractals   (5:13:57; 6:8:16; 6:10:40; AZC: Eternal Round)

This is the realm of the Gods and Goddesses of Heaven

     • the number of primes and fractals utilized by those of the Celestial Kingdom is only spoken of in Azrael’s Commentary, and various other sources from the teachings of Azrael (video: Turning Dreams Into Visions).



Kingdom of the Ahgendai  —  24 dimensions, 7 primes, 12 fractals    5:12:13-14         6:13:38

The newest and most glorified kingdom of Heaven, the Ahgendai are far more powerful than the Gods and Goddesses of the Celestial Kingdom.

     • the twenty-four dimensions of the Ahgendai are referred to as the Zimagayah

     • the kingdom of the Ahgendai exists outside the Surinatha, hidden in the cosmos of the First Creation



Dimensions of the Demiurge     5:13:57         5:14:5-6          6:8:16

  Yaldabaoth — 23 dimensions

  Dark Princes — 19 dimensions

  Douds — utilize weapons that can pierce twelve dimensions



Significant Passages


4:2:1-14             First God creates a new dimension beyond the confines of space and time


4:2:55-57           The Blue Pavement is created, enabling God to fold space-time and pierce the veils between dimensions


4:9:13-19           The first Temple of Mithron is built within the mysteries of five dimensions, two primes, three fractals


4:13:50-53         Dimensions of the first and second principalities of the Telestial Kingdom


4:14:12-57         Dimensions of the third principality of the Telestial Kingdom


4:15:4-24,43      Dimensions of the third principality of the Telestial Kingdom


5:5:65-73           Shaemdiel attempts to move the suns of Ashengaard through the seventh dimension into the Celestial realm


5:12:13-14        The twenty-four dimensions of the Zimagayah; the Koshendai and the Kragenjin (5:12:71-74)


5:14:1-6            A barrier is created to defend Heaven — Yaldabaoth constrained by his immaturity pertaining to a certain fractal


5:15:32-42        The Seraphim “call forth the keys of the ninth dimension” to battle Yaldabaoth   


5:17:5-34          The Azraella battles Yaldabaoth in the First War; “oceans of time, their fractals bent”


6:9:1-9              Yaldabaoth probes the Surinatha, “to forge the fractals into a key to turn the hidden prime”


6:13:7-15          Yaldabaoth slips through hidden folds of the twenty-third dimension to surprise the Azraella in battle



Relevant Notes


•  Whenever a timeline folds upon itself and passes through its own prime path, the timeline splits into several(?) new timelines. As it does this, each of the new timelines will begin to move along a completely new path. According to Azrael, it is the fractal (or power of fractals) which causes the timeline to split.


•  The power used to replicate a timeline comes from the power of the fractal.


•  On several occasions, Azrael spoke of our mortal experience of time as representing a fourth dimension. However, scripture describes Telestial citizens being enabled through a fourth dimension (possessing one prime, one fractal) to journey in a linear fashion through time and space to observe and feel events that have occurred in the past (4:14:37-44). This would imply that the fourth dimension experienced by heavenly citizens is different than what we refer to as the fourth temporal dimension of time.


•  In an address given on June 22, 2007, Azrael spoke about the principle of Disjunction in relation to his preparation for writing the book of Yeshua:


“A glorified celestial tabernacle with an exalted spirit acts as a key of sorts. This key — in conjunction with the Tael — allows a celestial being to insert themselves into any particular moment of a timeline. This gives the very real impression that all things which are in the past can be converted to the present state of now. However, in doing this, there is a disjunction which prevents any time paradox from taking place and thereby altering human history.


When I was asked to write the book of Yeshua, I was taken by Emmanuel to the point in time when Yeshua lived and taught in ancient Palestine. I could actually witness Yeshua during his earthly ministry. I could see, hear, and smell what Yeshua saw, heard, and smelled. But I could not touch or interact in any other way. I was told that no one in Yeshua’s timeframe could perceive my presence. Remember, Yeshua’s present is already ancient history. And this is the disjunction that I am talking about.


Disjunction is the principle that protects the past as well as the future. However, the principle of Disjunction applies only to the forward movement of human history as it has already taken place. The forward movement of human history is not necessarily the same as the forward movement of time itself. In order for God to affect human history, two conditions must be met. First, the forward movement of human history must have had a tragic interruption — such as the world of Kronus [wherein humankind and the planet were both destroyed] (see 3rd Endowment). Second, you may interfere if human history has not yet begun its march along the timeline, [i.e.], before the rise of human civilization. Adam and Eve began their dispensation in this world of the First Power before the rise of any civilization; and whatever change they could affect would be far better than the original history which ended with the destruction of this world which you are presently standing on.”

    (Azrael Ondi-Ahman; Diamond Creek Address; June 22, 2007)




[...] “But with the creation of the second Heaven, the Terrestrial Kingdom, the language of Eno Adaam was not enough. A language of power had to be created for specific purposes peculiar to the second Heaven. This was necessary because the Terrestrial Kingdom possessed more dimensions than the first. And those dimensions possessed more primes and fractals which low Adamic proved incapable of affecting, controlling or manipulating. This problem was solved by the creation of new oracles. These oracles became known as the oracles of the Kai. The word Kai means: power.

The Adamic language evolved again when time came to create the third Heaven, otherwise known as the Celestial Kingdom. In creating this greater glory, the oracles of the Kai proved ineffectual, for the Celestial Kingdom possessed far more dimensions, with each dimension possessing far more primes and fractals. The oracles that were created for the purpose of organizing and structuring the Celestial Kingdom became known as the oracles of Sodon-Kai-El. Translated, this means: the holy power of God.”

Azrael’s Commentary — Adamic Language; para. 5-6



...The House of Sabaoth is responsible for maintaining the unique balance and function of all dimensions, primes and fractals of the space/time continuum; especially as they relate to the kingdoms, powers and dimensions of the heavenly estates. To achieve this supreme harmony, the House of Sabaoth works closely with the House of Archons and the House of Valhaladea.

Azrael’s Commentary — House of Sabaoth; para. 3



A portal is a nexus point between converging dimensions which are located at a specific place and time. When a specific place (in this case the place is a region known as Alu-Shali) interfaces with a specific time, an individual can step through and go from the cosmos of God, which is bound within the Surinatha, to another cosmos called Alu-Shali, a distance of thousands of billions of light years away. The time required to go such a distance takes anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds, depending on the stability of the nexus point. This stability is dependant on the cosmic conditions of the cosmos Alu-Shali, and has nothing to do with conditions within the Surinatha. (see also: Portals of Shah-Malan, 6:10:41)

Azrael’s Commentary — Portals of Alu-Shali



[...] At the beginning of Olaha Shinehah, when God set in motion the great Eternal Round (4:2:45-48), there developed at the interface of certain dimensions, an extraordinary species called the Seraphim....

The strange appearance of the Seraphim was determined by the peculiar dynamics imposed upon their evolution through the dictates of fluidic space. Fluidic space is found at the point of interface between all the dimensions found within and throughout the great Eternal Round of Heaven, i.e. Olaha Shinehah. It is called fluidic space because of the peculiar effect the region has upon all known laws of natural and celestial physics. There at the point of interface, the laws of creation, as represented by natural and celestial physics, become fluid. And this causes some strange creations indeed. The Seraphim are a good case in point. [...]

Azrael’s Commentary — Seraphim; para. 1, 4


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


...for the keys which would open wide the dimensions of God are forged only through the fires of wisdom and holiness and no other.

4th Endowment 9:18


Therefore, to accomplish his great designs, God has taken into his keeping all the dimensions of time, that all things past, present, and future might move before him according to his will.

Wisdom 18:6


Thus has our God spoken, and to bring about his great designs he has established all the dimensions of time, whereby all things move continually before him.

Wisdom 18:14


And when all was ready, Michael did himself sound the trump, a blast heard through the Deep, and like the bursting forth of mighty waters the whole army did leap at once; bounding quick through turning primes, rushing through the fractals; heading straight into the fray to save a Father’s Daughter.

6th Endowment 10:42


...for the system of Mahaliel did the Azraella hide within the folds and fractals of the twenty-fourth dimension; to keep as sacred and truly safe the Celestial Kingdom of the Ahgendai.

6th Endowment 13:38b



Interesting Verses


For unto these five dimensions of the third estate shall we add to each, two primes of exceeding wonder, and to each prime shall we give three fractals of subtle turning; which primes and fractals shall turn the five dimensions in many and sundry ways.

4th Endowment 15:14


Swiftly flew the Gods of Heaven, to the very heart of the golden streams, which streams flowed as a great river of light, binding and stitching together even all the creations of God into one great Eternal Round; being held as one by the forming of great dimensions; balancing in perfect harmony the movements of time and space within the great Eternal Round.

5th Endowment 3:1


And drawing from his soul an oracle of fearsome might, Azraella cast it before him into the blackness of the Deep; and immediately was he cast out of the depths of the great Abyss, to stand most far away, having slipped through a dimension of his own devising...

5th Endowment 10:34


Thus did Yaldabaoth call forth the dimensions at his command to forge the fractals into a key to turn the hidden prime, and with cunning insight he set himself before the task, probing here and probing there, ever seeking to find the passage which would yield and let him pass; even he with all his armies to storm the realms of Heaven.

6th Endowment 9:3


Now at Soli-Endi-Muhat did the Koshendai break asunder the binding seals of Wabbisura, permitting that they should bind together opposing fields of great dimensions to create a vast, invisible vortex which did connect together the cosmos of the Heavens with the cosmos of the First Creation.

6th Endowment 12:2

Denali (river)
Dispensation (Law of)