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Celestial Kingdom


Occurrences:  36

First Reference:  Wisdom 16:6


And the Teacher spoke unto Michael, saying, “Behold, my Lord, how great your majesty is become. Yet in my wonderment I do puzzle, for behold, this one, even Emmanuel, has said that in the Celestial Kingdom there are but three kinds of beings:  



See:  Ahgendai, Ashengaard, Chasm, Councils of Light, Eternal Round, God, Heaven, Ker-El-Shamudef, Kolob, Kokobeam, Olaha Shinehah, Surinatha, Telestial Kingdom, Terrestrial Kingdom


Summary:  The Celestial Kingdom is the third heavenly realm to arise midst the progression and evolution of God. Preceded in creation by the Telestial and the Terrestrial kingdoms of glory[*], the Celestial Kingdom is the supreme manifestation of human progression, inhabited by the oldest and most advanced of human civilizations. The Celestial Kingdom is the realm of the Gods and Goddesses: those who have achieved their exaltation and are actively engaged in the process of eternal progression. This realm is the governing center from which the divine springs forth and the eternal is made manifest.




Existing as the pinnacle of human progress, this realm is inhabited by the most exalted, most glorified spirit children of God, as represented by three distinct stages of progression and deification:


1)  Ministering Angel — the lowest of achievable glories in the Celestial Kingdom, this state of being is represented by spirits who —during their mortal lives— did not ‘follow straightly the Lord their God’ (W:18:17), and thus, did not earn their exaltation. Ministering angels dwell in bodies of flesh and bone, yet their bodies are eternal (W:14:20). Ministering angels dwell on Paradise moons, and assist with teaching young spirit children the ways of God and Heaven (5:4:37). There are various orders, or levels of glory among ministering angels. The highest order of ministering angel  is represented by the Teraphim, who are appointed the lowest seats within the quorums and councils of Elohim.


2)  Soul of the Just Made Perfect —  an exalted state achievable only by couples, these dwell in glorified bodies of spirit, who under the guidance of the Arch-Angels, prepare to become Heavenly Parents to a host of their own spirit children (W:14:21; W:24—25). There are several differing orders within this stage of progression (see: El Shaloah / El Shalon).


3)  Arch-Angel — representing the highest achievable glory within the Celestial Kingdom, Arch-Angels possess exalted bodies of flesh and bone (W:14:22) and serve as the Gods and Goddess of Heaven. The Adamic designation for a father Arch-Angel is “Archon”, while a Mother Arch-Angel is referred to as an “Aretakai”.


The Celestial Realm is by far the least populated of the three divine kingdoms. The vast majority of Heaven’s citizens dwell in the countless number of galaxies found in the Telestial and Terrestrial kingdoms, known as the realms of the Olaha Shinehah.


Spirit children who do not achieve exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom inherit a Telestial or Terrestrial glory that best suits them. While opportunity for advancement and exaltation is available to all spirit children, regardless of their present state, most remain content where they are at. No inheritance is permanent, unless the child remains permanently content. All spirit children are given the opportunity to progress, according to their desire (4:13:29-31).


The Celestial Kingdom is also inhabited by various other intelligent species, including the tribes of the Seraphim and the Cherubim.



Cosmic Structure

The Celestial kingdom is located near the very center of the cosmos of Heaven, which cosmos is contained in an immense sphere of light called the Surinatha.


Deep within the Surinatha is a ring of galaxies which revolve around the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven. This ring of galaxies, referred to as the Olaha Shinehah, represents the Telestial and Terrestrial kingdoms, and contains within its mass several thousands of billions of galaxies. The Telestial Kingdom is represented by hundreds of billions of galaxies that comprise the center core of the Olaha Shinehah. Spiraling around this inner core are the millions of galaxies that comprise the realms, powers and dominions of the Terrestrial Kingdom. One of the functions of the Olaha Shinehah is to provided the Heavens with an accurate measurement of eternal time (Azrael’s Commentary: Eternal Round - Olaha Shinehah).


Imagine the Surinatha as a large beach ball that measures ten feet in diameter. In the very center of the beach ball is the Olaha Shinehah revolving around the Celestial Kingdom. Taken all together, the Olaha Shinehah and the Celestial Kingdom would be no larger than a single grain of sand relative to the size of the beach ball (AZC — Surinatha).

Cassius Polinus
Cephas (Simon)


The Suns of Ashengaard and a New Kingdom of Heaven

In accordance with a plan created by The One and Areta to increase the glory of Heaven, twelve new suns were created and appeared unexpectedly in the Chasm near the realms of Elohim (5:4:48-67). These suns are referred to as the suns of Ashengaard. It was eventually determined that five of the suns would be placed among the suns of Kolob, making a total of twelve suns in the Celestial Kingdom.


The new suns were necessary to accommodate, or perhaps serve as a bridge for, a new aspect of progression that became possible as a result of the birth and interaction of the Antipode and the Ahgendai. This new development, brought forth by Areta and The One, initiated the birth of a more advanced, more exalted Heaven known as the kingdom of the Ahgendai. The new, more glorified Heaven of the Ahgendai s not found within the Surinatha where the other three kingdoms of God are located. Rather, the Ahgendai kingdom is established in the cosmos of the First Creation.


The seven remaining suns of Ashengaard were given to the Ahgendai to utilized in establishing their kingdom (5:11:55-59). According to scripture, one of the suns was used for the Ahgendai kingdom, while the six remaining suns were used to anchor the great vortex that connects the Surinatha to the First Cosmos (6:12:2, 42-44).


See:  1st Endowment 1:18         5th Endowment 4:49-50, 58-60           5th Endowment 11:56


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• The phrase “greater Light” is often used to designate the worlds, kingdoms, dominions and glories of the Celestial Realm, ie, “kingdoms of the greater Light”.



[*]  The Telestial Kingdom was the first heavenly realm to be established. As the citizens of this kingdom continued to progress and evolve, there arose a need to create a higher, more exalted realm to accommodate those which continued to follow after God. This led to the creation of the Terrestrial Kingdom. After eternities of progression, foundations for what would become the Celestial Kingdom were eventually established.


Birth of the Telestial Kingdom           3:32:42-46           4th Endowment 2          4th Endowment 13, 14, 15

Birth of the Terrestrial Kingdom        4:32:1-22

Birth of the Celestial Kingdom           4:32:23-24


Then did The One gaze into the midst of the great Eternal Round, looking with thoughtful eye into the bosom of the Deep, fashioning within his thoughts a third Heaven rich with promise and great fulfillment.

And when he was completed, he gathered to his heart his own Beloved, and together did they swiftly fly into the Chasm deep and wide, and there did they lay the foundations of the Celestial Kingdom; believing each within their souls that even some of their children would seek to follow, to become themselves like God the Father and the Mother.

4th Endowment 32:23-24

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General References


And the Teacher spoke unto Michael, saying, “Behold, my Lord, how great your majesty is become. Yet in my wonderment I do puzzle, for behold, this one, even Emmanuel, has said that in the Celestial Kingdom there are but three kinds of beings:

Ministering angels who possess bodies of flesh and bone like unto men; yet they being eternal dwell forever in the presence of God.

Then are there the Souls of the Just Made Perfect, who possess glorified spiritual bodies even as this Emmanuel did in the beginning.

And Arch-Angels like unto you, who possess celestial bodies of flesh and bone unlike the natural man, having taken unto themselves the glory of God.

Wisdom 16:6-9


(words of Shaemdiel)

Consider then, how that there is given unto the Celestial Kingdom but seven suns of glory; while yet in the lesser kingdoms of Olaha Shinehah there are given a multitude of stars beyond number.

Let us, even now, reason well among ourselves concerning this kingdom of the greater Light: For would not the glory of twelve suns shine brighter still than seven only?

And if there be greater dominion in twelve suns, would there not be greater glory in forty, or seventy, or even a hundred times a hundred? Would not the glory of Kolob shine brighter than it does even now?

Enlightenment 3:18-20


For the Celestial Kingdom possesses these seven suns only, and around each sun does there move just three celestial worlds where the Gods themselves do live; and around each celestial world move the moons of Paradise where the ministering angels of God have made for themselves some happy abode.

5th Endowment 4:37


Then did The One smile with hidden knowing, and he spoke, saying: “Behold, my Dear, how that in the Celestial Kingdom of Glory there are given but seven great suns; and around these do the celestial worlds move in glory and splendor.

Let us therefore, both you and I together, fashion for the Celestial Kingdom, twelve new suns of resplendent glory; being made themselves as brightly blue and ever burning super stars, which stars we shall call the suns of Ashengaard; for since the birth of the Celestial Kingdom have there been no new suns added.

5th Endowment 4:48-49


For the test which would prove the greatest burden in living the mortal life is not found in the trials which rage without, but within the heart instead; for within the heart there sits enthroned the ego of the self.

And whichsoever of all my children should make subdued the ego which rules within, even they shall continue onward in following after God, even till they shall receive a fullness of all our glory, to be made as Gods and Goddesses in the kingdoms of the greater Light, even worlds without end.

4th Endowment 5:54-55


Council of The One


11 members



The One




Azurgai (7)



(convenes on Mahaliel)


Council of the Seven Lights


115 members



Areta & The One  (2)

14 Ahmans  (2 x 7)

98 Chief Arch-Angels  (14 x 7)

Seraphim (1)


(convenes on Ker-El-Shamudef)



AZC - Seven Councils of Light

Enlightenment 3:2-4

1st Endowment 2:4

1st Endowment 8:1








El Shalon




El Shaloah





















Seven Houses







Seven Councils of Light




















Shem El Koreem






El Ramadee






El Jor El






El Kolobree
















Twelve Quorums

Lowest, oldest

Highest, newest



The Celestial Kingdom  

The Celestial Kingdom is comprised of seven solar systems (together referred to as Kolob) that each represent a Council of Light.


These seven solar systems revolve around the point of Absolute Zero, represented by a unique planet called Ker-El-Shamudef. Proximity to this center point determines a Council’s rank and glory. The highest, most glorified Council (El Jor El) resides in the solar system nearest to the center point, having the smallest orbit around Ker-El-Shamudef. This special planet is revolving around another point of attraction — the center core of the Surinatha known as Factor X. As Absolute Zero revolves around Factor X, it pulls the Celestial Kingdom and the Olaha Shinehah along with it (Azrael’s Commentary — Great Eternal Round: Ker-El-Shamudef).


Around each of the seven celestial suns orbit three planets, with each planet having up to four Paradise moons. On each planet there are seven cities (E:2:5). At the head of each of the seven Councils of Light, there is appointed by election and ordination the Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father of that particular Council. This position is designated by the title of “Ahman”. High ranking members of each Council (for example, the Father and Mother co-Ahmans and Chief Arch-Angels), dwell on the primary planet nearest to their planetary system’s sun.



Seven Councils of Light

Each of the seven Celestial realms is represented by a Council, together referred to as the Seven Councils of Light. Presiding members of all seven Councils are apart of another governing body called the Council of the Seven Lights (5:17:36). Beginning with the lowest and oldest, and proceeding to the highest and youngest, the Seven Councils of Light are comprised of these seven celestial bodies (1:2:4; 5:13:38-39):

















Azrael's Commentary — Seven Councils of Light


The Seven Councils of Light each have three worlds of their own, and these worlds are assigned by rank and glory to a specific sun of the Kolob. The three worlds which belong to the Council of Elohim revolve around the sun called Xanathea. This sun has the largest orbit around the world of Ker-El-Shamudef, and hence is the furthest away from the center place. The three worlds of El Jor El orbit a sun called Kanthia, which is closest in orbit around Ker-El-Shamudef.


The world of Ker-El-Shamudef is found in the very center place of the suns of Kolob. All the suns of Kolob orbit around Ker-El-Shamudef. This unique planet is in fact the source to which all unused energy found throughout Olaha Shinehah is sent. This collected energy is sent directly into the suns of Kolob which in turn provide all the energy for all the celestial worlds of Heaven. Ker-El-Shamudef is a very unusual planet, for it is actually constructed of an extremely rare substance called Kerrillean. Thus, Ker-El-Shamudef would appear to you as a sphere of highly rarified, polished glass which would sparkle and dazzle your very senses. Yet it is not glass; its substance is rare even by heavenly standards. On this world you will find no mountains, seas, valleys or anything else that you would normally associate with a living world.


No one lives on Ker-El-Shamudef, it is merely a gathering place for the supreme governing body of all the realms of Heaven. This elite council is known as the Council of the Seven Lights, and convenes only on two occasions: 1) at the behest of The One and Areta, 2) at the Nexus of a new eternity. These gatherings always take place on Ker-El-Shamudef. As a general rule, only those whose glory is that of the Archon or greater are permitted to attend any of the sessions of the supreme council. But on rare occasions, all members of the seven celestial councils may be invited to witness something truly exceptional.


There are 115 permanent members on the Council of the Seven Lights. These members are the Ahmans of each council, plus the seven Chief Archons, both Patriarchal and Matriarchal, of each council. The Seraphim elect only one member to represent all the tribes of the Seraphim on the Council of Seven Lights. Over this sublime quorum presides The One and Areta. What is interesting is the fact that the Ahgendai are not permanent members of this council, but are instead permanent members of an even more exclusive council known as the “Council of The One”. This council consists of eleven members: The One, Areta, the Azraella and his Daughter, plus the seven Azurgai.


Prior to the First War in Heaven, there was no single supreme governing body called the Council of the Seven Lights. With the rebellion of Shaemdiel and the battle between Yaldabaoth and the Azraella, in which the Ahman Dahmiel was made a casualty, the kingdoms of celestial glory saw a need for a single governing body which could respond as one in dealing with the dark Savior known as the Azraella. Instead of the Ahgendai having to deal with seven separate councils, there was now one which could decide things for all councils at once. It was The One and Areta which assembled the first supreme council and defined for them their mandate: at the approach of war, whatever the Azraella shall command for the defense of the heavenly realms, this shall the Seven Councils of Light strive with all diligence to do.



God as a Supreme Collective

Many exalted men and women (ie: Gods and Goddesses) sit among the seven Councils of Light. However, God is not a single celestial being, but rather, God is the representation of a collective and divine will. This collective will is the reflection of a particular Council, like the Elohim, or of the seven Councils of Light, of which the Elohim are a part (See: God).



Dimensions, Primes and Fractals

At the very center of the Surinatha there is a special type of singularity referred to by Azrael as Factor X. All of Heaven revolves around this center point. The proximity of a realm or world to Factor X determines the number of dimensions, primes and fractals available to it. Hence, the Celestial Kingdom possesses more dimensions, primes and fractals than the planets found within the Telestial and Terrestrial kingdoms.


According to the Song of God, the Celestial Kingdom commands twelve dimensions, with each dimension possessing three primes, each prime commanding seven fractals (5:13:57; Azrael’s Commentary - Eternal Round).


By way of comparison, the Telestial Kingdom possesses up to five dimensions (4:13:51), while the Terrestrial Kingdom is established in seven dimensions (4:32:6). Foundations for a new, more exalted kingdom of Heaven have been established, called the Kingdom of the Ahgendai. Those who achieve their exaltation to become Ahgendai will learn to master the primes and fractals of twenty-four dimensions (5:12:13) (see Zimagayah).



Houses and Quorums of the Celestial Kingdom

Each Council of Light contains seven Houses. Each House is comprised of twelve Quorums which carry out all the duties, functions and responsibilities of each House within their given mandate. While the same Houses and Quorums exist throughout all seven Councils of Light, the mandates of each vary according to the Council. Mandates and responsibilities of Quorums within the Council of Elohim are narrow when compared to those found in the highest Council, El Jor El. The higher the Council, the deeper and broader the mandates. While Azrael has written about the seven Houses — as they pertain to the Council of Elohim — very little has been revealed with regard to the specific mandates of each Quorum.



Governmental Structure of the Celestial Kingdom

In addition to the seven Councils of Light, with their Houses and Quorums, other more exclusive governing bodies exist within the Celestial Kingdom, including the Council of the Seven Lights, and the Council of The One. The governmental structure of the Celestial Kingdom is portrayed in the diagram below.

Presiding co-Ahmans
Primary Sun
Primary Planet
Xanathea  (E:2:4)
Jeruel  (E:2:6)


Terrestrial Kingdom

(millions of galaxies)

Telestial Kingdom

(hundreds of billions of galaxies)

Inner diameter:  5 billion light-years

Circumference:  15.7 billion light-years


Globular Cluster – 26 suns


1 revolution (Telestial) = 1 eternity = 17.5 billion years

Great Eternal Round


Telestial + Terrestrial Kingdoms:

“Olaha Shinehah”

Celestial Kingdom


7 suns (+5)


El Jor El

El Kolobree

El Ramadee

Shem El Koreem





(Absolute Zero)

Suns of Ashengaard

Regions of



Celestial Kingdom

Maximum glory:

12 dimensions

3 primes

7 fractals

Interpretation & design by @Gnostic_Song based on passages in the “Song of God” (2008,2015) by Archie D. Wood Sr.

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7 realms (solar systems)

3 planets per sun

7 cities per planet

1-4 moons per planet
12 cities per moon

*Sizes, distances and apparent magnitudes are not to scale.


The Cosmos of Heaven

The cosmos of Heaven is contained within a massive sphere of light called the Surinatha. The Surinatha is the ultimate barrier which separates the realm of celestial physics from the physics of all other lesser creations.