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Adamic Language


Pronunciation:  uh-DAM-ik

Occurrences:  (no direct references - see Notes/References)

First Reference (indirect):  Beginnings 1:12


...And Adam did give unto them a pure language that he might more perfectly instruct them in the ways of knowledge.



See:  Heaven, Kai



Azrael’s Commentary — Adamic (language)


The language of Heaven, from the Telestial Kingdom to the Celestial Kingdom, consisting of thousands of dialects. The Adamic language originated with the first conscious thoughts of [the universal mind referred to as] Areta when she achieved self-awareness in the earliest days of her beginning [3:1:19-49; 7:1:1-3]. Her thoughts and perceptions were encompassed in sounds that were ascribed to the elements of the cosmos which surrounded her. Later, new sounds were created to represent abstract ideas. Those sounds became the first words of the Adamic language, and as Areta’s self-awareness increased, so did the language which she used to talk to herself. Keep in mind that long before Areta took human form, her conscious state of beingness was represented by trillions upon trillions of A-Z particles which had to communicate with one another. Thoughts and ideas had to be conveyed, the cosmos had to be described, and such thoughts, ideas and descriptions could best be communicated with sounds (words), which conveyed very specific meanings.


The criteria that Areta used in determining which sounds would constitute words were simple. First, the word had to have a harmonious sound to it. Second, the stringing together of words had to convey a sense of beauty and rhythm. Third, each word had to have a specific meaning. The Adamic language has no inherent vagueness or ambiguities. Like all languages spoken by sentient beings, the Adamic language evolved over a very long period of time. The written language evolved much later.


Throughout its evolution, the Adamic language was influenced by outside elements that arose primarily from two events. This happened first when Areta took human form on the world of the First Power [3:3:1-39]; her experiences as the mother of Kronus brought new concepts and words into the Adamic language [3rd Endowment]. However, the criteria for being included in the Adamic language was the harmony of sound and the beauty of rhythm when spoken. The second event, and by far the one with the greatest influence on the Adamic language was the discovery, rescue and inclusion of the Cherubim who were rescued by God on the world of Xandalea [4:2:51—4:3:1-30]. This language, developed by the Cherubim during the course of their social evolution, had the greatest impact on what would later become the most beautifully spoken language ever to be uttered by the citizens of Heaven. Sixty percent of the Adamic language has its origins with the Cherubim.


The written form of the Adamic language was almost entirely adopted by God from the written language of the Cherubim, and came to be called: Eno Adaam, or low Adamic, and proved very useful in conveying complex ideas while creating the Telestial Kingdom of Glory. This written language is represented by no less than 5,000 characters within a single alphabet. Those characters are called oracles. They are called oracles because they reveal the hidden mind of God.


But with the creation of the second Heaven, the Terrestrial Kingdom, the language of Eno Adaam was not enough. A language of power had to be created for specific purposes peculiar to the second Heaven. This was necessary because the Terrestrial Kingdom possessed more dimensions than the first. And those dimensions possessed more primes and fractals which low Adamic proved incapable of affecting, controlling or manipulating. This problem was solved by the creation of new oracles. These oracles became known as the oracles of the Kai. The word Kai means: power.


The Adamic language evolved again when time came to create the third Heaven, otherwise known as the Celestial Kingdom. In creating this greater glory, the oracles of the Kai proved ineffectual, for the Celestial Kingdom possessed far more dimensions, with each dimension possessing far more primes and fractals. The oracles that were created for the purpose of organizing and structuring the Celestial Kingdom became known as the oracles of Sodon-Kai-El. Translated, this means: the holy power of God.


In its earliest days, the Adamic language had no name for itself. Areta never thought to give a name to the collection of sounds which constituted her language. Neither did God think to name the language which was spoken between The One and Areta, or even between themselves and the Cherubim. It is always the ‘outsider’ who gives a name to someone else’s language. The Adamic language received its name from the first mortal world ever to be created by God: Terralee. It was the Enoshahim on Terralee who first named the language of Adamilus and Evelah; and throughout the endless halls of eternity, the name has stuck.





References to: “language of Adam” / “language of God” / “language of Areta”


...For in the beginning the sons of Noah spoke the language of Adam, which had been preserved throughout many generations, even down to Noah.

But in the days when the children of Shem the elder, Japheth, Ham and Cimbri moved over all the face of the earth, to dwell among a diverse people, they did mix the language of others with their own. And after many years their language was no longer pure.

Beginnings 24:4-5


And with a loud shout, they cried: “Maranatha, Maranatha Emmanuel.” Which in the language of God means: The Lord has come, the Lord has come; God is with man.

Wisdom 2:9


And not this only, for there were drawn from both the Azraella and Mahaleenah the twenty-four dimensions of space and time; which in the language of God are called the Zimagayah, having in each dimension seven primes, and to each prime was there given twelve fractals of linear time.

5th Endowment 12:13


And there was engraved upon the shield the oracle called: Shondii, which in the language of God shall always mean the light which in the darkness shines; for this oracle did the Azraella fashion to signify himself when in the darkness of the great Abyss he withstood with great resolve the fearsome might of the Eidos and the Antipode together.

5th Endowment 14:60


And, behold, the woman was exceedingly fair and she dealt kindly with all living things, for she was of the healing arts. Wherefore, the sons of men did call her name Yoshibel, which in the language of Adam means Mother of Joy.

Beginnings 3:2


Such was the love and devotion of Areta unto her son; and unto the son did she give a small and tender name; calling him God, midst smiles and gentle laughter; which in the language of Areta means: Noble One.

3rd Endowment 4:30


Adamic Council