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Kolob | Kolob’s Cluster


Pronunciation:  KO-lahb

Occurrences:  49 (including ‘Kolob’s Cluster’)

First Reference:  Beginnings 17:29


And there attended unto her a host of Cherubim and Seraphim, and there encircled them round about the fires of Kolob that there might not approach unto them any unclean thing.



See:  Ashengaard, Celestial Kingdom, Councils of Light, Kokobeam


Summary:  Kolob refers to the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven, but more specifically, the term designates the seven celestial suns and their respective planetary systems that comprise the Celestial Kingdom. This cluster of seven solar systems is referred to in scripture as Kolob or Kolob’s Cluster (W:11:42; 6:11:19).


The Celestial Kingdom was the third Heaven to be created by God (4:32:23-24), and is the realm of the most advanced and evolved beings in existence. While the lesser kingdoms of Heaven, referred to as the Olaha Shinehah, have evolved to contain hundreds of billions of suns, the Celestial Kingdom is comprised of just seven. (A recent development has added five new suns, creating a total of twelve celestial suns. See: Ashengaard). Each celestial solar system is a sovereign realm, and is represented by a divine Council (see Councils of Light) (1:2:4). Each celestial sun contains within its orbit three planets, with each planet having one to four paradise moons (5:4:37).


The seven suns of Kolob orbit a center point of attraction called “Absolute Zero”. This point is represented by a unique planet called Ker-El-Shamudef. Proximity to this planet determines the realm’s power and glory — which power and glory is correlated with access to and control of an increasing number of dimensions, primes and fractals. The Council of Elohim dwells in the system farthest from Absolute Zero and orbits the sun called Xanathea. The Council of El Jor El and its designated sun, Kanthia (AZC — Seven Councils of Light, is the youngest and most exalted of the seven celestial Councils, and has the closest orbit to Absolute Zero.

Komah Seedrah



Order of Kolob

There are differing Orders of Ascension within the Celestial Kingdom, within which the various Councils, Houses and Quorums are organized. Each of the Seven Councils of Light consists of seven great Houses which are grouped into three Holy Orders of Ascension. The first Order receives its designation from the primary planet of the Council. The second Order receives its designation from the Council’s primary sun. The third Holy Order has the same designation for all seven Councils, and is simply referred to as the Order of Kolob. Members of the House of Archons and House of Valhaladea are considered Gods and Goddesses, and as such, are partaking in the third Holy Order of Ascension: the Order of Kolob (AZC — Elohim).



Five New Suns Added to Kolob

As part of a new stage in the evolution of Heaven, five new suns were added to the seven established suns of the Celestial Kingdom (5:4:58-60). The One and Areta created twelve new suns, referred to as the “suns of Ashengaard”, and placed them in the Chasm outside the realms of Kolob. It was eventually determined by the Councils of Light that five of the suns be included among the suns of Kolob, while the other seven suns of Ashengaard be left for whatever intent The One and Areta had for them. The remaining seven suns were later given to the Ahgendai to be utilized in the creation of their kingdom (5:11:56).






For this cause shall God make room in the kingdom of Heaven for even all the children of men, from the worlds of Olaha Shinehah to the glories of Kolob shall both room and place be found, from the least even to the greatest.

Wisdom 11:42


Consider then, how that there is given unto the Celestial Kingdom but seven suns of glory; while yet in the lesser kingdoms of Olaha Shinehah there are given a multitude of stars beyond number.

Let us, even now, reason well among ourselves concerning this kingdom of the greater Light: For would not the glory of twelve suns shine brighter still than seven only?

And if there be greater dominion in twelve suns, would there not be greater glory in forty, or seventy, or even a hundred times a hundred? Would not the glory of Kolob shine brighter than it does even now?

Enlightenment 3:18-20


For the suns of Kolob and the suns of Ashengaard did together embrace and the splendor of their many lights did reach out to touch, with all holy affections, a great many new worlds of celestial glory, filled with endless joy and life.

1st Endowment 1:18



Terrestrial Kingdom

(millions of galaxies)

Telestial Kingdom

(hundreds of billions of galaxies)

Inner diameter:  5 billion light-years

Circumference:  15.7 billion light-years


Globular Cluster – 26 suns


1 revolution (Telestial) = 1 eternity = 17.5 billion years

Great Eternal Round


Telestial + Terrestrial Kingdoms:

“Olaha Shinehah”

Celestial Kingdom


7 suns (+5)


El Jor El

El Kolobree

El Ramadee

Shem El Koreem





(Absolute Zero)

Suns of Ashengaard

Regions of



Celestial Kingdom

Maximum glory:

12 dimensions

3 primes

7 fractals

Interpretation & design by @Gnostic_Song based on passages in the “Song of God” (2008,2015) by Archie D. Wood Sr.

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7 realms (solar systems)

3 planets per sun

7 cities per planet

1-4 moons per planet
12 cities per moon

*Sizes, distances and apparent magnitudes are not to scale.