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El Ramadee


Pronunciation:  ehl + rahm-uh-DEE

Occurrences:  6

First Reference:  1st Endowment 2:4


For I beheld The One from whose bosom all things glorious are made to flow, and there was stretched out before him, in all holy array, the Councils of the Seven Lights, which Councils are: the Council of Elohim, the Council of Elolam, the Council of Elkashie, the Council of Shem El Koreem, the Council of El Ramadee, the Council of El Kolobree, and the Council of El Jor El also.



See:  Ahman, Bithliel, Celestial Kingdom, Councils of Light, Dahmiel, God, Komah Seedrah


Summary:  El Ramadee is the fifth Council of Light to arise midst the progression and evolution of the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven. Prior to Yaldabaoth’s first attack against Heaven, the realms of El Ramadee were presided over by the co-Ahmans: Dahmiel, and his Beloved, Bithliel. It was during Yaldabaoth’s offensive that Dahmiel was tragically destroyed while attempting to aid the Azraella in defending the heavenly realms against the Demiurge (5:17:1-4).


The text often refers to Dahmiel as being “of Komah Seedrah”. It is likely that of the three planets in the kingdom of El Ramadee, Komah Seedrah is the chief planet, having the closest orbit to the realm’s sun.


The Celestial Kingdom consists of seven realms, each governed by a council, together referred to as the Seven Councils of Light. Beginning with the lowest (oldest), and proceeding to the highest (youngest), the Seven Councils of Light are comprised of these seven celestial bodies (1:2:4; 5:13:38-39):




















From the Council of El Kolobree did there preside Shuliel and Xaniel; from the Council of El Ramadee presided Dahmiel and Bithliel; from the Council of Shem El Koreem presided Shoandiel and Doriel; from the Council of Elkashie presided Pajmiel and Hashimiel; from the Council of Elolam presided Henliel and Bashiel; and from the Council of Elohim presided Noeiel and Galendriel.

5th Endowment 13:39


And being himself filled with rage and hurtful spite, Yaldabaoth struck hard against the Light; causing that the Azraella should stagger beneath so fierce a blow, sending throughout the height and breadth and depth of all the many Heavens a deep and frightful shudder.

And the portals of Heaven did quake and tremble before the struggle of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness; and there rushed forth from among the seven Ahmans, Dahmiel of Komah Seedrah, being himself the Ahman of all the realms of El Ramadee.

Being himself therefore fearful for the sake of Azraella, he leaped forth boldly most gravely stern, casting himself straightway in a mighty rush into the face of Yaldabaoth; and in an instant did he perish midst flashing flames and bursting shards, which like glass did shatter into splinters of broken light.

Then did there erupt from out of all the Heavens a deep and wailing cry, for even all the Gods did shake with a sudden start; for at no time had any of the Archons been made to perish before the throne of God, to become themselves no more forever.

5th Endowment 17:1-4


For I tell you truly, that beyond the councils of Eloheim is still some greater council found; and beyond the greatest council is there made to rule the councils of El Jor El.

Enlightenment 4:29


El Kolobree
El Shaloah / Shalon
Presiding co-Ahmans
Primary Sun
Primary Planet
Xanathea  (E:2:4)
Jeruel  (E:2:6)
El Ramadee