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Pronunciation:  DZHEHR-oo-ehl

Occurrences:  30

First Reference:  Beginnings 28:85


Yet wherewith shall you journey, seeing that the holy city is not made to dwell upon this earth? For the city of the King is found only upon a celestial earth which God has called Jeruel.



See:  Celestial Kingdom, Eden World, Elohim, Paradise, Xanathea


Summary:  Jeruel is the chief planet in the celestial realm of the Elohim, the lowest and oldest of the Seven Councils of Light that make up the Celestial Kingdom. Of the Elohim’s three worlds, Jeruel is the closest in orbit to the Elohim’s sun, Xanathea. There are three paradise moons orbiting Jeruel (source?), including the moon referred to as Eden World.


Jeruel is home to the Elohim’s chief Council members, including the Heavenly Father and Mother of Elohim who preside as co-Ahmans of the Council, as well as the seven presiding Arch-Angel couples (Chief Archons). The temples that represent each of the Elohim’s seven Houses, including those of Mithron, Valhaladea, and the House of the Archons, are all located on the world of Jeruel.


Jeruel has seven continents. Located on each continent is a single city (5:5:14). The scriptures mention two cities located on Jeruel: Salem of Merigoth and the city of Jerrusha.





4. And there was chief among them, the sun called Xanathea, whose blue brightness and majesty did fill the heart of God with wonder exceeding.

5. Now unto each sun of the greater Light were there given but three worlds of celestial splendor; and upon each of these were there caused to dwell in perfect harmony seven cities wherein the Lords and Gods of Elohim made forever their abode.

6. And prince above all worlds celestial moved Jeruel, being dressed round about in holiness exceeding; and there alone did the Father and Mother of All reside; and of all the cities which God alone had made was there none to equal Salem of Merigoth.

7. Behold then the beauty and wonder of Salem, whose very foundation the celestial world was unworthy to touch, having been established forever in the airs above; being trimmed on every side midst clouds of heavenly light, whose brightness and glory as a sun did shine upon all the lands of Jeruel.

8. Now above the world of Jeruel did there shine forth in the night airs above, a moon of most exquisite comeliness, even the world of Paradise which moved throughout the regions of the Keep.

Enlightenment 2:4-8


Yet on Jeruel, near the city of Jerrusha by the sea of Jerra-Cotus, Ahman, Galendriel and Rutheniel did assemble to take counsel with Mahaleenah regarding such things as must be done for the sake of Shaemdiel and all the Fallen.

6th Endowment 3:1