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Adamic Council


References:  (indirect)   Beginnings 5:22-31



See:  Adaam, Adam, Cain, Eve, Gimel, Seth



Azrael’s Commentary — Adamic Council


Adam and Eve gathered together their descendants in the garden of Eden (c. 11,845 BCE) at the event of their ascension into Heaven. At this great gathering of the Adamic family, there were approximately 90,000 people.


It was at this council that Father Adam gave into the keeping of Seth, the Five Books of Adam. This act of giving took place before the entire assembly and signified to the majority of the Adaam, that Seth had been set apart and designated by Adam as the new head of the Adamic family.


And while the gathering of the Adaam was for the most part peaceful up to and including the ascension of Adam and Eve, once Adam and Eve returned to God, Cain raised a strong objection to Seth holding the Five Books which his father had spent a lifetime writing. Cain claimed that he should be the new head of the Adaam by right of being the first born. But Gimel quickly opposed the claim, reminding the Adaam that Cain had murdered his father Abel, and that as a consequence of such an act, Adam had rightly appointed Seth in place of Cain.


After several days of bickering, maneuvering and forming alliances, the Adamic family divided their loyalties. One third of the Adaam believed that Cain should be the rightful head of the family. These followed Cain back to Sumer. The rest of the Adamic family gathered their possessions and followed Seth into the lands of Egypt.





Now it came about that in the time appointed, Adam and Eve left the earth to ascend again unto Heaven; and gathering the whole of their descendants I caused that there should be a great division among them.

For those who would seek some mastery over the children of men did proclaim that Cain should lead them; while yet all those who would continue in the ways of God did petition that I should watch over them to give them counsel; and Cain went east and I went west.

And going into the regions of the Nile, I established the people in a land of their own, teaching unto them the ways of peace and joy; and the children of light did dance and sing throughout the labors of the day, taking such joys as might lift the heavy burdens which pressed hard upon us from every side.

1st Endowment 3:22-24

Adamic Language